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  1. Overcast in Benfleet, not much else to say, the low cloud further north arrived as last nights storm moved away.
  2. Saw some nice flashes of lightning, alas too far south here. Looks like a full line of storms is setting up so quite a few could be in for quite a night.
  3. Now in Benfleet, well there is some heat still left in this spell. 29c here, which feels oppressive with the humidity. Inmust feel sorry for those further north and west, that NE wind has yet again delivered far more cloud than any model had predicted. I really hope the cloud amounts will decrease.
  4. Well taking the boy down to Essex, thick low cloud and fog down to Stansted and then suddenly rain, then lightning and then the heavens opened. Absolute carnage on the M11 as the road flooded. In South Woodham Ferrers and the sun is out. Still the storm took me completely off guard.
  5. Low cloud piled on here during the early hours. Currently overcast and with the wind direction it could be like this for several days. Hopefully it will burn off.
  6. Well here in Cambridgeshire we have paid the price for the Heathrow/Midlands storm. Lots of thick high cloud over here. On the plus side it is probably a relief to many as the temperature has dropped below 30c.
  7. Same here, no bother as it was half five it arrived. Still I will moan that Heathrow has probably recorded the maximum temperature.... again!!!
  8. To think I went for a little drive this afternoon and got as far south as Baldock. If it wasn’t for the Mrs and little one I should driven to South Mimms and waited for it all to kick off.
  9. Somewhere between 33c and 34c here, still very little in the way of cloud. We should beat the high set last Friday but probably not the hottest day of the year on the 31st July.
  10. 30c here at lunchtime, way off Cambridge at 32c though. There is a gentle easterly breeze, a bit more than yesterday.
  11. Warmest start in a few days now, up to 21c. Unfortunately there is a mass of mid level cloud slowly moving north and almost overhead. Hopefully this will thin and break. 23c at 09:00.
  12. One more go tonight, actually if there is more cloud tonight then there might be a chance in the south. Maxima now forecast to be similar to yesterday (Arpege perhaps favouring central East Anglia for the top spot), 30c looks possible anywhere in England away from the coasts, East Wales also with a good shout and even an outside bet for the Scottish Borders.
  13. Morning all, Any chance of a clear start has been scuppered somewhat thanks to some elevated convection initiating around sunrise. This has mostly formed in a line running west to east. I can see the cell moving through Leicester at the moment, but it is a hazy mess. Any cloud or showers should slowly clear and break up. Showers later inland will be surface based and could pop up anywhere where the required ingredients are met (Probably temperatures above 32c).
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