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  1. Awful holiday weather today in Wester Ross - leaden skies, rain, a stiff breeze and a temp of 12.5C. That aside, it has been interesting to note the high number of non-UK registered vehicles touring the area. Suppose many are taking advantage of the pound/euro exchange rate (verging on parity) and hassle free european travel (which perhaps will be a thing of the past).
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gruinard_Island
  3. After a reasonably agreeable, if showery morning/early afternoon in W Ross, it’s now blowing a hoolie with driving rain. The trek around Gruinard Bay at low tide was quite…..refreshing!
  4. Actually, the unusual weather conditions throughout this spring and summer have been very interesting from an observational/ meteorological point of view, regardless of individual weather preferences. A point, which in the greater scheme of things/climate, may be missed.
  5. On the subject of warblers, another in the garden this morning. Common Whitethroat:
  6. I always struggle with Chiffchaff v Willow Warbler ID. For comparison purposes, this bird from this morning is, I'm 99% sure, a Willow Warbler.
  7. That is good news, mushy. I hope your observations indicate a general upward trend in population numbers, and anticipate the publication of the upcoming release in connection with the under noted link. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/815775/Butterflies_in_the_UK_1976_2018.pdf
  8. With the recent warm days, mild nights and the occasional splash of rain, the garden shrubs/plants (and weeds) are running amok. I quite like the effect, but not looking forward to autumn pruning. A solitary Painted Lady butterfly today.
  9. I think it's patchy though. Apart from an influx of Painted Ladies in June, a few Small Whites, and as noted elsewhere, a very localised colony of Small Torties, butterflies have been pretty scarce. I've not seen a single Peacock yet, a species which is usually quite common hereabouts.
  10. I had only seen one rather ragged Small Tortoiseshell this summer until today and so it was good to come across a small patch of thistles in Glen Lethnot which was covered in them, at least 10 at any one time.
  11. @howham Yes, I was surprised how warm and sunny it has been today, hereabouts anyway. I had a walk in Glen Lethnot this afternoon and the car registered 24C in the car park there, which is at some height. Very pleasant it was with just a slight refreshing breeze and good visibility. The sky was clouding over, however, on the way home around 16.30 with a bank of Cu to the west and north. The temp held up at 22C.
  12. ciel

    Sunset 29.07.2019

  13. Tonight's sunset pic - after a warm 20C calm evening.
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