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  1. Summer 2017 Discussion

    January was coldest since 1987 apparently, it was dry though,so only 2 or 3 days of snow and then brutally cold inversion,compacted snow turned to ice banks,changed color to brown or black because of crap from road/cars, would prefer more snowing days,not so cold dry weather like some mountainous villages get in Tatras or anywhere Midlands nortwards
  2. Summer 2017 Discussion

    Haha,mam sa na hovno lebo tu v kuse prsi, better switch to English now,I come from a town called Roznava which is surrounded by lovely mountains and national parks, talking about living there in the summer,lived in a top floor apartment, which regularly got above plus 31 inside,had to keep the windows shut so the heat wouldn't come inside,bad bad sweaty nights, but you get it back in winter where it is always warm inside, warm water and heating included in service charge, now living in Wickow Mountains(Ireland) on the west slopes, so getting rain from all directions and constant cloud cover, will be returning home next year,can't beat the continental climate and these winter scenes
  3. Summer 2017 Discussion

    a very north/south divide in Europe this July, and West/East in USA
  4. Summer 2017 Discussion

    I really miss the homeland heat,from South-Eastern Slovakia
  5. April 2017 C.E.T. forecasts

    Second half of April was extremely cold in Europe
  6. Some pics from nearby Ski Areas in Slovakia, Zdiar - Hight Tatras,cca 45cm, Mlynky-Slovak Paradise 40cm, from this morning.
  7. Just wanted to share some events from Central Europe from today,as there is 20cm of snow lying in parts of Bratislava at the moment,nearly being the coldest part of the whole Northern Hemisphere at the moment! That being preceded after coldest January in since 1987,all trees in bloom,hard frost expected on Friday,can kiss goodbye to all the fruit crop like Apples,Cherries etc. Truly exceptional, had to share,lol
  8. The cold air is starting to come down from north as soon as Monday AM, Ireland is about to become the coldest spot in Europe appart from Norway,for once, well appart from July and August of course,heh
  9. Cold block in place in Europe,let's see if it can fight of the Atlantic,I think the chances are slightly better then usual the more east you are, it is frustrating from the perspective of Ireland that we have completely missed out on this exceptional cold spell in Europe,which even rivals some famous from 80s and 2009 where even we managed to get a slice of the Cold and snow cake, the map attached highlights my point, let's see what February brings.
  10. This is just to lighted up the mood while 18z is trickling along,mods feel free to delete if off topic. Just want to prove how even a medium term forecast can go horribly wrong, this is one of the most respected senior forecaster in Slovakia showing his views ahead for first few weeks of January towards the end of December(pict1), on picture 2 is a snapshot of real time temperature on the 8th January at 8AM, he was only about 30 degrees adrift! A travesty as they just had their coldest spel since January 1987!
  11. Here we go Seasonality,it is also a mild outlier for my home location in Slovakia
  12. HI Seasonality, I have checked the most recent ECMWF run fron this morning for my location - Roznava,Slovakia which is about 100kg south of Polish border and the main run is at the very top of Ensembles so actually its very good news as the mean is at least 3 degrees colder and some go very low indeed which will probably be good news for Poland and rest of Central Europe, see Image attached
  13. It's quite depressing seeing British Isles in such a mild air in the worst possible time,certainly not a festive feeling at all,perhaps the best fitting chart I found is for next Friday courtesy of latest GFS output,cold to the west,bitter to the east and UK plus 6 uppers,
  14. Just for fun,this is GFS ensemble mean temp.anomaly,latest run for Christmas eve. Ireland and UK are by far the mildest places of similar latitude,to choose 1 day per year when I want snow and cold this is it
  15. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    Just for fun,this is GFS ensemble mean temp.anomaly,latest run for Christmas eve. Ireland and UK are by far the mildest places of similar latitude,to choose 1 day per year when I want snow and cold this is it