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  1. Had a lovely light show last night and it's great to see some further north have joined in the fun overnight as well! I've just been woken by more thunder, although infrequent. Hopefully another good day ahead!
  2. Flashes every 1-2 seconds now and can just about make out some low rumbling thunder!
  3. I'm lucky as I have a south facing balcony, albeit the view is partially obscured by some large buildings!
  4. Just seen a couple of distant flashes, game on!
  5. I'm not even getting that lol, just a load of text.
  6. Looking much more promising in the channel now! Anyone else having trouble loading Lightning Maps? I'm having to rely on Blitzortung atm which isn't as good.
  7. Wow big respect for that dedication! Hope the channel fires up soon, I'm not giving up hope yet!
  8. Just popped round to the shop for five minutes and got drenched by a sudden downpour that came out of nowhere! Didn't last long but the air now has that lovely smell of warm rain!
  9. Temperature up to 26.3c now, some high level cloud around but nothing too threatening as yet. Feels very humid.
  10. Gimme a good storm over watching the Scousers win something any day! But yes agree, the last couple of years have been so much better for storms than the decade or so before it, I actually have reasonable confidence of seeing something now in these set ups.
  11. Right on cue the sun now starting to shine through the murk here.
  12. It's still very overcast here in Southampton too but don't worry, the main storm action isn't expected until much later into this evening and tonight and it looks like skies are clearing from the south east. Impossible to pin down specific areas yet but looks like most of southern England is in the game at least.
  13. Bad timing this for me, I'm supposed to be driving up to Northants tomorrow to see family, yet Saturday night into Sunday looks to be the best potential. Thinking of delaying going up until Sunday now, I'm sure they'll understand! We've been spoiled here with the incredible storm a month ago as well as the overnighter last July, which has given me much more confidence in these actually coming off. Looking forward to the next few days!
  14. Yes I heard that too, was pretty loud even here. I'm just on the edge of it all but looks like some pretty torrential rain headed your way.