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  1. Lovely day with 30c reached! Flying to santorini tomorrow morning and it looks interesting down that way at the moment I must say! Wishing you all the best for storm potential here. I'll share mine if I see any!
  2. Cannot believe how warm it is out here still. 19-20c at midnight. Perfect. Not a breathe of wind either.
  3. A forecasters nightmare coming up over the next few days. We are at the point now of very fine lines of what could be very contrasting outcomes. A few hundred miles further northwest will enhance the heat and thunder potential for many more, however, a few hundred miles further east and we could well be seeing only the extreme southeast seeing any real heat and a Kent clipper scenario in terms of thunder.
  4. Gotta be done. Thinking of booking myself in for this next season.
  5. Looking good for here Wednesday onwards. I do think I'll have more possibility of seeing something down in Greece though! Looks to be unusually thundery down that part into this coming week. I'll get some photos of whatever I see there anyway.
  6. The rate it's going, I wouldn't be at all surprised at it all ending up on the continent. Seen it happen too many times to count! Watching all evening only to then see a humdinger erupt the other side of the channel and then zap the Netherlands all night long!
  7. One of the straightest easterlies I've ever seen modelled by GEM. Imagine if this was January!!
  8. Going to be gut wrenching leaving what looks to be the best spell of summer on the 24th. Ain't that about right. At the same time though it looks like it could well be thundery in Greece that week with a cut off low being modelled down there. Always happens to me every time I go on holiday!!!!
  9. Wouldn't it be about right when I leave for Greece on the 24th it'll all go bang... Bring on the Balearics in late September mind you, ive got my eye on that area of forecasted low barocyclic heights at 500hpa heading down over Serbia into the Greek islands around that time. And precip charts don't look too bad. So that would be some consolation at least!
  10. Remember the morning of that too well. Everything was so still, and everything coated in white as if it was a severe hoar frost when I looked out of my window. Then nearly spilt my tea when I looked at how cold it was! We was so close to seeing the mother of all February's (63 and 47 excluded) but the jet managed to get a foothold by the skin of its teeth and flattened out the blocking, which as a result, collapsed.
  11. Never known such a thunderless July and August so far. Only on the 20th July we had that one half hearted plume. Looked so promising in June too. It was since that spotless sun definitely that I noticed the Iberian low staying put and the cool Atlantic dominating as usual. I actually do think there may well be some correlation with sunspot activity and thunderstorms. When activity was sky high in the 90's, there was no shortage of thunder that's for sure.
  12. Tuesday night looking potentially very interesting convective wise now. Could well be the main talking point of this plume. Hopefully I haven't put this kiss of death on it !
  13. Really hope we can brew something out of this plume coming up. We are so overdue a proper full on MCS, it's been too long. Just been on that site which showed MCS's from 1981 to 1997 and there's 32 of them in total! That's an average of two per annum between those years. 4 of those systems covered an area over 100,000km2 too believe it or not. That is monstrous! Incredible. Whatever has gone wrong, I'll never know. Heres the site. Well worth a look and especially to those who claim that the 90's memories is just a case of 'selective memory'. It really isn't! It's gospel truth. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/store/10.1002/j.1477-8696.1998.tb06352.x/asset/j.1477-8696.1998.tb06352.x.pdf;jsessionid=6A893CD724E922B94303ACDB94149BD0.f01t03?v=1&t=iprg36xy&s=3f6e2ed50981601a31a5386341a8c6d95940bc2c
  14. From a general point of view. It is looking likely that we will see a plume of some kind. Probably a two day event to my view on things now. I'm grateful that we are getting another shot really considering how the outlook has been for the past two weeks. 30 degrees is looking likely. That is still way above average for UK standards! If you're hoping for 35c in every plume event or heat spike, have a word! 1976 if I'm right Only just managed to achieve that? and that was the summer of the century right?! Enjoy and make the most of what you get!
  15. Rhodes in August 2010, at the time the Russian heatwave was at its peak. 46 degrees at lindos and barely got below 30 at night. Even at 1am stepping off the plane, buckets of sweat was running down my face within minutes. Was unbelievable.