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  1. Certainly more lively than I thought it'd be today. Unfortunately, they all seemed to just miss this area. Although, I can see the lightning from the cell just South of here. I considered driving up to Cambridge again but in the end couldn't be bothered. Did get a few pics though: Big gust front as line of heavy showers passed over: View of impressive thunderstorm tower SW of Cambridge: [Click the pic to view a large image]
  2. Had a drive through Melbourn and on to Cambridge chasing the right moving supercell this afternoon. Quite a spectacular beast it was too with a threatening looking cloud structure that certainly looked like it could drop a funnel or tornado. Looking from the M11 roundabout towards Cambridge.... View towards Melbourn.... While driving through Meldreth I got a view of cloud descending from under the base while crossing the railway bridge and decided to follow it - it swept across the road at speed with torrential rain and gusty winds following. It was difficult to make out rotation so I'm presuming a downburst. but certainly quite interesting.... Radar grab ~5 minutes earlier. [Click on the pics to view the larger images]
  3. Not sure I'd call it clear - temperature might be down but it's still as humid as hell.
  4. Still seeing odd distant CG forks from out east. Nice night for lightning watching.
  5. Another gust front over my back fields with bright flashes beyond, and wind really picking up at times. Bit gutted it's moved so far east though.
  6. Can see a large distant gust front out east and constant flashing but too far to make out any lightning. Met Office still forecasting storms here at 2.00 am. Interesting
  7. Disappointingly far east now. Sky looks really MCS like but lightning seems to have died a death round this way. Just had some big convective rain drops and it's absolutely sweltering. Essex temperatures and humidity over the last few years have been incredible. Car temperature gauge got up to 40 degs today!
  8. Sky is now clouding over. Considerable upscale cloud growth to South and especially West where it looks ominous.
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