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  1. This evenings was something to behold, especially given the incredibly marginal conditions apparent this morning. There was probably always going to be a few sparkers around but nothing with the structure or lightning of the cell near Brid this evening!
  2. Definitely had the characteristics of a supercell. Notable rotation aloft, good inflow feeding into it. A nice split with a robust right mover. Didn't get much hail where I was I was nearly stuck and bailed to get some distance but I'd say it meet much of the criteria. Just got in with 1590 shots to go through. Will try get a teaser up in the short term though 😆
  3. This storm South of Bridlington has given me the most amazing shots tonight!
  4. A frustrating chase where I spent more time stuck in the car in either heavy rain or heavy traffic, but a few shots came out good! Daytime shot from Holme upon Spalding Moor, having been stuck for 45 minutes in roadworks before! 😞 Only had 5 minutes before it was on me! Night shots are from Grindale and Flamborough, East Yorkshire! I guess I could have stayed at home and probably nailed the shot over the south bay I've been trying to get for years but maybe next time!
  5. If you stopped briefly on the Grindale Road behind an empty car and a weird guy was shining his phone camera flash at you from a field, then hello! I wasn't sure if it was someone out looking at storms, an angry farmer or gun toting lampers (which I've run into storm chasing before in this neck of the woods!) ?
  6. That was a my Canon 6D with a Canon 17-40L lens on it. It was a 4 second exposure as there was still some ambient light at 10:30. Shot at F5.0 and iso 400 I believe and fully wide at 17mm. The storm was somewhat closer than it appears. It was the first CG I caught after I'd moved so focus had been knocked slightly out but not enough to be too noticeable unless you zoom right in ?
  7. This was the late evening storm as it passed over Filey. It was nice enough as it come up from Bridlington, but as it approached the coast, a real nice feeder band developed into it and it really ramped up. This shot is as it started to fall apart a bit but was one of the few CG's I saw from the South. I suspect more were coming down from the anvil behind the rain core. Copious amount of leaves on the roads between Muston and Filey. Suspect considerable hail and/or strong winds.
  8. The squall line was pretty intense coming through here 30 mins ago. Just had a nice big boom of thunder on the back edge as it's starting to calm down. I suspect the midlands will be in for some fun shortly!
  9. A blurry shot reaching up over a hedge when it was over York itself. Again sorry for the quality! Not many places to stop on the back roads!
  10. This is my image Paul tried to link to. Shot from somewhere near Flamingo Land looking WSW toward York. The muppet in me forgot I'd had my camera set on medium jpegs rather than RAW as I'd not wanted to confuse my Dad who borrowed it the other day, otherwise I'd probably do something better with the pics
  11. Slap bang in the firing line all day, here just down from Scarborough. This is our accumulation so far ???. Needless to say everything has been skirting my house by a few miles north or south!
  12. Gotta be pushing half a meter of snow on the North York Moors on the current forecast! Drifts would be significantly higher. I'm sure it can't maintain this sort of craziness in future runs, but I said that earlier this week and what I'm seeing tonight is blowing those runs out of the water!
  13. Looking at the Netweather week 2 forecast for my town, there is a 3 hour period on Sunday when it isn't forecast to snow. Every other 3 hour period is forecast snow for the entire week Unfortunately, I'm heading down to London on Monday so I'll miss much of the fun, assuming it comes off as forecast which is a big " if " anyway!
  14. I was hoping someone had some radar of the event as I was pretty much flying blind. I was wondering why I kept having to go further south... that storm was certainly moving right! I left the storm shortly after that last shot as I suspected it was on a downward turn so nice to get that confirmed too! Feel free to share on your group. I have an album on facebook under my account you can share if you wish, too!
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