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  1. The squall line was pretty intense coming through here 30 mins ago. Just had a nice big boom of thunder on the back edge as it's starting to calm down. I suspect the midlands will be in for some fun shortly!
  2. A blurry shot reaching up over a hedge when it was over York itself. Again sorry for the quality! Not many places to stop on the back roads!
  3. This is my image Paul tried to link to. Shot from somewhere near Flamingo Land looking WSW toward York. The muppet in me forgot I'd had my camera set on medium jpegs rather than RAW as I'd not wanted to confuse my Dad who borrowed it the other day, otherwise I'd probably do something better with the pics
  4. Slap bang in the firing line all day, here just down from Scarborough. This is our accumulation so far . Needless to say everything has been skirting my house by a few miles north or south!
  5. Gotta be pushing half a meter of snow on the North York Moors on the current forecast! Drifts would be significantly higher. I'm sure it can't maintain this sort of craziness in future runs, but I said that earlier this week and what I'm seeing tonight is blowing those runs out of the water!
  6. Looking at the Netweather week 2 forecast for my town, there is a 3 hour period on Sunday when it isn't forecast to snow. Every other 3 hour period is forecast snow for the entire week Unfortunately, I'm heading down to London on Monday so I'll miss much of the fun, assuming it comes off as forecast which is a big " if " anyway!
  7. I was hoping someone had some radar of the event as I was pretty much flying blind. I was wondering why I kept having to go further south... that storm was certainly moving right! I left the storm shortly after that last shot as I suspected it was on a downward turn so nice to get that confirmed too! Feel free to share on your group. I have an album on facebook under my account you can share if you wish, too!
  8. First shot - 54°4'38" N 0°33'11" W - Probably YO25 3AQ - Time 6:38 according to my camera taking BST into account which appears about right Second shot - 54°3'16" N 0°32'58" W - Possibly YO25 3XS - Time 6:51 according to my camera taking BST into account
  9. Gorky


    Storm near Sledmere, East Yorkshire - July 6th 2017

    © Nathan Edwards 2017

  10. Gorky


    Storm near Sledmere, East Yorkshire - July 6th 2017

    © Nathan Edwards 2017

  11. Gorky


    Storm near Sledmere, East Yorkshire - July 6th 2017

    © Nathan Edwards 2017

  12. Popped out with the camera after finishing work yesterday at 5:45pm. Got onto the storm which passed through Malton when it was near Sledmere in the Yorkshire Wolds. Visually, it appeared supercellular. Probably the best discrete storm structure I've witnessed in the UK! There's pretty spotty data coverage so I had no maps or radar, just played things by eye. 11 years chasing in the US helps in this regards First shot was East of Sledmere on the Bridlington road. The second two were south east of Sledmere on the Driffield road. Looking at Google maps, I probably could have gone a bit further south and found some open areas, but the view was too good to risk missing the show entirely! All in, I made it home from work, changed, grabbed camera, chased a probable supercell, got back home changed again, and was in the pub drinking a nice pint of cider in a little over 90 minutes Wish all chases were this easy hah! Approaching the storm from the east as it started to show epic structure! Storm at its most photogenic! Weirdly, the only bolt I captured. There was plenty of lightning though most CGs were landing in the rain core just right of frame and I missed two epic bolts which landed dead centre as I could only shoot for 0.5-0.8 second shots.
  13. Looks like the team have headed down to I40. Should be some god storms down there and a nice boundary which should focus some god cells (I suspect they might be HP however). I've stayed up around Woodward so far. Whilst I think storm coverage is less guaranteed up here, on the plus side, I'm hoping fewer chasers, less flooded roads as the MCS was much more severe down south last night, I'm hoping for less HP due to more sane dewpoints and there is a healthy outflow boundary heading in from out East which will probably increase low level shear up here. I'm hoping for an isolated cell to ride the boundary east from the Tx/Ok border towards me early evening... I'm probably being too optimistic but I'll also have more options tomorrow for the Northern play too!
  14. I also chased yesterday, targeting Spearman and arriving at about the time the first CU was bubbling to the south. Sat and watched the Stinnet-Spearman-Perryton complex from birth and saw the same tornadoes as the guys did. Got some good stable GoPro footage of the big tornado. Shame I mucked up most of my photos yesterday
  15. Booked flights for my personal chase a week ago and saw the same weirdness with prices. Cheapest flights for me were Manchester to Wichita, via LHR and DFW! worked out at £640, despite the individual flight from LHR to DFW coming out at more then that!
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