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  1. Honestly, seeing this backtrack in the models again and I'm not surprised. Unfortunately there's so much down to luck even when you've got SSWs, Wave activity, low sunspots and all that. This year it seems it's Eastern North America and Eastern Europe's turn. Unfortunately there's just too much energy coming out of the US to allow significant heights to the NW/N/NE. Until that lobe shifts further west over the Hudson Bay, it's curtains on any long term potential. Hoping i'm proved wrong, still a couple months left.
  2. I was about to say the same thing. I feel for the newbies being thrown from pillar to post
  3. Encouraging to see slight improvements. Nice to see lows ejected S.E now becoming a form horse. Got to see those heights improve around Svalbard if we want any sort of long lasting Scandi High. Progress though
  4. ECM still keeping things interesting from 11 onwards. Is this a trend? tune in next time.
  5. I'm doing the same, following every so often. The impression I'm getting is that the 10th is the pivotal date for colder weather
  6. Happy new year everyone. Cheeky little new years treat from the ECM:
  7. Thank you for being the voice of reason, Steve. Give it a few days and the pot of coffee will begin to boil so to speak
  8. I know so little about this sort of thing but i remember the same happening in March 2013 but the jet stream didn't ramp up. What was the reason that caused it?
  9. I'm not getting hung up past this weekend. We've already seen huge improvements from 1 January onward. Give it a few days..
  10. Thank you. I'm thinking 28/29 onward we will get a slightly better idea. It's going to be tough though since the Jet might be getting ramped up by the deep cold in the US and Canada
  11. Bringing back memories of 2012/2013. Starting to see the signs of a change. We're about a week ahead 2012/2013 so I agree that 7th Jan onwards will get interesting. I know no two years are the same but I'm crossing my fingers!
  12. I think you're right but a lot of people aren't buying it and seem to think it'll be like this until the end of Feb. It's easy to get gloomy but there's a lot around the corner
  13. I wouldn't say flat as a pancake. High pressure in charge for the foreseeable. I can't really find cause to complain. We could be seeing 950mb lows coming our way
  14. I'm actually looking forward to it. Crisp, clear nights and sunny days. Things starting to get interesting from 29/30 onwards. I'll take it over rain lol!
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