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  1. Alright, getting tired of this PM drivel now. Bring on the spring, along with the heat and great storms please. A 2014 repeat would not go amiss either!

  2. Impressed at how different the charts are looking so far running up to winter! Especially compared to last year!

    1. lassie23


      big block to the east is a start

    2. shuggee


      Not only do the charts look different to last year, they look different every 6 hours! FI looks to be around T+96 atm...

  3. For heavens sake, why are we seeing a textbook Greenland High forecast now, and not at any time last winter! These current charts are sickening!

    1. Eugene


      lol don't worry it'll probably be warm even then

  4. So happy March is here and we can hopefully get shot of this so called winter!

  5. Could we experience the lowest ever pressure recorded in the UK this christmas?

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    2. Sainsbo


      If some of the Ensembles are anything to go by then it sure does look possible!

    3. Summer of 95

      Summer of 95

      Thought it was 916 in Jan 1993

    4. East_England_Stormchaser91


      Either way. We are all going to get a pasting by this storm coming in the next 48 hours! Looks quite worrying.

  6. Bring it on St Jude storm, Great Britain is ready for you !

  7. Just for once summer 2014, give us a MCS the size of Wales or the whole Midlands. I will then never worry about storm starvation again!

  8. Sometimes wish the earth would spin the other way! far more thundery imports, endless snow in winter, 40c in summer!! Instead we are stuck with the most boring atlantic dominated weather now. Makes me sleepy... zzzzzz........

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    2. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      not quite.. I'd reckon the north sea could freeze stopping so much snow later season, and less temp contrast and also less mountains here too, plus spring might have more and colder North Sea low cloud.. So I think there might be one or two disadvantages.

      Could be more interesting over all though

    3. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      Ah didn't see TWS's comment before posting mine

    4. East_England_Stormchaser91


      Interesting to see other people opinions on it!! I always wonder the scenarios!

      Definitely a colder N sea with a heck of a lot of snow. But summertime, we would see alpine imports surely be shunted towards us, that would be magic. Also the North Sea would warm considerably more in summertime though surely?

  9. Despite having some good storms, especially early morning of 23rd July, I'm gutted I haven't really got a single shot of lightning or decent footage yet, mainly because of being too busy with work etc. I will be taking my camera with me to Ibiza in September for 2 weeks though, so I'll hopefully get sending you wonderful lot some awesome storm pics out there, as I'd put money on getting a cracker :)



      We have had at last some good storms here at last!

    2. East_England_Stormchaser91


      I know, its been a while, especially for a good night time one like that we had on July 23rd!

      And yeah, sneakily thats why I chose to book it during that time ;) I'd read a few reviews and posts in forums about the storms they get there in early Autumn, seemed very convincing indeed. I'll be spending most of my time on estofex rather than days out etc etc!! Then chilling with a beer watching it all brew up!! Hopefully as good as a nice stella :D

    3. East_England_Stormchaser91


      San miguel, even Estrella!

  10. What a summer this is turning out to be! Seen some terrific action monday night, now for this MCS beast for the weekend??

    1. Gordon Webb

      Gordon Webb

      not looking forward to it myself and the western extent is still uncertain so I hope it stays further east

    2. MP-R


      Once again I'm left hoping it stays away until after midnight. Don't fancy sailing on the Matthew ship in Bristol harbour in that.

    3. East_England_Stormchaser91


      I don't think it will even affect us at all now! Don't worry Gordon, these always seem to be steered hard away from us into Holland and Belgium

  11. Glad to have finally seen the first day of storm outbreaks. Pea size hail and 1 low deep distant rumble was all I heard yesterday. Nevertheless, its good to see the convective season burst into life. How i have missed it!

  12. Good to see snow, but c'mon.. ! Isn't it about time that convective thread kicked in now, feels like I've been waiting a lifetime!

    1. IanR


      here here

  13. Stormchasing: Hope everyone has a spectacular 2013 chase. Trying to save so I can get an opportunity to come soon!

    1. Dorsetbred


      Let's hope so, although it has to be said the year is off to a sub-average start, so fingers crossed.

    2. East_England_Stormchaser91


      Yeah, more severe storms to hit SE tornado alley this week !

  14. Lets hope 2013 delivers something special !

  15. So potential heatwave in the S of England looks possible this coming week, then I'm hearing of some potential extreme weather for Thurs night into friday! Could be interesting! Lets pray for one of them Spectacular night lightning shows across much of England, that we haven't had for years.

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    2. IanR


      not getting hopes up here anymore

    3. Robbie Garrett
    4. Aaron


      Key words being 'South' 'of' 'England'. Certainly no heatwave here, looking cloudy and average at best.

  16. Hoping for some severe weather next week. A low is forecast to be southwest of cornwall and Ireland, possibly making the same setup as what we saw on 28th june 2012 ! Humid south-easterlies meeting a cold front?

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    2. karyo


      Actually, I've just had a better look in the charts and much of next week looks like convective heaven! :-)

    3. East_England_Stormchaser91


      ah brilliant news ! French import looks ever more likely by the minute and looks more aligned to move from SSE to NW ! Excelente !

    4. Alex95


      Every day from today until FI looks convective, with the exception of tomorrow.

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