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  1. Back home now. Lovely little entertaining chase. The rain was monumental, and scary at times. Just checked the lightning detectors, quite a pokey little storm as developed in the S North Sea, ahead of a very active one in the Dam. Heads up TOD folks!!
  2. Well guys, thought I’d have a cheeky little trip down the M11, just at stansted and it’s epic! Bright blue lightning, and the roads are getting pretty bad. Mad how foggy and murky it is at the same time however, didn’t start seeing the lightning until it was right on top of me all of a sudden! Quite creepy and eerie
  3. That storm has just spent all day back building across the Cambridgeshire fens! Regarding later on, a number of models show an increase in Mid level CAPE approaching the EA coast overnight. That will no doubt help with elevated activity later on, I.e that stuff off the Essex coast at the moment.
  4. Stuck at work, but had a nice little storm earlier!! The smell of fresh rain was lovely too. Got my eye on developments now over near Ipswich, plus there’s monster developments happening now over Belgium and Holland, which could bring those storms into Norfolk later on in the night. Here’s hoping.
  5. Wow heavy rain and a couple of flashes mixed in!! That northerly suddenly stopped as it was getting pitch black. Thank god. That wind has killed chances here since this spell began. Infact, the NE wind has been a plague all summer. The NW is reaping the benefits from it, as it’s shunting the high dew points and brewed instability over there.
  6. Cone of Silence (SE Essex), Triangle of doom (Beccles, Great Yarmouth, Norwich or Lowestoft I think). Don’t know what the SOR acronym stands for just yet lol. Starting to get convective drops! Short sharp rumbles getting more frequent, but will be hard pushed to see any decent lightning due to this low cloud!
  7. Heard a few rumbles. Strange to hear with this perpetual North Sea rubbish getting in the way every single time
  8. Wow that storm is turning into something quite special. Plenty of hail on it, and lightning rates increasing.
  9. Always tends to come along at the wrong moments, it’s so irritating! It has had a history of preceding some humdingers in the past though. Edit: It had cleared!! All eyes are to the SE! Good news is it should clear for you too, shortly.
  10. That’s mental! Supervision Zak at work again lol. North Sea crud has unfortunately hindered clear viewing for me at the moment. It has to be that stuff over France that you’re seeing.
  11. That NE French storm is getting some momentum to it. Places like Dover and Deal could get a direct hit I think, should it hold out!
  12. Well, what a night it looked again for the Northwesterners and Scottish folk. Slightly jealous, but I managed to find time at least to drive down by Milton Keynes to see that amazing Oxford cell and more that formed straight after. Couldnt believe being able to see the Staffordshire storm so well, and also seeing loads of meteors along with the flashes! One of them moments where I just stopped and appreciated the wonders that nature gives to us. Good luck once again to all today. I won’t be able to chase this afternoon however due to work. So make the best out of it everyone. I’ll be free in the late evening, but by then it could be too late and far to intercept anything.
  13. The Cheshire storm is now veering NE. May even clip Sheffield/Doncaster/Leeds areas.
  14. I’m not sure bud. Doesn’t seem to be making progress! It may get to Kent before Christmas lol. Need some windshear down there, like there is over the NW at the minute
  15. Strange how I’ve seen about 5 shooting stars in 30 minutes! Honestly mad how far I can see the regular flashing from. The average Joe would ever believe me if I said that flashing was from a storm in staffordshire/Cheshire!
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