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  1. Will it ever end?

    1. Lettucing Gutted

      Lettucing Gutted

      I don't mind the cold.  It's the Atlantic garbage with all that bloody rain and wind I'm sick of.

    2. AIRMET


      Just want some sunshine!!

  2. I also saw what I thought was NLC clouds last night just after sunset.
  3. Scotland and Northern England have done well this year so far. Just goes to show how much you can benefit from a few hundred miles of land to the south, rather than a body of water, i.e. The Channel.
  4. Lots of very heavy showers this morning but nothing thundery in the south (so far). I’m guessing due to the amount of cloud cover not allowing for ground heating, as opposed to much of the north where it’s been warm and sunny this morning and now storms are developing. Certainly a messy picture on radar! Good luck everyone.
  5. Well what a treat I had yesterday evening! Went out for a walk across the corn fields to enjoy the stunning sky filled with ac-cas. Didn’t really expect to see a thunderstorm but noticed this small CB growing, and minutes later to my surprise it threw out a couple of CGs! The cell collapsed soon after.
  6. Can see quite a few flashes coming from this cell. Maybe round two for some!
  7. Strobe lightning, most of it cloud to cloud, quiet thunder, saw some upward lightning as well!
  8. Chasing now off the cards for me as I’ve got work at 7am , so hoping for a direct hit at home. got the go pro outside ready in it’s waterproof case, lol
  9. Sorry not model chat but shouldn’t the topic title be changed seeing as the first hot and (not so) thundery plume of summer has been and gone and now we’re looking at more average conditions for the foreseeable?
  10. Monday 8th looks to be the next opportunity. I’m off to France to watch the Tour and hopefully catch some storms too!
  11. So what’s next in the pipeline? Anything to look forward to in the coming days, maybe a few home growners?
  12. Experience tells me that the Caen cell will peter out over the channel while the Suffolk cell will grow to produce a hossing gurt MCS out in North Sea
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