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  1. So the third day of exciting autumn weather, one wet and windy day and 2 days of stratus filled gloom. Whooooooo so exciting :/

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    2. Captain Shortwave

      Captain Shortwave

      maybe SS, I will just think when we get to December and we get an easterly which isn't even cold because it's remained warm over the continent then I will go "you asked for this"

    3. cheese


      It's mostly people in the SE (well, Kent and Essex) who yearn for easterlies, they're usually not very good for the rest of us. Although, if they deliver the great snowfall of March 2013 (up to a foot in Leeds), I'll take it.

    4. Bottesford


      Easterlies are very unreliable - 80% of them are just awful - gray & cold. Just the odd true deep cold ones with sunshine & snow.

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