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  1. Newly fledged Swallow chick makes a rather inelegant return flight to the nest. Given the late arrival and dearth of swallows this year, I was so pleased to watch this successful brood of four fledge. The adults are starting a new family, I think. They should have just about enough time.
  2. A Speckled Wood butterfly, ready and poised to see off the passing Small Whites.
  3. ciel

    ciel's pics

    Early Morning, North Uist. Loch Portain
  4. Not a great pic, but neglected corners can reveal nice surprises. He's been lurking in this weedy area for a day or two, hopefully with a nearby nest. Bullfinches have, I believe, adapted to feeders in some areas, but this is only the second time I have observed one. The first occasion was some ago.
  5. An afternoon walk after the lifting of some restrictions and Jess having the freedom of a swim in the Westwater. It was also nice to see a couple of young families enjoying a picnic on the river bank.
  6. For farmers and road users the numbers of deer can be a nuisance, but Roe Deer do have a certain graceful beauty.
  7. Life does take on a bizarre slant these days ... I had a phone-call yesterday morning from a neighbour who lives 2-300yds away. He observed, 'BT Openreach are in my yard when they should have been in his' He went on to say, 'thank goodness you picked up the phone...I was thinking you'd been murdered'. Mind, BT still can't explain why the neighbour will receive fibre broadband, and me not.
  8. Me too Unless, of course, the 'deadly' virus mutates and dies out before effective treatments or vaccinations are developed. Some hope.
  9. Love that little black spaniel. I'm very much tied to my garden and will not succumb to a meander up the Glens. Absolute distancing here - break the chain as far as possible.
  10. A wee bit off topic again, but, of Scottish interest, I would really like to know, not the date, but whether or not there is any actual strategy or planning for our future management of this virus. I think Norway and Finland among others have committees looking at such issues. And who are the advisory SAGE members? The lack of transparency, the afternoon grand-standing, I find concerning.
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