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  1. Bloody typical, a storm to the west which died out just before it got here, and then a shower which just produced heavy rain here suddenly electrifies after it's moved off to the east.
  2. What a thouroughly miserable day here, very regular torrential downpours with very strong gusty winds and no sunshine in between the showers. I would be really surprised if we got any electrical activity round these parts but further north may have more luck.
  3. Got out of work at 11.00 in baking sunshine but was surprised to see the dark clouds moving in from the south, the sky almost looking reminiscent of Florida before a storm arrives. Anyway it hasn't done anything noteworthy other than block out the sun, but some lucky people are going to see something pretty spectacular later I think. Shame I have work tomorrow or I'd be tempted to drive to my mum's near Wellingborough for a chase.
  4. What a way to get out of the no storms club last night, one of the best light shows I've ever seen, stood in Mayflower Park watching it come over. Was literally constant flashing in every possible direction. Interestingly there was an orange hue to the lightning coming up from the south but after it had passed over it was more purple. Only slight disappointment was that the thunder was largely muted, bar a couple of louder cracks, even when it was overhead. I think in terms of intensity, the storm in April last year is still king, also it was very elevated with few CGs. Still well worth only getting an hours sleep and being knackered for work this morning and glad so many got to join in the fun.
  5. Just had a couple of very bright flashes through the window, amazing considering they are still some distance away.
  6. The cells seem to be moving NE but backbuilding on their western flank. Looks like they may be headed towards this way. I have work at 3am and need sleep but can't tear myself away from the radar!
  7. Haha I was doing a spot of sunbathing on Mayflower Park today and it was hot, but with quite a keen breeze just keeping the temperature down slightly. I'm probably the only one on here who is quite glad to see the record still holding!
  8. Whilst I wasn't expecting anything this far west last night, I was surprised at the lack of activity further east as the forecasts leading up to it seemed to speak with more certainty of an 'event' than usual. It has been a terrible year down here for storms. Following the absolute humdinger we had in April last year, I haven't seen a storm since last August now. Very disappointing and doesn't look like there's anything on the horizon either.
  9. Light snow here again but watching that heavier blob stay just to the west over the Forest and refusing to move east is torture!
  10. Took a drive into Wiltshire and it's like a different planet compared to here, encountered some very heavy snow particularly north of Salisbury with drifting too. This has been a great event for some. Got back to Soton and it was a sleety/wet snow mix, which has now stopped. I have no idea what to expect in the next few hours as the radar is completely FUBAR!
  11. Whole thing's been a bit of an anti climax here with a few spells of moderate snow giving just a light covering, which has almost all melted now anyway. Not moaning though as it was nice to get something at least. Great to see some areas getting an absolute pasting, hope you guys make the most of it! I'm tempted to take a little drive north west to get a taste of the action!
  12. Ok now I'm a little concerned, had an hour of fairly heavy snow but nothing has settled and now the band of ppn seems to be fizzling out and moving off to the east. Ironically looks like parts of Cornwall have done the best out of this so far,
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