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  1. GFS has no significant storm risk until 7.00am tomorrow in my part of Essex.
  2. ECM is indicating same area and is also now showing very heavy rain. Big question is will this disappear East into the sea again.
  3. Crazy CAPE/LI and still a negligible storm risk... . Maybe a tad optimistic.
  4. I noticed some rising accas over that way a short while ago from the garden.
  5. Interesting read... http://www.ukweatherworld.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/121664-convective-outlook-tuesday-18th-june-2019/
  6. Quite. Looking more like a Kent clipper atm. [Meteox 3 day lightning forecast]
  7. Nice... we can but hope. Meteox lightning forecast showing most of the country getting a shot as the risk area sweeps west to east....
  8. Finally a bit of lightning to look at, albeit north of here. Not a good year for storms in this area so far.
  9. Rumbles of thunder a few minutes ago here. Very dark CB passed partially over with a small gust front. Nice rainbow but no rain here. Feels thundery.
  10. Nice storm just passed right overhead moving east. Loud thunder, CG and CC lightning, hail and gusty winds. Dark low cloud base with plenty of scud. Wasn't really expecting it to reach over here today I have to say. Still going now.
  11. Quite spectacular cells embedded in the line South Essex. I also had a very interesting cell with pronounced gust front pass near my location. Gust front of large cell with intense rainfall. Back of the line of storms, south Essex, There were really low cloud bases on these.
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