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  1. Incredible. To my eye, that’s a fetch of cold that is over 3x the entire breadth of the USA !! Many people, including most of my friends who are more or less oblivious to the weather and have no knowledge at all of past events such as 1963, 78 or even 87/91 were alienated and gobsmacked at the copious and drifting snow back in February. That was only really a 3-5 day affair too. So it would be very interesting to see how they would cope or react to a full month of winter brutality! This December could well be the month that delivers the test! We shall see.
  2. Can already see the model fatigue creeping in amongst some, the same as what happened during the beast from the east! Conclusively, there looks to be a cold shot nailed on. As ever, the devil is in the detail. But I wouldn’t be chucking toys out of the buggy, when it is approaching December and charts that seem like a real dream coming into reality!
  3. Uppers of -10 to -15 would generate some big amounts of lake effect equivalent snow. Thundersnow would be aplenty like 2010! Even back in February when sea temps were only 4-5c, it caused drifting snow all along the east coast. The conversion rates here would be possibly nothing like I’ve ever seen before!!
  4. Snow for us, but some very serious blizzards for the Alps and the balkans in this one. This would help further down the line in intensifying possible further cold pools!
  5. East_England_Stormchaser91

    Snow & Ice coverage in the Northern Hemisphere Winter 2018/19

    Very interesting. This also may be why the jet stream is well to the south and could implicate things over this side during next week. Worth noting that Texas and the Gulf of Mexico regions were repeatedly noted having a very cold winter in 1963 aswell, of course happening at the same time Britain experienced that historically cold winter.
  6. Indeed it would. Scandinavia will be utterly buried from that, given the relatively warm Baltic Sea and Atlantic temps, and Europe will quickly start to see some potentially record breaking cold once it sets in and settles. Quite astonshing charts for November really. The Christmas markets around Europe will seem that bit more magical too as a result
  7. What impressed me about the end of this run, is the endless feed of cold, and I mean brutal cold -15 to -20 uppers behind what would be a channel low to kick things off. The whole PV is literally locked and loaded aiming directly at us and Central Europe. If only...!
  8. East_England_Stormchaser91

    SE and East Anglia general weather discussion 07/11/2018

    Looks like I wasn’t imagining it as a rogue flash then about an hour ago on the A10 heading south in Cambs. Definitely lightning from those showers near London! A good 70-80 miles away!
  9. A real corker of a run setting up once again! Slowly edging ever closer to the more reliable frames too.
  10. Continuous signals for deep deep cold heading into W Russia in the latter frames, and that Eastern Europe cold pool. May not be ideal for us just yet, but it will sure get the goods prepped if we do end up with an easterly.
  11. East_England_Stormchaser91

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    End of 2019-2020 should be the rock bottom of this solar minimum I’d say, as 2009 had the most spotless days during last minimum.
  12. The thing is, we’ve seen how things can develop and occur very quickly! The cold back in February was very sudden and as I’ve said before, it was weirdly still and quite warm a couple of days before the easterly onslaught. It’ll probably look different come next run, but that high on the last few frames looked to be a retrogresser, often the case when you get an inverted setup with cold cutting under westwards beneath the high.
  13. One thing for sure is that the GFS isn’t backing down with the idea of the development of a huge Russian high, one of the biggest I’ve seen modelled certainly this side of the shortest day. Feb 2012 would take some beating though. As a result, we see a massive build up of impressive surface cold, despite mediocre upper air temps. Goes to show how the Eurasian continent can cool very quickly given the right setup I.e no modification from the South, West or even the North from warm-ish bodies of water relatively speaking.
  14. Pretty sure Dec 1962 started off with a cold surface easterly before retrogression to the main event! Promising signs.
  15. East_England_Stormchaser91

    SE and East Anglia general weather discussion 26/03/2018 onwards

    Would you believe it, snowing just north of Peterborough, not settling however! What a start to early winter though!