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  1. In both 1975 and 1976 there were what could be called 'breakdowns' in the middle of July. At almost exactly this date in 76 it turned thundery and relatively cool for about 10 days. Remember it well because it washed the ladybirds away. In 75 it was unsettled for about two weeks but in both years the heat returned for the final week of July and lasted for most of August. Not saying this will happen in 2018 but the similarities are fairly striking.
  2. August 1976 was hot and sunny up till about the 27th (bank holiday weekend) when it turned very wet. July 1966 was unsettled with frequent thunderstorms. Quarter final day (Saturday 23rd) was hot and sunny but the weather in the week before the final was cool and wet. On the day itself there was a storm around midday. From footage of the teams coming out of the tunnel you can see the ground is still wet. The match was dry and the sun came out just before the end.
  3. Not sure why everyone is so down on this summer. We have the most interesting and varied climate in the world. For example in Birmingham for the last two days we have had light drizzle, but now and again we have had heavy drizzle. For most of the summer there has been dark, grey cloud overhead with occasional lighter grey clouds. And the temperatures have ranged from anything between 14 and 17 degrees. How much more variety do you want?
  4. Careful now mushy lad, you're making frosty look like eeyore.
  5. Almost forgot why I hardly ever post on here. Some people turn missing the point into an art form. I wasn't wishing the summer away and some of my favourite footballers are over 30. I was merely noting the difference between a morning in, say late June and one in late July - we have seasons within seasons, along with their different smells, sights and feelings and...oh, never mind
  6. August does seem to throw up fewer hot spells these days (since 2003 maybe?). Those of us with longer memories can recall 1975, a very hot month, when the hottest day in test match history in England took place on the 4th. Not surprisingly that day coincided with cricket's first streaker, a rather chubby man who managed to leap over the stumps at the pavilion end.
  7. I really do get what Mushy is on about re that early morning smell. No, summer isn't over but there's definitely a slight feeling of decay in the air, as if everything is just past it's best. The garden is looking a bit tatty and the flowers are starting to wilt (or perhaps that's just our garden). It's particularly noticeable after a long warm spell like we've just had (in Birmingham) but it hopefully doesn't mean that the shorts need to go away for another year.
  8. Thanks John. Sorry to go off on one but perspective can go out the window when you're trying to get your trousers dry.
  9. No it wasn't on pens (goal from Shearer) and was, I think, the only time England have beaten Germany in a tournament since 1966. And the rest of the summer was indeed 'unsettled'.
  10. Remember the 17th as the day England beat Germany 1-o in Euro 2000 - it was a Saturday and barbecues were widespread. Unfortunately, the weather didn't last and neither did England's participation.
  11. Wouldn't normally post on the moaning thread as I generally don't like to be negative but I have to say the performance of the metoffice over the last few weeks has been abysmal. Longer range forecasts vague to the point of being useless, five dayers even worse and now today I've just seen Peter Gibbs saying there is a possibility of showers in the south but otherwise a dry and increasingly bright day - well here in Birmingham it's been raining all morning! It seems they can't even predict the weather when it's actually happening. Yes I know weather forecasting is difficult but it's not as if these people are keen amateurs. This is a professional organisation with a huge amount of public funding behind it - if we all did our jobs as badly we wouldn't last long. Like I say sorry for the rant and I know JH is probably going to be on my case, but I'm trying to get the washing dry and getting increasingly frustrated.
  12. Interesting list which just goes to show once again how special 1976 was. Surprised to see nothing from 1959 in there, maybe because that was a summer notable for its length rather than its heat.
  13. On the 19th of June 1976 (a Saturday) the whole of the third day of the Lords test was washed out when around half an inch of rain fell over the south east.
  14. While temperatures over the last week may have disappointed some, let's face it we were never promised a heatwave. In fact historically the first half of June is rarely hot. In the great summers of 1990 and 1995 it was cold and fairly wet until the last third and even in '76 the real heat didn't get going until the 21st. And though it looks like this week may be relatively unsettled it's nothing like last years horrendous June - just normal for the time of year.
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