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  1. poseidon

    General Weather Shots

    Some general shots taken in East Anglia
  2. Some very dark clouds appearing. Really hot day today.
  3. poseidon

    1st Jun 2018 Rotating Cloud and Funnel

    Shots taken from back garden. As can be seen cloud base was very low and rotation passed directly overhead,
  4. poseidon

    2016 Croatian Thunderstorm

  5. poseidon


    Strange tubular cloud, looking vertically up.
  6. poseidon

    31st Mar 2016 Possible Wall Cloud

    CB over back field.
  7. Can see a huge anvil over Norfolk covering 90 degs odd with towers going up all along the front of it. Also another smaller one further south. Can't believe there's so little lightning at the moment.
  8. poseidon

    What's this feature?

    This is a photo of a very active cell that passed overhead during the plume event elevated storms last week. It resembled a strobe light with loud thunder, gusty winds and some brief rain. I'm presuming that it was elevated from the strobing and general forecast. So what's in the photo? My guess is a shelf cloud.
  9. Met office and other models flagging up Wed night/Thurs for storms/thundery rain coming up from the south. Meteociel GFS convective precip for Thurs:
  10. I'd be interested to see what people think of these shots - small funnel or not? They're of a cell that passed over this evening that appeared to show rotation - part of the base could be seen slowly spinning with swirls visible and protruding centre. A lowering then appeared from that region. After a while this shrunk and the spinning seemed to shift over. It had a very dark, low, scruffy cloud base and appeared to produce some intense rainfall from radar but not over me. No lightning. Initial rotation Cloud lowering Rotation centre shifts
  11. Meteociel Arome model shows the storms moving towards the south coast while losing intensity - may be some night time lightning over the channel I guess. First strike in the channel just now.
  12. French/Belgium storms heading north.....