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  1. Very nice, reminds me of the sky in Florida when there's a storm!
  2. Totally agree, last night was probably the most amazing lightning I've seen in this country, as you say elongated crawlers that raced across the sky for several seconds at a time. Sadly they were several minutes apart. If we'd had the frequency that they had over France and in Kent, it would have been absoluteley epic.
  3. Thought it was all over here and was about to go to bed but just had another fairly distant rumble. Not had any lightning for a while now though.
  4. Infrequent but stunning lightning, flickering for several seconds at a time. Shame it's so sporadic but at least we've had something.
  5. Looks more and more like a Kent clipper, seen it all too many times before. The ppn to the west of the main cluster seems to have lost it's electrical activity.
  6. That stuff in France is bonkers, but I'm already a bit concerned that it looks to be tracking too far east of here. Need some more storms to fire further west of it I think.
  7. Yeah just run of the mill moderate rain here, pretty miserable really and not looking stormy at all. Hopefully better to come later.
  8. Hi Sentinel, this is my current view to the south, not a lot of sun coming through but feeling warm and humid.
  9. The storms in the early hours of Saturday certainly cleared the air here, it was a lot cooler and fresher yesterday, but the humid feel is back again this morning.
  10. If anything the electrical activity seems to be intensifying around the Channel Islands, if it keeps this up things could get interesting somewhere along the coast in the next few hours. Sunshine is still very hazy here with a lot of high level cloud, hope that doesn't affect things too much.
  11. Getting excited about the potential for tonight, especially as here we only got the edge of yesterday morning's storms. Started off cloudy but that is thinning away now and hazy blue sky is revealing itself, hopefully a good sign. Would be nice to take a direct hit this time. Fingers crossed for everyone down south.
  12. Lovely to be woken up by deep rolling thunder and look out the window to see lots of lightning flickering all around, although it seems to have skirted east and west of here mostly. Sky looked very mean as it was approaching but seems to be dying off now.
  13. Just got home from chasing the storms around Winchester/Alresford area. Friday rush hour traffic made things difficult but managed to see several powerful looking CG's, some almost overhead, as well as the odd cloud crawler and some impressive cloudscapes. Hail and some torrential rain too with flooding in places, worth the trip out!
  14. It's actually been a pretty cold winter here, must be getting on for nearly two weeks since we had a night where the temperature didn't drop below freezing and we had plenty of harsh frosts in December as well. Being right on the coast that's not to be sniffed at. Certainly better than recent winters in that respect, just sadly missing any meaningful snow yet again, although at least I briefly saw some falling snow just over a week ago. Still time for something more interesting heading into February although I'm not too optimistic. Seems like we just need so many things to fall into place that it's inevitable something always scuppers our chances.
  15. It's reverted back to a bit of a sleety mess now as the intensity of the ppn has died down.