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  1. Key thing to note is: Lower heights to the north + low pressure near Iceland Azores high edging NE towards the UK Big Russian high UK weather will flop flop every run but at least the gfs isn’t showing a zonal pattern with low pressure systems hitting the UK
  2. By the looks of things, the Peterborough area could get the highest recorded temperature this week, models consistently showing temps to be highest in that area and also the far SE corner
  3. Skies over Cardiff showing signs of instability, accas looking w/nw
  4. Could the blob over SW UK be the start of something? Certainly showing more signs of life now that it has got to or shores...
  5. I’m expecting the system to destabilise or ‘blow’ up once it gets to the UK, that’s what these systems tend to do, but we shall see in a few hours...
  6. Was expecting thunderstorms to skim past the welsh coast so set myself in Penarth....turns out I was wrong and where I’m originally from (Cardiff) got hit by an intense thunderstorm, however I had great viewing of the structure of the storm + had view of the thunderstorms over the B.Channel. Just got home and hail is still on the floor, I didn’t expect the size of them! Photo of lightning is of the storm over Cardiff, others facing the B.Channel
  7. Things getting a lot more interesting now with this band. I expect the northern side to show a lot more activity in the next few hours given that it’s entering higher levels of CAPE
  8. I think we’re starting to see some convection going on now over Central -Southern England; radar showing a line of precipitation and satellite showing some height to the clouds over that region. Models show CAPE and theta-e starting to increase towards the SW and peaking around 8pm, so hopefully this band can use this instability to trigger off some thunderstorms
  9. Fv3 ending on quite a cold note with uppers heading towards -10C
  10. Looks like the amber warning should’ve been moved to include areas like Reading, the ppn on radar over that location for the last few hours has been way heavier than what we got in SE Wales!
  11. Snow here in Cardiff is completely different to last year- very crunchy when walking on it and really easy to mould, last years was like playing with dust
  12. Radar looking quite dire now for any further heavier bursts of snow. However it looks to be faulty because it’s still snowing outside in Cardiff with some moderate bursts which is not what the radar is showing!
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