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  1. A friend of mine just recently got back from South Carolina and was telling us all about Hurricane Matthew! An experience of a lifetime for sure. Just been going through the internet on various hurricanes and typhoons. This video footage of typhoon Haiyan however makes even many hurricanes seem like just a stiff breeze! Wind gusts on this between the 10 minute and 16 minute mark must've been nearing 200mph!! crazy stuff.
  2. Sure I heard a very deep rumble from that Milton Keynes storm. Must've been very loud, or conditions are right for the thunder to carry a long way!!
  3. These are very unusual Synoptics and outputs occurring on the latest runs! Normally we would be seeing the Atlantic really ramping up by now. This is definitely not the case. All im seeing is potential building blocks for a real cold output to be shown come November. A scandi high and northern heights with a southerly tracking jet stream way down over the Azores is nothing but good signs in my eyes.
  4. not a bad start here today. Would be quite anxious currently if I was in Corsica at the moment though. Looks like a severe bow echo front is about to batter it! Saw some incredible lightning on a webcam in Marseille in the early hours of this morning too. The estofex forecast down there warns of deadly flash flooding, so would not be surprised to see some of this on the news or weather reports.
  5. Not much here but an extremely active night over the Mediterranean! Life threatening flash floods are being forecast for Italy and Corsica areas through today. Anyone on now should have a look at this Marseille cam!! Phenomenal lightning !! http://www.webcam-hd.fr/webcams-tourisme/france/webcam-marseille-live-hd.html
  6. Depends on the type of storm I suppose. If it's a supercell or a strong MCS, it is far from relaxing, and instead gets you charged with adrenaline as it can be dramatic, I.e storm force winds, large hail etc. However, if it is an embedded storm or one with very infrequent activity and mainly steady rain, then yes, it's very relaxing!
  7. Have a friend in myrtle beach on holiday at the moment. I'll share some pictures soon from him if I can. Looks to have some good footage! He is one of very few currently there and under a curfew still I believe.
  8. Quite a lot of lightning associated with Matthew too recently, even in the eye wall too! This thing is a monster.
  9. Not only the 145mph winds, but potential for tornadoes on the outer bands too as it nears to Florida?
  10. This is beginning to look dire. Really hope them runs shown do not come off. It would be catastrophic for the eastern coast of Florida. Bizzarely, a couple of runs show Matthew doing a U turn and heading back south towards the Bahamas once more . would be a similar occurrence to hurricane Ivan in 2004.
  11. Yet again the Balearics are under a warning. There has not been one day where I haven't seen distant lightning at night or a decent storm overhead, and I've been here for 4 days now. Really is quite exceptional out here. The way the storms breed and form out here is so quick too. Think the lapse rates must have something to do with it, as it's almost been like watching a video sped up whilst a cell is forming in real time! Just got back in from having a beer and watching some cracking distant lightning from a cell south of menorca from Majorca. Can safely say I've seen more convective activity in this 4 days alone than I have in the UK all year!
  12. Wouldn't warmer seas to our NW increase the chances of getting northern blocking over Iceland/Greenland?
  13. And this guys is why I love the Balearics in September/October!! Edit: just watched this mushroom up before my eyes as if it was a time lapse and now it's belting out shotgun thunder!! I'm in convective paradise today!
  14. Off to Majorca tomorrow and they're under a level 1 estofex warning. A possibility, albeit a low one of a potential 'cold drop' known as gota fria in Spanish later into next week! This is known to bring devastating floods and sometimes days of monsoon like rains. May have to be careful what I wish for. Those storms really do mean business.
  15. A nice, still and misty morning here. My eyes turn to Majorca over the next week where I will be holidaying. If this is anything to go by, then I could well be seeing some incredible storms out there!