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  1. Temperature is still just below freezing here too, crazy.
  2. Yes sadly looks like the end of it now, but what an epic few days it's been even surpassing what we got two weeks ago. March 2018 will be remembered forever more in here. It actually feels normal now looking out the window and seeing several inches of lying snow! Next winter has a lot to live up to.
  3. I'm just round the corner from that first one. It has been coming down heavy but very small flakes, road and pavement has gone white again. Don't think we're gonna get much more looking at the radar but Dorset should do very well!
  4. Bigger flakes now, and the road outside is turning white again!
  5. The flakes are tiny here, won't get much of a top up if they stay at this size. Anything now is a bonus anyway.
  6. So heavy overnight snow and into this morning giving us several inches, then Saints reach the FA Cup semi-finals, followed by more snow in the evening? Yes please! If Carlsberg did Sundays...
  7. Just got back from a walk through town and up to the Common and it's glorious, I wasn't really expecting much from this but it probably surpasses the other week. Still snowing as well! March is the new January!
  8. Woke up around half an hour ago to a nice covering of several centimeters, and it's still snowing. Got icicles hanging from the street lights again too! Can't believe after years of no lying snow, we've now had two events in as many weeks. And it's not even winter!
  9. Proper heavy snow here but struggling to settle unfortunately.
  10. Raining here, and the big icicle on the lamppost outside has just gone. Guess that's it for another seven years.
  11. Yes eagerly awaiting that update. I live a 15 minute walk from St Marys and the roads round here are passable, gut feeling is it will be on unless there is further heavy snow, which looks unlikely now.
  12. All heading your way it seems. Does seem to be easing now mind.
  13. Still moderate snow ongoing here despite the radar suggesting otherwise, it must be developing in situ overhead, I keep expecting it to stop and it just isn't! Think those further north should do pretty well.
  14. It's surprising how heavy it is coming down here as it doesn't look much on radar.
  15. Wow much bigger flakes now, this has appeared out of nowhere!