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  1. Certainly the most notable spell of gales since 2014. Definitely by far worse than st Jude was. However, it wasn't to my memory as strong and as long lived as the exceptional gales of October 2000, which is probably still the worst spell of winds I've witnessed myself.
  2. Been driving up the A1, debris flying everywhere. Not known it this bad for a long time! Hit a fallen branch near welwyn garden city. Go careful out there.
  3. Actually can't believe how humid it has felt even today, and the strength of the sun becoming ever more noticeable as we plough on through February. Looking at the outputs now, its swaying my snow hopes fast towards hopes of an early plume and the start of convective season pretty swiftly. Roll the humdingers on that's what I say!
  4. Certainly no Dec 2010. We are just so unlucky that the winds beyond tomorrow are being sourced from North Africa. Never seems to fall into place at the right time. If this was happening in summer, it would be brilliant. However, you can guarantee from any scandi high in summer that the winds would be ENE bringing in North Sea mist!
  5. Hear hear!! Unless it's a Feb 91 or Jan 87 repeat, and not marginal like this, I'll always be looking forward to the storms!
  6. Hoping for that attempt of a streamer to pep up a little bit. Been on and off most of the day here, although the latter showers have begun to see settling snow. Up towards Bourne and across to Stamford at the moment are going to see a series of showers, so expecting maybe a small covering out that way.
  7. Just on the outskirts, market deeping.
  8. Not bad! Keep on going please. Getting s covering on rooftops, some of the pavement and especially the grass and cars
  9. Wash streamer about to set up TEITS? Even though they normally happen in a less stratoform setup and more low based CB?
  10. Snowing moderately now and beginning to stick to everything! What a surprise have hope folks, it was looking drab until 10 mins ago! Edit: getting heavier!
  11. Solar activity has played a big part in this, I'm adamant. It reached record levels throughout that period. Interestingly we saw loads of snow in the winters of 2008/09, 09,10 and Dec 2010, around the time with hundreds of days with a spotless sun. Definitely a key player in our winter weather and I've heard many times on Gavin partridges weather videos going by his own words that low solar activity increases the chances of northern blocking.
  12. Definitely not. It's still only February after all! If you think Spring is coming soon, you may have another thing coming. Can't count the amount of times when we have been well and truly into spring, only to be slapped in the face by a surprise cold snap, which has often been in the form of snow. April 2008 delivered some spectacular thundersnow here. Getting caught in it on my paper round made it quite unpleasant however! Snowfall is also more common in March here than December too. Still time yet. Now time to await the 06z!
  13. Seems weird to think that those mountains get covered with snow! Normally on my visits there in August/September, they are often shrouded in humid warm sea breezes and are the trigger to afternoon storms at 30 degrees!
  14. Interesting. The CMA firstly went for a drop of the PV into scandi with Greenland heights, and the ECM has suddenly jumped to the exact same thing. Potential trend in the making.