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  1. Morning Tom....not really sure what to say.....love this post, certainly made me smile! I think this could be the best non weather related post I've read on NW! Saying that, there are snowmen so it could be classed as weather related I suppose? Keep them coming buddy! Have a good day!
  2. Snoopie42

    Members Photos - Show Yourself !

    @BLAST FROM THE PAST ......honestly.....being overtaken....i seriously had nothing left in the tank!! Smashed my PB though so i was happy!!
  3. Snoopie42

    Members Photos - Show Yourself !

    What the hell......this is me....Hello all ☺ Im the one on the right, blue shorts
  4. Steady snow now, starting to settle on cars.....
  5. Heavier precipitation arriving and definitely more snow than snizzle...nice surprise....can we get it heavy enough to settle.....i doubt it, but would be a nice added bonus
  6. @Daniel* Yes evaporative cooling is probably making the difference. Getting heavier here, but more snizzle than snow. Going to be a wet and muddy run for me today!
  7. Very light snow here....will be interesting when the heavier ppn arrives? Have a good Sunday all! ☺
  8. Indeed @Surrey looks positively horrendous in the South, lets hope it doesnt verify as currently modelled. Maybe time to build that Ark!
  9. The Snow here is quite heavy with quite large flakes, not settling, but very pretty to watch. At least it feels like winter and not our perpetual Autumn!
  10. Hi @paget Im at 80 metres above sea level (its currently snowing but not sticking to anything). I would say if you are above 150 metres that would always be of help in these marginal situations, however, some of the more experienced members maybe able to provide a more scientific answer ☺. Whats more notable here is the wind, really howling! Have a nice day.
  11. Right time for some very unrestful sleep ! Its crystal clear here, Stars are shining and Temps falling away nicely ( not sure what DP's are like as i dont have a half decent weather station..... something i will be asking you all about in the near future and in the right thread ) good luck all and looking forward to checking back at 6 am....or 20 minutes ! Have fun all ❤
  12. Hey @Sno'problem. Same here, ive been in a 'dry' slot for a while now and temps have taken a tumble! Interesting how this event is going to unfold?
  13. Hey @Team Squirrel saw your post yesterday about your Xmas experiences. Thats not good! Hope you and Boyfriend are OK and the Police have sorted local matters? Hope you get some snow tomorrow to make amends....you are in a good location?

    1. Team Squirrel

      Team Squirrel

      No Snow!! Although the police cordon has been removed and at least we can now get to the pub!!:D

  14. There is one reason why we (I) do this......one day in our very small part of the world and even the UK ( South East ) we will experience a weather event that is beyond 'normal'. It maybe beyond normal Wind, rain, heat, cold along with Thunder Storms and Snow Fall but we will all be here, lurking and / or posting because, if we dont, we might not experience an event to share with this great community! Local Knowledge in our 'marginal' location is key! If its rain, snow or slush tomorrow lets raise a glass or two ( or several) to all that contribute on a daily basis in this thread ( Im hoping i have more time to do so now).....Legends! Im not sure what i will be eventually waking to tomorrow morning, but i know i will be waking several times during the night because i know anything can happen and how marginal things are.....its exciting......bloody weather!❤
  15. Hey @tight isobar ! Love your posts, which are knowledgeable and very different in delivery  to the norm( in a good way ), long may it continue.....and a belated Happy Xmas buddy! 

    1. tight isobar

      tight isobar

      Cheers pal..

      Seasons greeting to you also.