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  1. Looks like EURO4 predicted these storms quite well although the timing is a bit off. Nice to see tparts of the UK getting those intense storms that we normally observe over Europe! Strange to see a day with lots of cloud cover and temps in the low 20s do so well in terms of convective activity!
  2. A lot of flashes now to my east with this thunderstorms over the B.Channel
  3. Normally in the UK, plumes are ended with destabilisation coming up from the south, to me this looks like destabilisation from the E which is a strange thing to see
  4. Well, well, well a bit dissapointed about earlier, thought that we could’ve got some spectacular convective storms for the evening/afternoon especially given the forecast but it looks like these thunderstorms are saving the day from a complete bust! It was action like this I was expecting for the evening! Will be interning to see how sustained this becomes...
  5. Positive signs from the satellite with the sunshine coming out behind the rain that has moved through the midlands. We really need that heating for things to get going. It’s this area where storms will most likely be developed and move NW given the CAPE...
  6. Can see the thunderstorms over the midlands all the way from Cardiff!
  7. So the rain has just passed over me here in Cardiff, and is currently moving north, some thunderstorms near Swansea but nothing here. Are we expecting things to kick off again in a few hours?
  8. So thunderstorms still failing to cross the Bristol Channel however conditions seem to be right here for convection and we have created some thunderstorms to the north with some rumbles of thunder heard
  9. Such a shame we have the sea breeze off the Bristol Channel here in Cardiff, wouldve seen some lovely thunderstorms the past few days! Hoping today there is a bit more instability further up to hold the storms as they cross over.. Can anyone explain why the sea breeze is causing the thunderstorms to dissipate?
  10. Looks like the increased CAPE over the Gloucester area is aiding the development and intensification of thunderstorms in that part of the UK, models showing the MUCAPE to increase over the midlands so I expect these t/storms to hold their intensity as they move north . Possible supercell here(?)
  11. The high cloud coming in from the west has broken up allowing a bit more sun to break through to the SW. Looking at the satellite you can see how this sunshine is showing signs of further convection with clouds starting to tower from the south coast up to the welsh border. Will be interesting to see if this turns into something.. My bet is that this line of convection will move east, intensifying as it does (due to warmer air and more CAPE) and this is where the SE start to see signs of the forecasted thunderstorms.
  12. My prediction for tonight, cells to merge in the red then move towards the UK. Some models show air destabilising later over the UK with the UK producing it’s own thunderstorms but looking at radar at the moment, I believe the storms will develop over the channel then head our way
  13. Those cells moving away from the French coast should start to intensify given the CAPE in the surrounding areas, models do show some elevated CAPE later on extending over the south of UK, so hopefully these storms survive the channel and get to us with some intensity
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