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  1. Just back from the waterfront in Southampton, some stunning lightning both CGs and crawlers across the sky, although not as frequent as other events. Thunder still rumbling away occasionally. Certainly no bust here!
  2. Hmm I'm getting seriously tempted to drive 'home' to Southampton this evening given what looks like a decent forecast, but I'm scarred from so many failed plumes in the past. Can see it already, a big wet mess with little electrical activity for most of the south coast with lightning restricted to East Sussex/Kent coastal areas as the night goes on. I daren't get my hopes up!
  3. Been out chasing all afternoon, what a fantastic day for storms, great to see so many have had their fix today! In Cambridgeshire I got caught in some torrential rain accompanied with pretty large hail which turned the roads to rivers, was a bit hairy for a time. Had loads of thunder and lightning and some lovely cloud structure as I drove back towards Northants with the cell near Thrapston going bonkers for a time. Did a quick time lapse of some rotation just to the south of Cambridge.
  4. No work today and looks like I'm well positioned here, so definitely looking to head out chasing this afternoon. Probably head a little SE of here and see what develops. Hopefully an exciting day in store for many!
  5. If it's any consolation there was naff all in Wellingborough over the weekend either!
  6. I used to live just round the corner from there, had no idea there was a webcam. Town Quay (bit on the left) is great for watching storms roll in. Thanks for the link.
  7. Been very disappointing, I was expecting much better considering the charts we were seeing at the back end of last week but it's been a big let down. Had a light dusting overnight which is now all gone and then barely anything through today. Now looking dry for the foreseeable. At least it's not raining I suppose.
  8. Yes, would love to live in America and have proper heat and storms in summer, with decent snowfalls most winters. This has probably been the most pathetic 'cold' spell I can remember, at least for the south of the country. Barely even a frost here let alone a flake of snow. Just damp, dreary and muddy.
  9. Very dark skies moving in from the SW here, hoping for one last hurrah if it doesn't all fizzle out.
  10. Thunder and lightning here, but out of a sleight grey sky which is quite bizarre.
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