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  1. Yet again the Balearics are under a warning. There has not been one day where I haven't seen distant lightning at night or a decent storm overhead, and I've been here for 4 days now. Really is quite exceptional out here. The way the storms breed and form out here is so quick too. Think the lapse rates must have something to do with it, as it's almost been like watching a video sped up whilst a cell is forming in real time! Just got back in from having a beer and watching some cracking distant lightning from a cell south of menorca from Majorca. Can safely say I've seen more convective activity in this 4 days alone than I have in the UK all year!
  2. Wouldn't warmer seas to our NW increase the chances of getting northern blocking over Iceland/Greenland?
  3. And this guys is why I love the Balearics in September/October!! Edit: just watched this mushroom up before my eyes as if it was a time lapse and now it's belting out shotgun thunder!! I'm in convective paradise today!
  4. Off to Majorca tomorrow and they're under a level 1 estofex warning. A possibility, albeit a low one of a potential 'cold drop' known as gota fria in Spanish later into next week! This is known to bring devastating floods and sometimes days of monsoon like rains. May have to be careful what I wish for. Those storms really do mean business.
  5. A nice, still and misty morning here. My eyes turn to Majorca over the next week where I will be holidaying. If this is anything to go by, then I could well be seeing some incredible storms out there!
  6. If I hadn't have had work this morning, I would've car slept and chased into Surrey. Regretting not doing so now! Called it a day early as I saw the reading storm head off. Nevertheless, some fantastic pictures and discussion. This is what keeps this forum so entertaining and brilliant. Majorca next Thursday for me, so maybe a last dosage of storms for the year next week!
  7. Developments now to the west of here. Damn that was a ground shaking deep rumble!!
  8. definitely a speck of precip over on the Cambs/Northants border. Anyone else love how the storms have formed in the form of a Thames streamer?!
  9. I see. Well I'm in excess of 100 miles from the nearest activity and it seems to be corresponding with the Surrey storm. I'll hear a crackling and then on lightning maps, it shows instantly a split second after. I've got the volume pretty high though!
  10. Got my old radio on, and I'm hearing the odd bit of distortion! Must be from them cells over Surrey, or that lot all the way in Holland? Anyone know he furthest range of detecting strikes on AM radios?
  11. Eindhoven getting slammed right now!!
  12. May well be a rare situation soon. By this, I mean turning on the schveningen cam and watching that humdinger attempt to reach east Anglia!
  13. Wish that North Sea crud would just bugger off and do one. Everytime there's a decent storm setup, I'm obstructed from observing anything useful!! Need the wind direction to change.
  14. Wondering if that stuff about to exit Belgium will be a trigger, the one behind that first lot over there is going insane now by the way. Lucky so and so's
  15. Wish you the best mate. I saw the terrific tops of that NW London storm today, but couldn't chase it as the M25 was gridlocked, so called it a day around 5.30 ish. I was constantly checking my mirrors to see if the ultimate backstab of a storm forming back at home was going to happen haha. It has been the case before!