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  1. ciel


    Quite a spectacular sundog this evening. Annoyingly, I had gone out with camera but no memory card. By the time I had sorted things, the feature was fading. The sun is off to the left of the image.
  2. As the front cleared east this morning: A view to the NW And to the NE And a spring flower round the back of the barn
  3. ciel

    Ghostly Happenings.

    Yes, cameras can take on a life of their own at times. ( I think I posted this elsewhere on the forum some time ago ) Quite bizarre
  4. A nice bright sunrise this morning, but sky from around 08.15 covered by a thin stratus layer, no wind, temp 2C and evidence of a grass frost overnight.
  5. Missed out on the fine weather yesterday. It was cloudy, grey and cool until around 13.00 when the cloud lifted followed by 2-3 hours of hazy sunshine. The temp maxed at 15C before the mist and cloud returned. This morning is very dark and grey but not feeling too cold. Jess, the dog, took one look outside and, unusually, nipped back to her bed rather than prancing around in expectation of her regular morning walk. I dislike dark mornings too.
  6. ciel

    James Glaisher - eminent Victorian

    What struck me most about Glaisher's account is his apparent objectivity and disregard in narrating his experience of losing and regaining consciousness, and subsequently continuing with his observations.
  7. It is quiet on this thread? Anyway, the sun’s out today, and of sufficient strength to allow a few white butterflies and red admirals to take to the wing ( some nectar-rich plants have had a second inflorescence) although the temp is struggling at 11C. There’s a slight northerly breeze, a blue sky dotted with a few Cu and a haze drifting aloft from the hills due to heather burning. The migrant thrushes from Scandinavia are returning - I've had a squad of squabblesome blackbirds in the garden over the past few days. Reminiscent or just typical autumn weather, for the time being?
  8. ciel

    Last Book You Read or Film You Watched?

    Produced by STV in 2009 and broadcast yesterday evening on PBS America, The Scots Who Fought Franco, which was mainly an interesting compilation of archived footage and interviews with Scottish brigaders. It was more a snapshot of Scottish social history than a history of the Spanish civil war, but a good antidote to QT.
  9. A few pics from a largely disappointing, weatherwise, visit to Colonsay. Kiloran Bay. This image was captured during one of the fleeting sunny intervals of the week. Tràigh an Tobair Fhuair. This pic illustrates the more typical weather. However, the bay and the adjoining golf course was the dog’s favourite playground. The holiday cottage was situated on a raised beach with quite impressive relict sea-cliffs and fossil caves to the rear of the garden. Riasg Buidhe Cross. A sculptured stone, dating circa 7th-9thC, which now stands in the gardens of Colonsay House. https://ancientmonuments.uk/127884-colonsay-house-cross-kintyre-and-the-islands-ward#.W7J1fy2ZPeQ
  10. Last week’s weather in Colonsay was very disappointing with non-stop wind and frequent horizontal rain only interspersed occasionally by brief, very brief, sunny intervals. The temp remained an almost constant 11-12C. Consequently, many of the places of interest (most on Colonsay require a bit of a trek) were not visited. The neighbours:- By contrast, this morning back on the mainland, it was still and cold at 7C but not unpleasant. Loch Feoch Passed two gritting trucks at Crieff this afternoon. One had a shiny spruced up snow-plough attached.
  11. Abysmal weather here on the edge of the Atlantic with grey skies, howling wind and drizzle in the air, but at least not too cold. Managed one exploratory ramble on Monday. Suppose the rest of the week will involve reading, TV, over-eating and perhaps a quiz night. Or maybe I'll be marooned here forever, lol.
  12. A lack of regard to current issues? https://news.sky.com/story/conservationists-warn-uk-faces-ecological-apocalypse-as-native-species-go-extinct-11504731
  13. The windfall apples are out-of-shot, but worryingly some have been gnawed as opposed to pecked - rats? Noticed doggie was extremely interested yesterday in that area and the barn. The Roe Deer like apples too and have ventured in to sample a few in the past. Apple/onion/cheese tart tonight.
  14. A clear sky this morning but chilly with temp around 9C and a breeze from the N. Garnered a few of these windfalls yesterday until I slipped on one lurking in the grass. I hate waste but these are destined for the compost heap and the stones will be dealt with later.