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  1. Disappointingly cool here too with a fresh breeze, although the cloud is now beginning to burn away so hopefully temp will start to rise. Looks like western areas are best placed for storms again this coming week, seems to be a theme this year.
  2. No storms here yesterday but in the evening got an amazing fiery looking rainbow.
  3. Nice cloudscape to the south Had a half decent storm earlier this afternoon with some nice rumbles although only one flash seen.
  4. Well I drove up to the Wisbech and Kings Lynn area and found a fantastic spot to watch the storms come over. Just about saw one bolt of lightning and got a few rumbles of thunder and then it all just fizzled out before even reaching me, very frustrating. Did have some nice cloudscapes and a few torrential downpours though and with the high humidity it really did feel Florida-esque.
  5. Very warm and humid here, feels ripe for a storm but suspect this will be the breeding ground. Thinking of heading out towards Lincolnshire / The Wash area later as there's certainly potential for some good storms today.
  6. Was out chasing most of yesterday afternoon/evening initially focusing on the storm around Leicester but it was decaying by the time I caught up with it. After a few frustrating hours of popcorn storms building then dying I eventually managed to get under the storm over Lutterworth and saw some fantastic overhead lightning. Will try and upload video later in the week but will be busy chasing again today. Really enjoying all the pics and videos in this thread, what a week it's been so far for some parts! Good luck today all.
  7. Seriously tempted to get out and chase somewhere towards the nw midlands but it feels a bit like pin the tail on the donkey in regards to where best to go! Next couple of days are looking a bit more promising for round these parts at least.
  8. Looks like the supposedly low risk today has delivered more than Thursday's disappointment did! Some nice little storms down in Sussex and Kent way.
  9. Fingers crossed lol. The last few years it seems like the south gets the heat while the storms usually kick off further north, so hoping I'm in a decent spot now! I'll miss watching the radar for anything appearing in the Channel when there's a plume though.
  10. Moving from Southampton to Northants has it's advantages it seems! I'll definitely be chasing Thursday if this holds together.
  11. BBC raw has winds up to 88mph for here tomorrow, yikes. I suspect it's overdoing it.
  12. Bloody typical, a storm to the west which died out just before it got here, and then a shower which just produced heavy rain here suddenly electrifies after it's moved off to the east.
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