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  1. Screen wash with antifreeze important being -0.7c with apparent at -4,4c.
  2. Sat 24 show snow in area for Next Tusrday evening 17:00 and for Friday.
  3. Anybody worked out next Wednesday forecast yet....
  4. Soya Milk Pitta bread by the packet Corned beef and tinned luncheon meat. Canned potatoes .. Torch and batteries
  5. Probably need 4 X 4 runners if the forecast turns out all right.....
  6. Cafe chill out - aka Banter - The 2nd Edition

    Whisky day. Saturday... Practise day today....
  7. Nice to have a sunny day. Even though it is 4.1c.
  8. Cafe chill out - aka Banter - The 2nd Edition

    "Shuve" Tuesday nexy weeky ...
  9. I will join in the snow flakes falling here in PSJ appreciation society,,,
  10. Houses not seen They are at the end of the street but the streets had snow fall, layer.
  11. Snow still on parked cars. On Bungalow roofs. Some on the grass. Some on the hill slopes but not all of the fields. Temperatures -0.6c. Wind Chill -2.3c. Dewpoint -5.0c. Apparent -3.1c. 1005.1 hPa. Breeze 6 mph. N.Westerly
  12. After two and a half hours the snow is dying out....
  13. The grass is covered and still snowing....