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  1. Anyone who gets this storm later is gonna love it.. (as long as it lasts..) near constant thunder for an hour and half now, still flashing and grumbling away although the very heavy rain has passed.. looks like more incoming in a while 😁😁 such a happy anna here right now... good luck to all of you wanting storms, fingers crossed you get some like this or even better xx
  2. Wow just wow.. 2nd storm of the day and this 1 is a beauty.. near constant thunder some amazing CG,s biblical rain... omg couldn't ask for more... well worth the wait 😁😁😁😁😁😁
  3. Hoping I'm in a decent area for later on, looking good so far.. cloud starting to break, sun is poking through, feeling rather warm and humid out there, even have a little blue sky above, few cauliflower tops popping up now the suns out 😁😁 heres hoping...
  4. Very odd.. rumbles of thunder here, but nothing on the detector??
  5. Ok so this is a new 1... feels so chilly out there, grey skies and oooooh thunder... rain starting to fall now and quite a lot of grumbles... sadly no lightning thou but plenty of thunder 😁😁😁😁😁
  6. Few grumbles of thunder just passed here with relatively heavy rain, but soon as it passed humidity has shot up, feeling so damn muggy out there now.. really hard to handle whilst dosed up on pain relief, antibiotics and anti inflammatorys for a major abscess... come on sky.. please brew up an amazing storm here to clear the air.. usually love weather like this but struggling to cope currently
  7. This beauty bubbled up not too long ago, rapid development and a few spots of rain.. hopefully good signs for later on here...
  8. Near constant thunder here in peterborough, not yet raining where I am, but radar looks set for it to get quite hairy in next 20 mins or so..
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