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  1. Just had a rumble of thunder here but no rain as yet.
  2. Yes same here, we've had very interesting and convective looking skies all day, and a few big splats of rain falling every now and then, yet not a lot expected to happen down here. Fingers crossed nevertheless.
  3. A couple of videos from Tuesday night, the first taken from the waterfront here as the storm was still over towards the IOW, and the second from my flat as it started moving overhead. It got more intense but unfortunately I ran out of memory on my phone, but still some decent captures. Must invest in a proper camera!
  4. Wow just catching up with this thread and the 35 new pages lol, but last night was the best storm we've had for years here, was reminiscent of the overnighters we used to get fairly regularly in the 90's when I was growing up. Only got an hours sleep last night but totally worth it! Hoping we don't have too long to wait for the next opportunity, but for today good luck to all those further north.
  5. Lot's of bright flashes to the south now, but it's calm and peaceful here, no thunder heard yet. I have to be up for work at 3, don't think I'll get a lot of sleep tonight lol.
  6. Just seen another flash out my window, round two incoming!
  7. Just got home from a little drive around town, nice to have a direct hit but tbh the rain was more noteworthy than the lightning. Some absolutely torrential downpours and some of the major routes into the city turned into rivers and barely passable. A bit disappointed the lightning wasn't more frequent, only one or two strikes per minute, but can't complain really and also had some mammatus on the back edge of the storm too.
  8. Yes second thoughts it is suddenly looking very ominous just to my south, think I'll stay put!
  9. Think I might hop in the car and head towards Ringwood at this rate. Picket Post would probably be a good vantage point.
  10. Well if nothing else the sky looks pretty cool, very dark and eerie.
  11. Wish I was on Swanage beach right now.
  12. Right on the Needles by the looks of it!
  13. Looks like it may be re-intensifying SW of the IOW
  14. Fingers crossed, I daren't get my hopes up too much but it is looking good for most to along the south coast to see something...