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  1. I have to say it, today was like a glorious spring day, and a pleasure to be working outside in it! I cant wait now for Spring and the sun getting to work on hopefully delivering some convective setups! And getting out and making the best of some good weather. I hope we have a summer like the last one, although I think we will be hard pushed. Some absolutely balmy charts showing. I cannot say I’ve ever seen 20c modelled during February.
  2. Looking mild for the foreseeable. Won’t be long before I start looking for Storm loaded charts, as time really is beginning to wane now. Can already feel the ever strengthening sun taking effect on this mild day. My money will be on it typically turning wintry just as we want spring to flourish! You can just guarantee that will happen!
  3. East_England_Stormchaser91

    SE and East Anglia general weather discussion 07/11/2018

    Wish I could say that scenes like this were happening. Long live February 2018
  4. East_England_Stormchaser91

    SE and East Anglia general weather discussion 07/11/2018

    Absolutely despise northwesterlies for snow. Never ever a success, just a rain fest. Unless it’s a stonking northerly, easterlies only really properly deliver here as it’s so low lying. A very very far cry with what we were seeing in late Feb last year.
  5. What a chart for 3-4 days time! Has a 30th January 2003 look to it with a quasi stationary front hanging over the E of England with a northerly gale. Something to keep a close eye on.
  6. Think we are in for a decent cold period. Might not be as good as last year, that would take some beating! But something maybe more akin to February 2009, that would be very good.
  7. Not necessarily. Feb 1991 started off with a cold pool over the Ukraine and headed directly westward. This is not over by a long shot.
  8. the 06z still has an almighty cold pool hovering over Europe. Looking very similar to Feb 2012 now! The main thing is that the low heights still cut off and headed SE to the med, so the idea is still there and hasn’t been abandoned completely. It’s now a case of observing the tip of Greenland very carefully within 72hr timeframe. That lobe split / arctic high link up is make or break.
  9. If I actually recall 2012 right, wasn’t it the 12z GFS that signalled the initial let down, and the ECM with the egg on its face? It’s like a complete role reversal going on here. The GFS was usually the first on board to signal the Atlantic break through.
  10. With it still being at 96-120 hours out, that is a long time in these types of scenarios. Watch out for a bounce back. I’ve seen an easterly disappear at 24 hours out and then suddenly re appear again. December 2005 easterly.
  11. We’ll see about that. Going by your assumptions, I suppose this one wouldn’t have been either? January 1978..
  12. UKMO at 120hrs out. SNOWFEST. Doesnt look like just “clipping” to me. That’s most of the country.
  13. Can’t believe what I’m reading! These runs are as good as it gets for this nation. I think model fatigue is getting the better of some people. All models are agreeing on cold, how severe it gets is the question.
  14. Best and longest lived slider in history on the 0z!? Wales and the midlands get absolutely buried. The rest of the U.K. follows shortly afterwards. Continuous, quasi frontal snow and snow showers... and if that isn’t enough, the arctic high and Atlantic high decide to link arms as the initial easterly loses momentum and starts sending down more cold from the heart of Siberia! An absolutely brutal run.
  15. ECM doing what it usually does, going against it’s own mean. It did this last year so many times on the build up to the beast. Unless other models and means start to follow, I wouldn’t worry. UKMO has finally came round, that’s the important thing. I’m pretty sure it was the UKMO that first signposted the collapse of the 2012 failed easterly before the ECM that evening.