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  1. Thought I’d pop a photo just took in Sicily, note that post on the right doesn’t have a blue light above it, that’s from the lightning, also, while it looks like it’s hit than brolly it’s actually a bit behind
  2. Just leaving south east Spain, red warning issued for rain and storms, I’ve added some moody cloud shots from yesterday
  3. Prepare yourselves for a "Pollen Bomb" ? https://www.independent.co.uk/weather/uk-weather-forecast-met-office-easter-weekend-latest-pollen-hayfever-a8874231.html
  4. Met office about 11 Met office now ?should have stuck to your guns guys it’s heavy snow started pretty much at 2
  5. This Sunday event had better happen now, I’ve used my free hit on fantasy football to remove all players from Sunday’s north west derby games in the faint hope of clawing back some points on everyone else when they get called off ?
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