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If you're wanting to learn more about weather, Lyn-M has a couple of weather books she'd like to give away to a good home. :) 



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  1. Had a little shower early this morning. Now Cloudy. 15.6c. Humidity 72% rh. 997.0 hPa. breeze S. Westerly 9 mph Got sweatshirt back on. My arms were cold.
  2. Raining Here in PSJ. 2.1 mm. Humidity 83% rh. 20.1c.
  3. Couple of heavy downpours turned the guttering into waterfalls in the last half an hour
  4. 19.9c. Humidity 78%rh.Misty hills and valley.
  5. Broken cloud. Did have a little shower not coming to much. 19.1c. Humidity only 52 %rh. 998.2 hPa.
  6. Sunny. Few clouds now showing. 21.7c. Humidity 40% rh. 1000.3 hPa..
  7. Calm. Clear. Sunny. Misty in the valley.10.5c. Humidity 93% rh.
  8. Cooler than some local stations on Wundergroud. Only 20.7c. here . Humidity 39%rh. 1002.6 hPa. Light breeze 5 mph. .
  9. Dry. Sunny. Breeze 8 mph. Humidity 35%rh. Temperature 22.0c.
  10. Apparent temperature out there is 4.0c............Not good.
  11. Cold Wet and windy For Monday .Could change to sleet or snow on the hills. For a while. ..Only a little while,....
  12. Expecting more of the thunder and lightning around 11:00 pm to midnight......
  13. Signs of Mist thinning now. Breeze to light at 4 mph to blow it away. 13.9c. Humidity 82%.
  14. 1.0c. precipitation 3.3mm. Oka for day 1 and still ongoing..
  15. 1.1c. Wind Chill -2.3c. Dew Point -1.1c. Apparent -2,5c, Lamp Post Watching Wet Snow and rain.