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  1. Another proper winter morning. Mainly a hazy blue sky, with a few pink streaks as the sun rises, no wind to speak of and a substantial layer of ground fog. Temp -2C. Scotrailing to Glasgow later this morning to meet up with a young rel. for lunch. The NW forecast projects a pleasant sunny day there and comparatively mild temps.
  2. It's been a fine day, all day today. Temps a bit lower than yesterday, but with nae wind and temp around 5 - 6C it was still OK outdoors. And I really appreciate the longer daylight hours now. Spent around an hour or so in the garden this afternoon - quite a a few flying insects around. There remains significant disparity between the Meto and NW regarding the weekend and early next week forecasts, in my area anyway. The former indicates cold but dry, even wind backing WNW by Tuesday, while the latter forecasts snow from Sunday onwards with generally wind from the east to north east. Much as I try to understand the synoptics etc it is so difficult to understand the detail and different projections without a background of scientific framework.
  3. Having been caught out in 2001, I'm seriously thinking along the same lines regarding stocking up on supplies, M. TBH, I hope the incoming blast is not too severe or long-lasting. Local Meto 7 day forecast is still indicating above zero temps, daytime Monday.
  4. It's quite eerie out there this morning - silent, still and grey with a layer of ground fog over the fields, temp 4C. I see from my local meto weather station 7 day forecast that sub-zero daytime temps are anticipated on Sun. 25th.
  5. I don’t remember the winter of 1987 but have nightmares regarding late February 2001 when living in rural Forfarshire and working in Arbroath. On a Tuesday afternoon, after leaving Arbroath at the usual time, with just some slush around, I simply was unable to return home due to ice and snowdrifts making all approaches to my cottage impassable. Eventually, and slightly desperate, called a friend in Aberdeen to scrounge B&B. The following morning, back in Arbroath I checked out the situation with a farmer neighbour and was advised there had been a slight thaw, the snowploughs had been out and the roads were navigable. By early afternoon, there were snowbearing clouds clearly visible to the west of Arbroath and I called the neighbour again. His advice was to get home asap, park my car in his yard and he would tractor me home. I ended up being snowed in for three days with drifts higher than the window ledges and without power for 48 hrs. Fortunately I was able to keep warm and cook using the multifuel stove. The annoying thing, however, was, that being such a local event, it was difficult to explain the situation to the snow free colleagues in Arbroath and Dundee. Took photos as evidence.
  6. Make us laugh

    Three contractors were bidding to repaint the front door of No 10 Downing Street. One was from Birmingham, another was from Liverpool, and a third was some bloke from London. All three met with a Downing Street official to examine the door. The Brummie contractor took out a tape measure, did some measuring and then worked out some figures with a pencil and paper. "Well," he says, "I reckon the job will add up to about £900: £400 for my painters, £350 for materials and £150 profit for me.” The Scouser also did some measuring and working out and said, "I can do that job for £500. That’ll be £200 for my painters, £100 for materials from a bloke at the pub and £200 profit for me." The bloke from London didn’t bother to measure or work anything out but leant over to the Downing Street official and whispered, "Three and a half Grand.'' The official, incredulous, said, "You didn't even measure up like the others! How did you come up with such a high figure?" The bloke whispered back, Two Grand for me, a Grand for you, and we hire the Scouser to do the job.' “Done!" replied the government official ... .. And that is how Carillion was born ….
  7. Frosty out there this morning – not good for my Raynaud's. Mainly blue sky with just a few cirriform around and a hint of stratus over the hills. No wind to speak of, temp -1C. Maybe a gardening day.
  8. ciel's pics

    Early Morning, North Uist. Loch Portain
  9. A fine weather, but working, day. With sunshine, little wind and temps around 6-7C it felt quite pleasant. The Bennachie range from the Newburgh - Ellon road. I always find Bennachie incongruous and strange rising as it does from flat pastoral countryside.
  10. I remember that event well. It seemed right overhead - the effect was quite menacing! Incidentally, today's 2hrs worth of snow is the most that has fallen here since then.
  11. This issue may be browser related? For me, it occurs when using Firefox and in particular when simultaneously I have additional web pages open. Clicking the “stop it” box to the right of the message seems to sort the immediate situation, although obviously not the cause of it The problem never occurs when browsing with Safari.
  12. Current heavy snow. Settling. It's starting to fill up the satellite dish, causing intermittent crashes in the TV signal, which may not be a bad thing while Boris is in full swing.
  13. Yes, Ravelin, good advice. I saw it was snowing on the Cairn webcam.
  14. Well done, aggy. Still no snow here, just light to moderate rain and it does not feel too cold either. Have to go to Ellon today and judging by the meto forecast Ellon and the A90 should be clear too, hopefully anyway.