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  1. It was cloudy with intermittent sunshine and breezy this morning, followed by a torrential shower in the early afternoon. Temp a consistent 16-17C Managed to catch some pleasant low evening sunshine on the dog walk. The wind had dropped and it actually felt milder than it had been during the day. Clouds looming though.
  2. ciel

    Insect Photographs

    Privet Hawk Moth, Paul 1968 ?
  3. A mild day, this was. Loads of stratus and a few impressive cumulus around with the sun occasionally peeking through.Temps around 14-19 C Arbroath smokies warmed in a little butter, and some Ayrshire tatties tonight. Probably taken outside wth a glass of red.
  4. I’ve had an invasion of these pretty Silver Y migrant moths. Counted 6 on the Russian Sage this morning and there were a few more in amongst the Buddleia. It’s been a few years since I have noticed such numbers. @mushymanrob It's not too late to submit a butterfly count - closes on Sunday.
  5. Just noticed Nick F's Storm and Convective forecast!
  6. ciel

    Show us your pet

    I try, weather permitting, to give doggie a weekly swim, and for some reason best known to herself, the R. Feugh is her favoured spot.
  7. ciel

    ciel's pics

    Early Morning, North Uist. Loch Portain
  8. I have heard that too - possibly due to a temporary dip in global temperatures around that time and speculation as to the origin of ice ages. Also the Gulf Stream took a southward dip in the early 70's with further speculation that this would reduce the ameliorating effect on climate in NW Europe.
  9. After a scarcity of butterflies earlier in the year, there is now a surfeit - just the usual garden types. However, while the Green-veined White is fairly common, they are not usually so keen on dry gardens. Nice to see the Painted Ladies back. I've also noted that although the flowering of some shrubs has been up to a couple of weeks earlier than usual, the actual flowering season has been curtailed, presumably because of the plants transferring their energy into seed production under drought conditions.
  10. Yes, warm and humid here too, temp around 24C, and with a refreshing breeze. A fair amount of cumulus above here, but looking quite benign at the moment. I see there is some thundery activity up in the cold shoulder which maybe moving south, or south-east into the N. Sea.?
  11. Working in Glasgow tomorrow. Shall I need to don a woolly, a jacket and take a brolly?
  12. Popped into SWT Balgavies this afternoon as I had heard that the two Osprey chicks there, fledged last week. They were making a racket on the nest but apart from a flap or two didn’t emerge. One of the adults beside the nest. A blurry fly past. (I need to get more flight shot practice.) Woodpecker visiting the squirrel feeder.
  13. Felt cold here early on. Heating on in this morning! After a showery and windy day, a pic from doggie’s last walk this evening, showing various levels of cloud formations.
  14. ciel

    Insect Photographs

    A rare visitor this far north. Hummingbird Hawk Moth