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  1. Foggy mornings, warm days and chilly nights in the Aveyron at the mo.
  2. Actually, while I think this little girl has great vocal clarity and potentialy a great voice, imo children should not be exploited in this way. Far better to let the voice develop into adulthood, with sympathetic training.
  3. This little lizard popped out of the bath plug-hole this morning. It was safely captured and released.
  4. It's bloody freezin' here in France, too. At least I'm not missing any fine autumnal Scottish weather.
  5. ciel's pics

    Early Morning, North Uist. Loch Portain
  6. Instability

    From the album ciel's pics

  7. Super observational photos, knocker.
  8. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Any luck, frogesque? I was sky watching between 1am - 2.30am or thereabouts, patchy cloud but no show except for ( maybe) a greenish glow to the north of my home location. The moonshine is still quite bright.
  9. A stroll around Hayle

    Interesting pics, knocker.
  10. Young tagged hen harrier goes missing in 'suspicious' circumstances I hope that this is a tracking malfunction, but somehow I doubt it given the timing. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-41107663 Coincidently, I attempted a walk on the Mar Estate earlier this week. The midges were out in droves and I had to retreat as they were plaguing the dog relentlessly. Dee Valley towards the Linn of Dee
  11. My dog was visiting the grooming person for a haircut this morning and I asked her about boarding kennels. She recommended the Happas Canine Centre. Her words "they're great with dogs" http://www.happascaninecentre.co.uk Happas is close to the A90, north of Dundee, about a 10 min drive from the Dundee bypass.
  12. Nettles for one. Certainly some nettles still in flower at my location.