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  1. It’s a bit meh here in dorset, only a dusting so far and radar not looking too hopeful either.
  2. We were lucky to get some rain here this evening
  3. Back home now after chasing a few cells east and west on the A303. Saw a lot of lightning, mainly IC, but some cloud to cloud and CGs as well. Lovely orange colours. Hopefully got some good footage on the gopro!
  4. Right, think my best bet is to head back east along the A303
  5. Not good so far. Chased the Dorset cell all the way to Illminster, not one fork was seen, all IC. The storm was moving too fast so given up for now. Hoping the stuff in France will deliver
  6. Car fuelled up, cb radio installed, rain repellant applied to windscreen, gopro charged. Bring on the chase! 😁
  7. Overheard in the local shop: “we’re getting a heatwave next week” “Oh really?! where did you hear about that?” “It was in the Express”🤦‍♂️

    1. lassie23


      surely nobody still reads that💩

    2. Ice Man 85

      Ice Man 85

      Just James Madden

    3. Mokidugway


      Was it a local shop for local people ??

  8. So many squashed frogs about today

  9. No more spider photos please!!!

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    2. Allseasons-si


      Same for my poochula:laugh:


    3. lassie23


      not seen many lately , a bit like wasps

    4. AIRMET


      I hate u all :angry:

  10. Keeping my eye on this new development
  11. @Flash bang flash bang etc I feel your pain. I drove 100 miles east to try and position myself for some of the action, only to watch cells fire up even further east...
  12. Attack of the jellyfish! Could be a nice sunset tonight