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  1. Sorry it’s not on YouTube but here’s a photo of it. It was seen at 5:30am this morning
  2. My first ever observation of a funnel cloud / water spout which formed over the Bristol Channel (looking SE from Cardiff) IMG_7158.MOV
  3. If we are to see cold return to the UK, I expect it would start with high pressure develop right over us; models signalling this towards the end of the month. I’m then looking for it to get undercut by the Atlantic propping it north towards Scandi or it retrogressing towards Greenland. Until we see pressure rise over us, I believe we are far away from a late chance for cold. Until then, we have quite a mild, stormy and unsettled week ahead with winds being the main concern.
  4. With that last shower exiting Wales, think that marks our end to this cold spell and the end of seeing any decent chance of settling snow. Yes we could see some cold spells in a few weeks but seeing any disruptive snow is going to be very unlikely. This winter has been full of great synoptics-lots of blocking to our north but ultimately for the UK it has lead to only a decent cold spell right at the end of the winter, which failed to bring us any sustained and substantial snowfall. We did get one day of settling snow and few days of falling snow however. Now Looking forward to the spring warm up but we have a week of unsettled weather to get through first which could possibly bring some extreme gusts to coastal areas.
  5. Looks like it headed way further east than expected. Snowing here most of the day but struggling to settle, we’re unfortunate here especially given that we had established cold over us all week! Again if it was night we would’ve done alright, it’s probably the reason why we did good a few weeks back although it wasn’t as cold.
  6. Fine powdery type snow falling now, lots of it but different to what was falling earlier (which was larger flakes but not as much). Starting to dust (like icing sugar) on most surfaces
  7. Snowing here too ! Yellow warning for snow updated at 7:30am for snow
  8. It sure does look good, but the cold over Wales from around Swansea east can quickly deteriorate this front. Will be very curious to see how this pans out.
  9. Models do have it intensifying when it gets over land so hopefully this happens when it gets here
  10. I hope so too, what seemed like a good day for snow on Sat , is now starting to diminish with the Arome, GFS, GFS p , EURO4 all showing the front dying out like it did today, not the signals we wanted.
  11. It will be a blink and miss snow event I believe. Similar to what we saw a few weeks ago
  12. Most models have Wales under snowfall on Saturday. Today’s front was always forecast to make it to the SW before fizzling out. Saturday is our best chance to see a few cm before milder air pushes in on Sunday where any precipitation that gets to us will likely be rain.
  13. I wonder if we get to see some unusual sized snowflakes if we get the precipitation this weekend? Given the marginality of the 850hPa I would suspect so...
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