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  1. Dangerous drive into work this morning. Numerous big branches down in S Lincs. A lively start to Autumn, but it's now dying down a fair bit thankfully.
  2. Very flat calm here. Almost an eerie feel to things!
  3. Hurricane Jose

    Will be anyone's guess as its set to become a proper 'floating hurricane' if you like over the next few days. Another interesting watch is over the other side into the eastern Pacific, where for a couple of days now, GFS has shown runs with a tropical storm/hurricane trundling up the gulf of California between the Baja peninsula and Mexico. It would be one for the history books if a hurricane made it all the way up into California!
  4. Convective/Storm Discussion Thread - 1st August onwards

    Epic thunder in March, Cambridgeshire! And extreme rain
  5. Convective/Storm Discussion Thread - 1st August onwards

    Not bad for the last portion of our storm season. Tomorrow and the rest of the weekend could deliver some more too hopefully!
  6. Convective/Storm Discussion Thread - 1st August onwards

    Yes! Been hearing some very decent booms from this thing. Saw it brew up over Stamford, now off towards holbeach/kings Lynn
  7. Hurricane Irma

    Unfortunately, no matter what we do, these events will continue to happen regardless. I do think it is a bit far fetched to believe that all of these recent disasters are to be blamed directly on supposed global warming or 'climate change'. Who knows what may happen in the future. It will be interesting to see what happens during this solar minimum fast approaching. Anyhow, we are where we are and unfortunately it is looking pretty bleak for Florida and the Bahamas right this minute. How are they going to cope with this projected storm surge, and will the new building codes pass the biggest test possibly yet to date since Andrew in 1992.. The short timeframe will soon tell.
  8. Hurricane Irma

    They seem adamant that Irma is going to weaken down to a cat 4. With waters touching nearly 32c, that is a very conservative shout in my opinion.. I hope everyone does the right thing and evacuate this one. It isn't looking good now
  9. Hurricane Irma

    I can't see how this hasn't got the capability of sustaining category 5 throughout. Nobody predicted that this would explode into devastating 180-185mph winds at such short notice, and the forecasters were calling GFS out about how it wouldn't be realistic.. they were wrong! If this monster is moving into ares with higher SST's and stays away from Cuba, then this has catastrophe written all over it from my view.
  10. Hurricane Irma

    Now that is some frequent lightning!!
  11. Hurricane Irma

    The definition of hurricane is 10/10 on that capture. Devastating consequences however are inevitable
  12. Hurricane Irma

    GFS is very worrying yet again. We see Irma unthinkably nearly getting into the gulf on the 00z. possibly a floridians worst nightmare about to come true if it was to slam Miami and then wreak havoc up the western coast :/
  13. Hurricane Irma

    Latest GFS. Catastrophic about sums it up. These runs are getting scarier by the hour.
  14. Convective/Storm Discussion Thread - 1st August onwards

    In Ely tonight and I'm seeing some very impressive strikes beyond Cambridge! Didn't see this one coming!!
  15. Hurricane Irma

    Notice she's got a little daughter marching in behind her!