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  1. Popping off over Essex already!
  2. Interesting you say that. July 3rd 2015 felt exactly like that here, infact it felt very cool and I was wondering what on earth would keep them going this far north. Then I'm sure at about 21:00, Paul Sherman identified this small warm front and said watch the humidity now skyrocket behind this front as thermal advection took place. Then not long after, BOOOM!
  3. This is looking better by the hour forecast wise! Out of nowhere, I'm placed in the moderate area!! Just a day or two ago, it was looking as if it would struggle to even get to the south coast. Firstly, surely Plymouth can't get round two within a couple of hours, can it..?! What an exciting period of weather this is!
  4. My lord. Now the frequency of that lightning was certainly close to that of the Cornwall storm 2 nights ago. Never seen a show like it. I was too far away to hear the thunder, but saw the train of cb's all along the S, SE and Eastern skyline. It was like a strobe light for 4-5 hours straight with just about every bolt of lightning in the book covered. Very eerie and exciting at the same time.
  5. Must say I'm actually more excited for this event than I was for yesterday's. This is very similar evolvement to the 3-4th July 2015 which was a reload like this one after the initial event. P.S the 00z FI is an absolute stonker and a half for storm porn. Reload after reload and a massive euro high in total control!
  6. Glad to see some areas get a round of storms that usually suffer, I.e Cornwall and Scotland/Cumbria etc. I've not heard a rumble yet lol. All eyes on tomorrow night for the south.
  7. Absolutely rapid development over Lincolnshire. Watching that tower to the North was literally like it was in a time lapse!
  8. Quick question for the experts, this trough that has now passed me, are we now in this 'warm sector' that estofex are referring to, or was that just before the trough? I.e Norwich, Lincolnshire and the rest of the places before it?
  9. Cell near Sheffield has now ignited into life, meanwhile, the one over me has decayed :(!!
  10. Similar to July 18th 2014 too. Some places got pasted and there was no mention or forecast whatsoever that suggested they would. Places like Luton and the Home Counties.
  11. Temperature soaring here, with blazing sunshine. feels very still and humid, kind of like a calm before the storm. Felt very similar to when I was in Rome just before I saw a cracker there. When in Rome eh...
  12. Already surpassed 21c here, and can see a very distant huge looking CB way to the South. Hoping that line going through London will ignite even more on its way N/NE.
  13. Cracked me up when she said had that person from another country seen anything like that before. Of course he was going to say yes! Quite common over places like the Alps and most of Southern/Eastern Europe and elsewhere across the globe!
  14. Bude webcam is the next one to watch folks!
  15. This is on par with some of the Dutch/German monsters I've seen whilst cam watching! Unbelievable Jeff!!