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  1. Come to Cambridge. I hate the T and L but it feels like we've been targetted anytime there's even been a threat recently. Once again one of the only places to get anything in the entire bloody UK so far today. Bring on the winter where no doubt we won't get a bloody drop of snow though.
  2. Bring on the bloody winter now. Barely slept last night, woke up at about 3 in a bed of sweat, absolutely scorching even at night. At least in the day it's easier to do things to cool yourself down, night time in this weather is just an absolute nightmare. Butt naked with no covers and still feeling like you're in the dessert
  3. Where I live I tend to have terrible luck when it comes to weather. I'm negative towards my own weather, not anybody elses. If anything I'd be positive about yours and everybody else, you'll probably see plenty while I get nothing Apologies if it came off wrong, it's tough to be positive when weather wise it's been poor for me for a couple of years.
  4. It's probably based on how terrible the weather has been here. We barely had a single drop of snow all last winter. I didn't say WE WON'T GET ANYWAY. I said I'd honestly be surprised at this rate if we do because that's just typical of my luck (and I'm talking where I am, not for you guys) But hey, continue with the over excitement, reading nonstop charts and enjoying it all. Not sure why one post like mine annoys you so much, wasn't intended to offend. Can people only with a positive outlook enter this thread?
  5. Gone exactly as I expected over the last few days. All quite predictable. Excitement over the potential only for nothing what so ever to happen. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if I see no snow this winter.
  6. At the rate it's going you may as well put a bet on us getting storms on Christmas day. Dream of the time we get a week without a forecast of storms.
  7. Beautiful right now. Been raining but calmed a bit now but it's so much cooler tonight for a change.
  8. A428 just on the A14, the bridge off of Hardwick. Apparently the roads are completely backed up right now, police everywhere and took somebody about 3 hours to get into Cambridge from Cambourne area (8 miles). Just had shopping cancelled for tomorrow as Tesco's had to close their store down due to the flooding and possibly won't be able to deliver
  9. Been looking like the end of times for a while here dark as anything. Slightly brighter a bit now. Had plenty of rain and on and off thunder, quite a few loud cracks about half hour back. Just around the corner from me about an hour or two back, motorways are having some issues. Flooding in Tesco's and all sorts.
  10. Had quite a few cracks of thunder here and quite a bit of rain too. Already tired of it.
  11. Few rumbles here this morning, nothing too bad so far thankfully. Bit of rain but it's stopped for the time being.
  12. After the amount of god damn storm threats we've had so far I best get some bloody snow later in the year to make up for this!
  13. Hadn't even checked the forecasts as not been well. Slept through it all through the night and woke up to find out there was lightning for about 2-3 hours, glad I slept through it
  14. Just see the picture on facebook of the woman's house that got struck. Roof basically gone and house up in flames. And people actually like this weather
  15. Interesting to see if this one growing in near Swindon is going to swing enough, seems to be bending and coming smack bang in Cambridge direction. So fair had the luck to have pretty much avoided most stuff over the last two days. My luck might be about to run out.
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