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  1. Grey morning. Sun out now though the clouds. 19.3c. Humidity 7% rh. 1002.4 hPa. Westerly breeze 12 mph.
  2. Stars are showing well. 17.3c. Humidity 77% rh .Indoors 24.3c. That is at least 5 degrees to much for comfort for me..
  3. 04:00 in the morning is going to be very interesting....
  4. Downpours. Thunder and lightning. 13.9c. Humidity 90% rh.
  5. Broken cloud with sunshine. breeze 8mph. Temperature 31.6c.

    The new Poldark series

    I sleep in her crochet blanket....
  7. Mist gone. Calm and sunny. 28.2c. Humidity 51%rh. 1000.7 hPa. SSW Breeze 4 mph.
  8. 28.0c. Humidity 31% rh. 1000.2 hPa. Sunny with a few clouds.. Calm. Too hot..
  9. Poured down here in Peasedown. 1.2mm in no time.. respite from watering today.

    Newbie saying hello all

    Hi Di Hi Weather to all Newies!!!!
  11. Cloudy with some sunshine..20.2c. Humidity 54%rh. 998.8 hPa.
  12. Shopped in Bath whilst cloudy at 09:00 Back in Peasedown St John. Sunny and clear 23.7c. Only 6.3mm precipitation this month.
  13. Sunny now the cloud and mist has gone. 22.8c. Humidity 55% rh. 1008.7 hPa. Breeze 10 mph E.N.E. Minimum today 14.7c.
  14. Had a little shower early this morning. Now Cloudy. 15.6c. Humidity 72% rh. 997.0 hPa. breeze S. Westerly 9 mph Got sweatshirt back on. My arms were cold.
  15. Raining Here in PSJ. 2.1 mm. Humidity 83% rh. 20.1c.