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  1. Ahhh remember this day very well. Came after some intense storms at dawn and hot late morning sunshine. Just remember being in Peterborough city centre and everyone running about frantically as the wind and rain was incredible!
  2. A couple of satellite images of the east Anglian beast yesterday. Clearly defined overshooting top on it! Remerkable stuff . Within the UK range according to blitzortung, over a 24 hour period, 109,000 strikes were registered!! Very concentrated in specific areas, but when they did occur, the lightning rates were phenomenal for UK standards.
  3. Late July or August 2004 im sure had near enough a full moon too. I seem to remember the lightning flashes directly infront/below the moon off to the East/Southeast. Quite a stunning sight to see!
  4. Awesome! I'm confident we shall see a good one out there!
  5. Ah you'll see some crackers no doubt over there. They do as well as France for storms! Someone over there who I know in Göttingen tells me how good they can be!
  6. Feel your pain slightly. My house got slammed whilst at work, and it was torture listening to the constant booms south of Peterborough and watch it then morph into overdrive as it got to the border with Suffolk. You win some, you lose some mate! Booking holiday to the Balearics in September. Always a relieving feel after getting unlucky here, as they get some proper humdingers at that time of year. Whether it be a constant strobe lighting show all night out to sea or a daytime cracker!
  7. laat hour according to blitzortung there has been nearing on 20,000 strikes!!
  8. Heavens above, that Suffolk storm has gone into overdrive!! Not belgium or Holland for once, but east Anglia :D! 200+ strikes a minute
  9. Taken in holbeach 30 mins ago!
  10. Heard a few deep booms out of it. It's wrenching my gut watching this lot go before my eyes, but wow! 204 per minute :O
  11. Someone remind me to never work again on a storm day like this not heard a single rumble and there's a storm producing 120 strikes per min literally miles away!! I'd have been on it now had I have booked it off!! Now my house in n Spalding is being slammed too!! Could not make this up! Just knew this would happen!!
  12. Storm going nuts over the fens!!
  13. My word! Menacing sky to the SW! Could be in for quite a treat here
  14. Yep! The cap is definitely weakening big time. sferics now from Northampton way!
  15. Seeing cauliflowers to the far west rising rapidly!! Still plenty of juice to the east with 29-30c widely.