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  1. Couple of flashes and bangs here and plenty of rain too. Ooh some nice fork lightning there..
  2. Yes it's starting to pick up a bit now, gonna sit tight and see how it develops!
  3. Considering jumping in the car and heading a bit east to intercept the storms heading up the channel but it all looks a bit weak atm. Also don't fancy battling the Friday afternoon traffic.
  4. No storm here Tom although we do have quite interesting looking skies. That messy area of rain between here and Salisbury isn't producing any lightning, and I think we are too far west for anything overnight.
  5. Why are there always people moaning if a thunderstorm warning is issued and then they don't get a storm in their backyard? A warning is absolutely not a guarantee of getting a storm, it is just to make people aware of the possibility so people are prepared, it doesn't mean everywhere within a warning zone will 100% see a storm, indeed it is made clear in the warning itself that the risk is low. I am currently at my mum's house just outside Wellingborough in Northants, and we had a fairly active thunderstorm here earlier which was accompanied by torrential rain for a good half hour or more which caused some localised flooding, so it was not a bust and the warning was justified.
  6. Some showers developing along the M3 corridor now. I have to drive to Wellingborough this afternoon so hopeful I might see something along the way!
  7. We have some quite ominous looking dark clouds forming just to the west of here.
  8. We just about hit 30 here a little earlier according to Southampton Weather. http://www.southamptonweather.co.uk/ As so often is the case the forecast max temp has been undercooked by a few degrees. Can only imagine it will get hotter as the week goes on so given we've reached 30 today, I wonder what we might get to in the next few days. Gorgeous weather!
  9. There was a strike shown on lightning maps just off the coast near Hastings, however I think it's a false return as there's nothing on radar there. I'm feeling increasingly pessimistic for our chances round here.
  10. Hmm must admit despite it feeling very humid it certainly doesn't feel like a storm is coming, had dull slate grey skies all day with rain on and off. That said there does seem to be pretty good consensus on some storms breaking out later, I'm considering heading up the A36 towards Salisbury in a bit as a starting point, but would like to see some sign of things kicking off first.
  11. @matt111 Yep near to Calshot by the looks of it.
  12. Lat month's storm was probably the most insane I have ever witnessed, you missed a real humdinger! And yes those BBC forecasts are useless.
  13. Yes 24c in Southampton already (despite the BBC showing a maximum of 22c today lol) so hopefully plenty of fuel going into the atmosphere for later. I was at my mum's just east of Northampton until late afternoon yesterday and was hoping something might develop but looked like it was all happening a bit too far west. Headed home early evening only to find out Northampton had taken a direct hit after I had left! Annoying but I did see some nice cloudscapes at least on my way home.
  14. Had a lovely light show last night and it's great to see some further north have joined in the fun overnight as well! I've just been woken by more thunder, although infrequent. Hopefully another good day ahead!