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  1. Think it may move off towards Corsica now. Seems to have turned more Easterly. Quite often the case with MCS out there, is that they stick to the Balearic sea at night, due to offshore convergence from the drainage winds from Majorca and the Catalonian Pyrenees area.
  2. Playa de Muro Webcam WWW.PALMA.CO.UK Playa de Muro, view over looking Palaya de Muro in Alcudia bay. Also links to nearby Webcams. Some good lightning occurring on this one now. But yes, they sometimes have the tendency to split around the island if coming in from the NW. probably due to the mountanous terrain to the NW. I’ve been hit directly at night in September from storms up from the S/SW in alcudia before.
  3. You’re so lucky! Early in the season too. Normally don’t start seeing storms like this until the end of August into September! Enjoy it, they are a different class out there those storms.
  4. Majorca looks like it’s going to get a pasting. A fair few cams dotted around the island, should be good! Some cracking lightning on this one now. Can Pastilla Purobeach Webcam WWW.PALMA.CO.UK Can Pastilla Webcam, looking from Purobeach, Can Pastilla over the beach and Palma Bay. More Web cams from around Mallorca.
  5. The blokes a treasure, and a great asset to the storm chasing community around the world! An expert on and off the Great Plains and roads. I’m slap bang under the centre of the low now, and there’s 0 wind at all! Just watching grey cumulus and CB’s stationarily build over me! Hoping we get some rumbles as the pull away sets in.
  6. Or do as Pecos Hank does, fix the cam onto and just above the radio area to face out of the windscreen. Love this blokes passion however, and saw a vid of the great storm in the Northwest last year around Blackpool/Morecambe. The idea that a lot of storms form around the Liverpool Bay Area though is out for the jury. I know there’s folk on this forum who would beg to differ! What he really means is that It would be the orographical forcing of Snowdonia/N Wales that generates the lift to form the CB’s, not the Irish Sea itself.
  7. What a storm that was. Back to blue skies now, a rainbow and very little wind. Bring on round two! Hopefully these will rumble on into the early night, giving rise to some night shows. What an absolute dream of a day for many. Just goes to show what good levels of shear can do. Utilises the CAPE and doesn’t flood it all out by separating the Downdrafts. All the ingredients have came together perfectly.
  8. Wow, just heard a proper +CG style boom!! Sky is jet black to the SW Edit: Huge CG seen towards Wisbech. Waited all day for this!
  9. Gone much calmer all of a sudden, and a very ominous looking sky creeping up on the SW horizon. Sun still out. This could be the one.
  10. Keeping an eye on the cells near Peterborough and Huntingdon. Seem to be sustaining themselves pretty well.
  11. I was whiskers away from jumping into my car and chasing it, but it looks as if it would outrun me. Rush hour traffic I feared would hinder my efforts! Good luck, hopefully it maintains its intensity. Getting some very strong outflow from it, and the anvil is huge, covering my location. There’s more to come this evening in my opinion however. Sit tight. That lot over brum is In a very highly sheared environment, and looks more discrete.
  12. That Northampton cell needs watching! Big hailcore just exploded on it, and lightning rate surging... theme music is starting to play!!
  13. That one between Gloucester and Worcester I’ve got my eye on. Already looking interesting on radar and electrified. Going to be interesting watching it’s development over the next hour.
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