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  1. It's actually been a pretty cold winter here, must be getting on for nearly two weeks since we had a night where the temperature didn't drop below freezing and we had plenty of harsh frosts in December as well. Being right on the coast that's not to be sniffed at. Certainly better than recent winters in that respect, just sadly missing any meaningful snow yet again, although at least I briefly saw some falling snow just over a week ago. Still time for something more interesting heading into February although I'm not too optimistic. Seems like we just need so many things to fall into place that it's inevitable something always scuppers our chances.
  2. It's reverted back to a bit of a sleety mess now as the intensity of the ppn has died down.
  3. After a day of torrential rain, it has now turned to snow here
  4. BBC weather has the lightning symbol for here on Sunday which has got my hopes up a little.
  5. Wow bright overhead lightning and deafening thunder!
  6. Nice bolt of lightning followed by a loud crack of thunder. Very dark skies overhead.
  7. May be my wishful thinking but that beast seems to be creeping more and more southwards. Would love to get caught in it on my way to the football at St Marys later but looks more likely we're going to get that moderate rubbish moving west in the channel. Unless of course that intensifies, interesting to watch anyway.
  8. The lightning rates on that Dorset/Wilts storm are insane, must be similar to the Bournemouth storm last year. Just shows that when conditions are right even this country can put on a good show.
  9. If I wasn't off to the football later I think I'd be hopping in the car and heading to Dorset. Dorchester getting pummeled atm! Hopefully it will come this way later, but at least some will get their storm fix today!
  10. Doesn't feel stormy at all here, just very overcast, but it's really starting to kick off in the channel which is giving me hope!
  11. Well that nice little storm by Guernsey is encouraging, also one just sparked up near Paris, hopefully a sign of things to come. However we're currently sat under a blanket of grey murk, and it also feels a bit fresher than it has done of late. Hoping for an interesting day.
  12. Cloud beginning to encroach from the south west, not that I'm expecting anything other than a bit of rain maybe. Still very warm and muggy.
  13. Wahey thunder and lightning, finally.
  14. I'm just a few miles from the Rose Bowl and it's completely clouded over. No lightning in the immediate area but definitely rain on the way at least.
  15. Yes darker cloud now encroaching from the south and west