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  1. There has been plenty of hazy sunshine hereabouts, but cold this morning. (0C) Montrose Basin from the train station just after dawn. Aberdeen, later in the morning, although sunny, was still chilly with an unpleasant gusty wind. Much the same on returning home. Haven’t felt the (spring) warmth yet, up here yet.
  2. Dropped a friend off at Glasgow airport late this afternoon. Temp reading 7C at that time in Glasgow. Passing Stirling on way home very surprised to be advised by radio traffic info that the B947 was closed due to snow - and it's true. Mind you, the police close that road at a drop of a hat these days. Temp 2C at present, here, with no precipitation or appreciable wind.
  3. To keep the thread ticking over…. with a tenuous connection to Scotland, I admit…..around 19-20hrs of continuous snowfall on 1st Feb delayed my return to north of the border for 24hrs. High Littleton
  4. What a nightmarish journey, mq. I had a wee car 'incident' around 10 days ago in ice and snow, but Green Flag refused to attend. Fortunately the car was driveable and a local ( Somerset ) gardner managed to sort the bit that was hanging off. I agree, the Dornie Hotel is a great friendly place for a stop-over.
  5. ^ I really enjoy F Mercury stuff and that genre. However, as an early riser as I am, this one calms me down for the day ahead and sometimes in the evening as well. I appreciated it as a wee girl tinkering on the keyboard and still like it now.
  6. ciel


    I don't think age or rose-tinted specs have much to do with different generational music preferences. It's more to do with what is familiar, relevant and has emotional appeal to any particular age group at any given time. Younger people, I suspect, listen more often and repetitively to pop music than do older persons. In fact, viewing things through rose-coloured glasses is not a function of age, as the notion can be applied to any age group on any particular topic.
  7. Thoughts from a minor snow event. Yesterday's experience of driving on main/trunk roads was horrendous. From Dundee south to the border, I experienced along the line, wet snow, slush, snizzle, rain, fog, poor light. Also, bad driving to the extent that some overtaking, from speeding lorries and some cars, regularly sprayed brown grit, slush etc over the windscreen which occluded vision and caused on one occasion a skid. South of the border ( Tebay/Shap, M6 ) is for another thread. Snow might be fine in your back garden or on the hills.
  8. LOL Apologies bigsnow. Correction now.
  9. Porridge please, nane of these cornflakes.😊 Seriously, I am worried from a safety pov about setting off on a driving journey from Aberdeenshire to Somerset early tomorrow.
  10. I'll probably be shot down for this post, but while I think research into global teleconnection is a good advancement in understanding the weather, I dislike the esoteric manner of some of the inponderable posts from the teleconnection folk.🤔
  11. After overnight rain, a mild, grey, soggy, foggy, stratus morning. I have to admit to obsessively watching this cloud throughout yesterday (🙄) I spotted it in the morning and it hung more or less stationary over the hills until sundown at least.
  12. The method I use is first to upload all the pics to be inserted in any particular post and leave them in the "choose file" box. Then during typing the text click the + on the uploaded pic in the space in which you wish it to show. Alternatively type all your text and then use the cursor to click in the appropriate place, then insert the pic. Hope that's clear ??
  13. I’m not a particular fan of corvids, but have become quite attached to a pair of resident Jackdaws. This is the male (I think) looking quite resplendent in the sunshine. Contrary to received wisdom, this pair don’t appear to be colonial breeders and defend their territory vigorously throughout the year. They tolerate, within about 50yds of their chimney, one other pair which occasionally forage in the garden. They also occasionally join in the massed evening Rook flypast.
  14. ciel

    Altocumulus Lenticularis

    Over SE Cairngorms
  15. I intended to have a stroll to Loch Lee from the car park in Glen Esk this afternoon, but after ½ mile or so, the road/track turned into a virtual skating rink. Turned back, not having a (hmm …walking stick,) ...pole with me. Temp on the rise, 0C-1C up there but feeling much colder than that. A very bad ‘blown out’ pic but nice clouds were on view. Glen Esk