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  1. Lets hope so TS.....but if and when it does Snow, do not turn left at the mini roundabout!!! ?
  2. And me! Luckily dont have to run this week, perfect timing! Beers, sun and heat.....surprise storm last night, maybe some more tomorrow following a possible record breaking day? Enjoy all!
  3. Same here Ben! Looking forward to some extreme heat as an extreme weather lover ( also looking forward to a storm tonight if im lucky enough), not so great for what i have to endure at the weekend! Got a pretty intense weekend of training....bring it on!
  4. It is the right place Mike, so post away! I live in Farnham Common, so not too far from Amersham.
  5. Im sure you had a fabulous xmas Ben....snow & festive temperatures, lucky you! Must be missing cross fit or is it easier in snow than mud....asking for a friend? Muddy running here presently....but its going to dry up...rain.....or freeze....who knows? Whatever the weather, everyone get out and enjoy it, its an amazing feat of nature....regardless if it gives you muddy shoes or a runny nose! ?
  6. Morning Tom....not really sure what to say.....love this post, certainly made me smile! I think this could be the best non weather related post I've read on NW! Saying that, there are snowmen so it could be classed as weather related I suppose? Keep them coming buddy! Have a good day!
  7. @BLAST FROM THE PAST ......honestly.....being overtaken....i seriously had nothing left in the tank!! Smashed my PB though so i was happy!!
  8. What the hell......this is me....Hello all ☺ Im the one on the right, blue shorts ???
  9. Heavier precipitation arriving and definitely more snow than snizzle...nice surprise....can we get it heavy enough to settle.....i doubt it, but would be a nice added bonus ?
  10. @Daniel* Yes evaporative cooling is probably making the difference. Getting heavier here, but more snizzle than snow. Going to be a wet and muddy run for me today!?
  11. Very light snow here....will be interesting when the heavier ppn arrives? Have a good Sunday all! ☺
  12. Indeed @Surrey looks positively horrendous in the South, lets hope it doesnt verify as currently modelled. Maybe time to build that Ark! ?
  13. The Snow here is quite heavy with quite large flakes, not settling, but very pretty to watch. At least it feels like winter and not our perpetual Autumn! ?
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