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  1. Big fan of the backing group., The Moula Banda Rhythm Aces: :
  2. Quite a nice morning, at present anyway, thin sunshine, St and Cs overhead, temp 12C and no wind. Yesterday turned out better than expected. I had intended to walk round Loch Freuchie but had to turn back due to foot pain - I bruised three toes after toppling off a standing on one leg thingy at my yoga class last week. Tootled around Perthshire thereafter. The weather improved and the temp reached 18C eventually but briefly. A couple of Perthshire pics: Loch Freuchie The Nevis Range from Rannoch Station
  3. ciel's pics

    Early Morning, North Uist. Loch Portain
  4. Last spring, when staying in Midlothian while doggie was having her radiotherapy at Roslin, I noticed ( and may have commented on) numerous dead badgers in the area - and Borders/East Lothian, either road-kill or dumped? I am aware that hare-coursers sometimes dispose of the quarry on road-sides.
  5. Its chilly out this morning, clear sky, frost, and nae wind. 6am temp 2C. I suspect this will be a cool but bright day. A straggler flock of Pink-footed Geese passed overhead heading NW, but still not a Swallow in sight.
  6. Mid-day - its all gone downhill. Almost complete cloud cover and a cool breeze now blowing. Temp 14C. I've donned a jumper and scarf.
  7. A heavy dew earlier and now a beautiful still sunny morning with just a few high level clouds. Temp 13C.....coffee and toast taken on patio. No excuses for avoiding the garden today.
  8. Popped into SWT Balgavies for an hour or so this afternoon. The Osprey buzzed by gulls.. The Osprey was fairly stationary in defending its territory. I understand it stood firm all afternoon. Runway This was one of three Mutes which swanned in. They were given short shrift by the resident pair A fine male Redpoll
  9. After overnight rain, which has muddied up underfoot again, this morning is dark and overcast. Temp 7C, a slight southerly breeze.
  10. An unusual but welcome garden visitor this morning. I can't remember the last time I spotted a Kestrel in this area. Pic shot through window. Although not fazed by the Bluetit, a Magpie chased it away before I could creep up closer. A Magpie pair appear to have chosen my Holly tree as a nest site, which is not quite so welcome
  11. There's been a fair amount of cloud around today, but mainly hazy sunshine and a cool SW breeze. Temp has been around 11C. The ground is drying out thankfully. Saw 2 butterflies this afternoon the first this year - not sure which species as they quickly went to ground among the daffodils - and a few bumble bees.
  12. Hope so, knocker. A single swallow has been recorded around here a couple of days ago. My eyes will be peeled 18th - 21st April this being the usual timeframe for the return of my resident ones.
  13. A better morning today, so far anyway. Still, temp 4C, and a hazy sunrise.