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  1. Most snow of the winter here no melt -2.1c blowing about but everything covered by at least 1 inch or so white out at the moment got plenty of logs for the wood burner and plenty of scotch lol
  2. Small flakes but settling been persistent for about an hour very windy j
  3. Almost stopped now but a good show in the end not expecting much more today ...really blowing it about now -5c
  4. Still moderate snow covered all the yellow snow from 7am stoked up the wood burner for the rest of the day and start watching the walking dead having watched the new season yet lol
  5. Been snowing most of the night cars covered again all foot and paw prints disappeared ....Still snowing moderately....-7.5c brrrrrr
  6. About 3 inches up here on Emley moor but some drifts of about 18inches wind has increased and snowing moderately-6.5c
  7. Last 2 showers are noticeable heavier so perhaps it's not game over yet
  8. Snowing here and settling but pretty pathetic ....Still next winter lol
  9. Snowing here in Emley settling and more to come -2.5
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