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  1. Hottest day since 2006 achieved to day with the thermometer topping out at 33.5C at both Northholt and Heathrow (smaller stations still pending so might be higher). Lets hope this goes out in a supernova of thunderstorms :)

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    2. Milhouse


      December 2010 sure beats the likes of March 2013 or February 2010. Dismal months the both of them

    3. Scorcher


      The weather in December 2010 was just physically painful a lot of the time and the pavements were often dangerous for walking on, an interesting but horrible month from my perspective!

    4. Bottesford


      March 2013 was horrible here - although Dec 10 was colder it didn't have the heat sapping wind that made it literally impossible to keep warm.

      This month however has been bliss in comparison!

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