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  1. Rumbles of thunder a few minutes ago here. Very dark CB passed partially over with a small gust front. Nice rainbow but no rain here. Feels thundery.
  2. Nice storm just passed right overhead moving east. Loud thunder, CG and CC lightning, hail and gusty winds. Dark low cloud base with plenty of scud. Wasn't really expecting it to reach over here today I have to say. Still going now.
  3. Quite spectacular cells embedded in the line South Essex. I also had a very interesting cell with pronounced gust front pass near my location. Gust front of large cell with intense rainfall. Back of the line of storms, south Essex, There were really low cloud bases on these.
  4. Huge towers going up all the way back south from Cambridge. Couple of big CGs and some loud thunder on arrival back home. Still rumbling intermittently. And yeh, at last some rain!! I suspect locations further north than me may get some decent displays. Sun is now starting to come back out.
  5. Blimey, estofex level 2 for East Anglia
  6. poseidon

    General Weather Shots

    Some general shots taken in East Anglia
  7. Some very dark clouds appearing. Really hot day today.
  8. poseidon

    1st Jun 2018 Rotating Cloud and Funnel

    Shots taken from back garden. As can be seen cloud base was very low and rotation passed directly overhead,
  9. poseidon


    Strange tubular cloud, looking vertically up.
  10. poseidon

    31st Mar 2016 Possible Wall Cloud

    CB over back field.
  11. Can see a huge anvil over Norfolk covering 90 degs odd with towers going up all along the front of it. Also another smaller one further south. Can't believe there's so little lightning at the moment.