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  1. Stonking day for storms. Had two cells with continuous thunder [but mostly no visible lightning again]. Here's some pictures of one storm that I tracked as it progressed up the M11 which produced some shot-gun thunder, and which looked pretty imposing. Unfortunately, I had to reverse 400 yds down a tiny country road due to a fallen branch - not fun. Makes a nice change to see some decent convective cloudscapes - few and far between around here this year.
  2. Sun really struggling here, with a lot of cloud around still. VERY humid.
  3. I think the COS has ripped the guts out of it. It looks in a sorry state now. Was hoping it would head this way.
  4. I would drive out as I've got the day off, but there's very little cloud structure to see in these storms and the rainfall is torrential, so not really worth it.
  5. Finally, 2 hours of storms this morning, ok they're elevated but can't complain after being baked alive in 34 degs every day during this heat wave with no respite. Plenty of thunder and monsoon rain. Sun trying to come out again now.
  6. poseidon

    General Weather Shots

    Some general shots taken mostly from the back garden but also other areas of East Anglia.
  7. Met office weather map: Be happy if that comes off but I don't have a particularly positive feeling about this given the recent record of impenetrable capping in the SE.
  8. Have to say, I thought today was a bit of a right-off for this location, caught just North of the squall line, copping persistent drizzle and zero lightning. But this evening it briefly went very dark, I looked out and saw low swirling scud coming over. As this cloud moved over it quickly formed into a rotating funnel - here's a pic as it moved away... And here's a couple of earlier pics of Mammatus on the back edge of the South Essex squall line:
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