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  1. Not bad at all, good sunny spells and pleasant with a high of 23c.
  2. There was some torrential rain here during the morning, looks like this developed further as it moved east to give some thunder as well as the rain. It eventually did turn much sunnier this afternoon with a pleasant evening in the wings.
  3. It looks like the maritime air arrived much quicker than expected and as such produced this low level cloud. It still hit 25c when the sun came out but I must admit I am disappointed. It is kind of bizarre to wake up to a north easterly wind which produced no low cloud but then we get the stuff off the Atlantic despite there being over a hundred miles of land to clear before reaching here. Oh well....
  4. Well a couple of hours sleep and it is back to torrrential rain with lots of lightning. Not a lot of thunder as this is very elevated. Well a solid 20 minutes of it but it seems to be done now, the main area has missed east of me but two shorter downpours with lots of thunder and lightning isn't a bad result. There is another band currently sitting close to the M4 which should move through, it should reach here are breakfast time so it is a question of whether any heating from the sun can add some more juice to them or whether they will die away.
  5. Well the storm has moved through, plenty of lightning and near constant thunder, no CGs, all very elevated. The rain wasn't too bad either, around a couple of minutes of torrential rain before it eased off. Got the rest of the system to move through but it is only steady rain now. Time to get some sleep I think before the next mass moves in. Typically as soon as I post this then there was a really close CG strike almost out of nowhere.
  6. RIght now I can hear thunder, this is now within about ten miles of me now, it looks like the worst will miss me (Huntingdon looks to be the sweet spot for this storm). Plenty going on over NE London and of course that lot slowly advancing from the English channel.
  7. There seems to be enough in the atmosphere to keep these storms going throughout the night, trouble is there are never any guarantees when it comes to thunderstorms.
  8. Tomorrow looksquite unusual for your area, potentially a grey and cool easterly to start, but once the wind veers southerly then your location could end up being one of the hottest in the country. The BBC not ruling out something close to 32C over northern parts of East Anglia once the sun comes out and the risk of storms triggered by the heat. Still we got all this to get through before we even think of tomorrow.
  9. I can see lightning to the south west of me now, and there are a few spots of rain from the anvil at the moment, the main event is still miles away. Looking at the path of the most intense rain, it is looking like a direct hit for me (Cue sudden death of this storm or it suddenly splits )
  10. That storm just north west of London is a thing of beauty and a rare beast for the UK. A full fledged severe thunderstorm with some classic radar returns with a well defined hook. There is going to be a report of at least a funnel cloud from that surely along with some very gusty winds. It seems it is on course to hit my location in a couple of hours as well. Add to that the mass of scattered thunderstorms brewing in the channel as well. This could be a classic night. In fact that lot in the chanell could very well merge into a huge band of thundery rain which again could be an event we haven't seen in years with a widespread area seeing several hours of heavy rain along with lots of lightning and thunder.
  11. I guess it is a case of enjoying the next 24 hours I guess with the risk of thunderstorms tonight and into tomorrow, it seems like my location could get close to 90f by the afternoon if the skies clear properly and the winds swing to the south. That cell south west of London looks like our first lot of fun with some torrential downpours embedded in that. NetWX-sr showing some serious heat over East Anglia but very localised under the highest 850s which will be moving through tomorrow.
  12. This evenings run is summer 2012 all over again with low pressure sent through the south of the UK with every conceivable way of preventing pressure to rise from the south. Luckily for now this isn't supported by the GEFs at least. Back to a more normal pattern with low pressure to the north west and a west/south west flow. Not a lot of positives going forward with slightly drier and warmer than normal being the best on offer.
  13. Another lovely day with lots of sunshine. Same maximum of 26C as yesterday, the only difference is a moderate east/south east breeze.
  14. In the end 26C was reached here, stuning day with only some high level cloud. Tomorrow looks nice again with lots of sunshine Temperatures similar, perhaps a touch higher in the south compared to today, possibly up to 28C. There will be an increasing easterly breeze which should prevent things from feeling too uncomfortable. It looks like a band of thunderstorms will move north overnight into Wednesday morning and clear to leave sunny spells. Showers will break out and these could be potentially severe across the Midlands into my area. Still a long way off though, Wednesday does look potentially hot though cloud amounts could limit the maxima. No point commenting beyond this as the models don't agree.
  15. The ECM this evening mirrors the GEFs out to day 8 so I guess that is the best fit at the moment, then it chucks out a dartboard low in the Atlantic at day 9. 965mb, probably not going to happen. ECM GEFs