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  1. My understanding is that the effect of increased education, wealth and productivity results in a decrease in the rate of population growth.
  2. Captivity-bred wildcats to be released into wild WWW.BBC.CO.UK A six-year project to breed "Highland tigers" will see the endangered cats reintroduced into the wild. This is an EU financed project.
  3. It's frost-free here this morning, grey and misty tho'. The temp is 3C and there's hardly a breath of wind - fairly routine autumn stuff.
  4. I noticed two things; firstly there was a small plastic card on his dashboard indicating this minimum charge would apply; secondly, on querying this, I received a rather garbled reply along the lines that the local authority required this surcharge to be made as a condition of his licence to pick up passengers from the station. I really did not have the time to get involved in further discussion. Interestingly, after havng had some persistent questioning during the journey about where I came from and what I was doing in Aberdeen, he decided to 'split' (his words) the difference and charged £6. I know it's tiny amounts we're talking, but the principle and deception really annoyed me.
  5. I have noticed over the past few days that clouds have seemed to form in well defined 'lines' ( some of CMD's pics show that too) and then spread out. I thought they were contrails initially. The Coreen Hills is a new name/location for me. Looks nice. Back to weather, while a sunny day with little wind, it feels bitterly cold. -1C on leaving home earlier around 8am, then -3C at Montrose Station. Oddly enough, the temp in Aberdeen was +5C, according to the taxi sensor - I was ripped off by the driver, however. . Having confirmed that he accepted card payment, and some minutes into the journey he announced there would be a minimum charge of £7.50. I could have walked the short distance but was running late-ish - and it's uphill.
  6. Here's one from a family holiday in Fife - Elie. I think that I was just about reaching my third birthday, and don't have any memories at all of this paricular hol. Apparently, so I'm told, I fell off a donkey and sustained a greenstick fracture of my left arm - just as well I can't recollect. I've cropped out the older family members from respect, as one was very ill after being a Japanese POW and others apart from me and another two have passed on. It's funny though, looking back at the pic, and how times have changed, all the men were actually wearing white shirts, collars and ties with rolled up flannels amd bare feet in the sand.
  7. I'm quite happy, for the sake of completeness, to read contrarian opinions. However, no matter how climate change is spun, the global temperature trend is up, it's obvious, and I cannot extract any reliable information which indicates that this trend is not, in the main, anthropogenic.
  8. Leafs – does anyone recall pressing leafs in between pages of books. I can (just) remember collecting colourful autumnal sycamore, oak and beech leafs on the way home from school. Simple hobby, I suppose by today’s standards. Anyway, nowadays, I let most of the leaves mulch away in the garden to enrich the poor subsoil hereabouts.
  9. On this topic, I agree. Further, I listened to a farmer from Wales on 'Farming Today' this morning and she was of the view that post brexit (if that does indeed occur) there would be an increase in animal cruelty and environmental pollution, simply because some folk would believe that the UK was de-regulated and unnacountable (an aspiration of idealogues) And further, it would be more honest if the current govt would publicise the actual cost of the already spent £sd on the whole dastardly brexit project - probably enough to fund a hospital or two
  10. The salient phrase in my post is 'little regard'
  11. Rather odd logic ^ What I find surprising/concerning is that a few on here who profess a degree of interest in weather/climate appear to have little regard for its impact.
  12. I was in the Inverurie area today, and I have to say it was a chilly/sleety unpleasant experience (weather wise). Drove through intermittent rain and low, blinding sunshine. Positives were some nice skyscapes over the hills and over the N Sea on the way home - didn't have camera on this occasion .
  13. A chilly walk today in Mullach Wood – OC there under clearish skies and no appreciable wind. As it gradually clouded over later in the afternoon, the temp rose to 2C. The decrease in daylight was particularly noticeable for some reason today, with gloom pervading around 15:30. Three of the Nine Stanes of Mullach: The stone circle site looked very unloved due to major forest operations all around and a tatty information notice. Hope the Forestry Commission have urgent plans to re-forest all the scarred hillsides with native trees.
  14. Took doggie for a (short) bracing walk in Glen Clova this afternoon. On the way home I noticed from a distance these fingers of low cloud creeping over the Cairn o Mount area.
  15. ciel

    Glen Doll

    Snow/sleet sweeping through the glen: 09.11.2019
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