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  1. Why not take your excess stuffs to your local recycling centre?
  2. Not exactly banned, but along with a group of school pals, I was chucked out of a pub just before attending a sixth form end of year dance. We were silly enough to choose an establishment not 50yds from the school, but even more silly not to notice the school janitor standing at the bar. As an aside, if I remember correctly, parents were asked to provide a letter to the headmistress approving of the “partner” before sanction to attend said dance was given. Not only that, details of his age, school attended etc were required.
  3. Quite pertinent, in these times
  4. LOLs, HC. Yesterday morning, when I turned on the outside tap, the hose did a birl. No damage done though, just a new hairdo needed .
  5. How tall do you think the "mini" type will grow?
  6. Some observations from the garden, this fine morning. Housebuilding Mobbing Sunbathing
  7. Anyone have advice on growing on/training cucumbers? I have a few of the cornichon type which will be ready to plant out in a couple of weeks or so. Is it advisable to give them support or let them trail? I don't have a handy trellis or the likes, but do have plenty of space.
  8. Hazy, humid and hot-ish best describes this morning. Temp 20C and a light breeze from the south. Gave the veggies a good soaking earlier on. Apart from some essential stuff to be done in the early afternoon, I'm going to have a relaxing day, generally pottering in the garden and enjoying this fine spell of weather..
  9. Well, I wasn''t expecting an electrical storm this evening. Lots of flashes and bangs with torrential rain just now.
  10. Paid a quick visit to the sand martin quarry this afternoon, but there is still not much activity. The quarry has been in a gradual state of collapse over the years, and so maybe the habitat is becoming less safe for their burrows. Rabbits, however, after having been almost eradicated last year are back in numbers. This poor chap appears to have an injury to the right side of his head. The left ear seems to be working fine, though!
  11. ^ A similar story here. The last time I was at SWT Balgavies ( return of the male osprey posted above ), there was a note in the hide that one of the regular swan pair had been killed by a collie. The reserve does tolerate dogs-on-leads in the reserve, but a couple – descriptions provided in the note – had been walking with the dog, out of control and unleashed when the attack took place. I think there is a video of the incident too. I’ve not been back to Balgavies since, so don’t know whether or not the couple have been traced (or prosecuted).
  12. A slightly better pic this morning. He's certainly in top form at the moment.
  13. LOL mardatha,. They're all digesting the (english) manifestos.
  14. A right mixture of weather in the NE today. Sunny and feeling mild in the morning at home. Temp 16C over the Cairn. Later, monochrome grey sky and feeling decidedly chilly in the Bloo Toon, with a stiffish SW wind, although the car still registered a temp 16C. Back home in the evening, cool but with beautiful clouds. .