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  1. Climate change impacts on UK biodiversity: declining moths and increasing aphids,51LE7,39HKIK,J9PJW,1
  2. One beautiful warm day here. Wall to wall sunshine, still 20+C and the annoying wind of earlier has dropped. It's funny that in Scotland, ( for me anyway), one proper summer's day can wipe out all the former weather blues. It's the first day this summer I have been out and about without wearing a cardy.
  3. A wife walked into the kitchen to find the husband swatting flies. “Did you kill any?” she asked. “Yes, five”, said the husband, “Three males and two females” “How could you tell?”, the wife enquired. “Well”, the husband replied, “there were three on the beer can and two on the phone”
  4. As it was quite warm today,with some sunny spells and just a slight breeze, I went on a butterfly hunt around the garden and the neighbouring field edge. Not a single butterfly was found, only a very few wild bees. This year seems even worse than the previous for such bees and insects, I have only spotted a handful of white butterflies so far and none of the more common species. The field-edge was bonny, though.
  5. Aurora alert for 16th July.
  6. For the avoidance of doubt, the term chemoradiation is used when the two forms of treatment are delivered concurrently as distinct from two separate courses. There is nothing "radioactive" about chemotherapy drugs.
  7. Hope the camera body is all in good working order, knocker. My many dopey moments with the camera include failing to remove the lens cap before attempting to shoot - and becoming quite cross with the black viewfinder - before the penny drops.
  8. Doggie's body condition score has dropped a notch or two this year, and so she is having extra swimming training.
  9. Can't see anything to suggest it's not a Grey, knocker. Maybe it is a sub-adult or a variant with a grey head ?
  10. If you are considering upgrading your camera there are lens compatibility chart online.
  11. She is, and the good news today was that there is no sign of local or distant recurrence of her problem. Hopefully your camera problem proves to be no more than a minor glitch, knocker.
  12. Maybe you are just observing the increasing number of fledged swallows, CR. Having said that, the first nest at home here has failed. However the adults are starting on their second attempt - not flying south yet.
  13. Destination Dunbar today after dropping off doggie for her final treatment at the vet in Edinburgh. Dunbar Castle and the Kittiwake colony A charming harbour seal.
  14. Hope husband is feeling better now, mardatha, and that at least we shall get some warmish weather later. I was down the E Lothian coast today and while the weather could not be described as High Summer, it was pleasant enough, (if you had a woolly on).