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  1. Southern/Southwestern England and Wales would be under an imminent red warning on this GFS run, make no mistake about it. Gusts of near 70mph with drifting heavy snow on top of what may have already fallen.
  2. It's only because it rarely reaches here, that it can't be moved! But when it does, it can last for weeks. I remember 2013 when it just seemed to stick around well into April, so much so that people were getting fed up with it! Look at that persistent vortex that's been over NE Canada since December, it's taken a massive and much welcomed SSW to displace it. It was not easy to move. The difference is, it so often ends up there as it is in prime position under a default westerly pattern. Now it's in reversal, we are temporarily going to be like Kamchatsky or Vladivostok!
  3. I'm not expecting the low to be blown up as much as that. That will also mean less advection of the milder uppers through France. Either way, even if it eventually does turn to rain, it will be the most epic blizzard possibly of the 21st century.
  4. Exactly. This is about as good as it gets for the UK. Possibly the best since the Internet era! As my grandad always told me. "Wind from the east, no good for man, nor beast"!
  5. Some pointless panicking going on I reckon! It was only in December for that little slider low that the GFS had it so far north about 4-5 days out, and then it just kept on getting corrected further S each day! Infact it ended up so far south that I actually nearly missed out on it altogether! Worry about this thing when it comes to 12 hours out. This will be a NOW casting event for sure.
  6. However this low from the south gets ironed out, that thing looks like the definition of brutality. Let this sink in, we have ground to a halt with just a few inches on the ground in recent times! To think what this will actually look like with 60mph winds with whiteout conditions and the UK trying to cope with that, does not bear thinking about!
  7. SE and East Anglia general weather discussion 11/02/2018 onwards

    All part of the risk. If we just manage to keep the mild sector in the English Channel, we will be absolutely buried from that. No two ways about it!
  8. SE and East Anglia general weather discussion 11/02/2018 onwards

    Mother of all blizzards about to commence on the Friday pub run!
  9. I still cannot believe what I'm seeing for now just a few days out. No doubt about it, this is going to have many people gobsmacked, especially those who pay no attention to forecasts etc. A lot of the new younger generation are going to find out what a proper dumping of snow looks like that's for sure.
  10. Is that a 40 I see there right on top of Newcastle :O!
  11. The position of the high remains unchanged here. It will likely retrogress as we go further in.
  12. You know it's a big one when the servers crash. Best easterly I've ever seen modelled from Perm (Russia) to Poznan to Peterborough to Pembrokeshire and then ending up in Philadelphia. Phantastic!! In the meantime, it's time to start getting screen wash topped up, possibly snow chains for tyres and a shovel and salt. All aboard the Siberian express!!
  13. State of emergency is not even out of the question on that ECM run. No doubt about it, that run would cause absolute chaos.
  14. SE and East Anglia general weather discussion 11/02/2018 onwards

    Read a post earlier quoting the German met office going for 50+cm in N Germany courtesy of the Baltic lake effect snow, and that has SST's of just 2-3c! The North Sea is 6-7c, so there's going to be some big conversion rates going on out there! I don't see why we can't achieve similar values tbh. The heights look low enough and with sub -12 uppers, we should be game on!
  15. Abundant and possibly very impressive Thames streamer from London to Portsmouth/Solent and further north, a wash streamer giving the midlands a shout, and possibly a Humber streamer too. I'm liking this a lot! Not sure if it's me, but it feels like we are already on the cusp of it, as its feeling very nippy and that continental look about things! Crisp, cold and quite clear.