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  1. Light snow here again but watching that heavier blob stay just to the west over the Forest and refusing to move east is torture!
  2. Took a drive into Wiltshire and it's like a different planet compared to here, encountered some very heavy snow particularly north of Salisbury with drifting too. This has been a great event for some. Got back to Soton and it was a sleety/wet snow mix, which has now stopped. I have no idea what to expect in the next few hours as the radar is completely FUBAR!
  3. Whole thing's been a bit of an anti climax here with a few spells of moderate snow giving just a light covering, which has almost all melted now anyway. Not moaning though as it was nice to get something at least. Great to see some areas getting an absolute pasting, hope you guys make the most of it! I'm tempted to take a little drive north west to get a taste of the action!
  4. Ok now I'm a little concerned, had an hour of fairly heavy snow but nothing has settled and now the band of ppn seems to be fizzling out and moving off to the east. Ironically looks like parts of Cornwall have done the best out of this so far,
  5. I've noticed that glitch near Winchester quite a lot, it's very annoying!
  6. Finally it's started snowing, no rain preceding it either!
  7. Still nothing falling here yet despite the radar suggesting otherwise.
  8. Wow that is stunning! It's amazing how much this has upgraded over the last 48 hours for the south after looking predominantly like more of an M4 north event not so long ago.
  9. I've just been outside and it's bitter out there. According to Southampton Weather the Temperature is currently 2.3C and dew point -3.4 and they will continue to fall. http://www.southamptonweather.co.uk/ Relax, it will probably start as rain but should turn to snow pretty quickly. Should be good for a few cm's at least as should most of the region.
  10. Temp here has been hovering around 3.5C for a while but dew point has plummeted to -1.6 now. BBC has Southampton down for 12 hours of snow from 6pm to 6am, all looking pretty positive I think but until snow starts falling I'll be nervous. Saw a big snow plow being prepped on the industrial estate at work earlier, I take that as a good sign!
  11. It's got lighter and turned more sleety again now but was snowing in the heavier bursts.
  12. And right on cue it has just started turning rapidly to snow!
  13. Down to 3C and dew point now at freezing, and with a nice heavy bit of ppn about to move in. Still rain for now though.
  14. Yes temperature is steady as is the dp at around 1C, the hope is that it drops rapidly once the main bulk of the front arrives. I'm not expecting much but would be nice just to see some snow falling and perhaps a light dusting!
  15. I thought the colder air was supposed to come in behind the front but still seems far too mild for anything other than rain. Not that I was expecting much anyway but would be nice to just see a few flakes falling after the shocking winter we've had to endure so far!