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  1. Got quite excited when it started snowing early this morning at work, but it soon turned to sleet and then rain and is only just stopping now. Still better than the last few years I guess but it's depressing knowing that it could literally be years before we see snow falling again. It's bitterly cold outside and still we get rain, all a bit of a damp squib down here.
  2. Just rain here Bobby, not had a single snowflake all day.
  3. Wind really picking up here now and heavy rain started again. Meanwhile my brother and sis in law struggling to get out of Northampton, with stranded vehicles blocking roads.
  4. Ugh, the joy of being woken by a text from the sister-in-law in Northampton all excited because they have snow. Last laugh is on them though as they are driving down here for the football! Just moderate rain here, praying us far southerners can join in the fun later on but not holding my breath. All those who do have snow enjoy it, some good pics already, looks like a winter wonderland developing in the S Mids!
  5. Calm down peeps, it's the hope that kills you! Certainly think more northern parts of the region could see falling snow at least.
  6. Was just leaving work in Totton when a rain shower came over. Just got home in town and there is a light dusting on the cars, so appears it snowed briefly imby and I still missed it!
  7. Indeed, it's worse than the tabloids.
  8. Our local paper going into ramp mode because a single snowflake has appeared in the BBC forecast! http://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/15708910.Met_Office_forecasts_snowfall_in_Southampton/
  9. I can understand those in the north getting excited but unfortunately it's looking like a bit of a cold rainfest for the next few days for these parts, although some in the west will see snow showers tomorrow. Still time for the track of Sunday's slider to change of course but so far very few models have taken it far enough south for us to benefit. However the general synoptic pattern and background signals are looking very positive going forward so we are all in with a far better shout than the past few years at least! Hopefully fortune will favour us for a change in the not too distant future, after all it has to snow again at some point, right?!
  10. Storm Brian - Weather discussion

    Bit of a non event down here really, windy yes but nothing extraordinary. The odd shower blowing through but other than that it's been a nice bright and sunny day.
  11. Just had a rumble of thunder here but no rain as yet.
  12. Yes same here, we've had very interesting and convective looking skies all day, and a few big splats of rain falling every now and then, yet not a lot expected to happen down here. Fingers crossed nevertheless.
  13. A couple of videos from Tuesday night, the first taken from the waterfront here as the storm was still over towards the IOW, and the second from my flat as it started moving overhead. It got more intense but unfortunately I ran out of memory on my phone, but still some decent captures. Must invest in a proper camera!
  14. Wow just catching up with this thread and the 35 new pages lol, but last night was the best storm we've had for years here, was reminiscent of the overnighters we used to get fairly regularly in the 90's when I was growing up. Only got an hours sleep last night but totally worth it! Hoping we don't have too long to wait for the next opportunity, but for today good luck to all those further north.
  15. Lot's of bright flashes to the south now, but it's calm and peaceful here, no thunder heard yet. I have to be up for work at 3, don't think I'll get a lot of sleep tonight lol.