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  1. Southeast England and East Anglia - Weather Chat

    So far its looking on course to hit our region. Judging by the spinning "Mother low" over in Scandi, it seems to be on a south east track. What it falls as is anyone's guess
  2. Looks like February is our last chance saloon for us in the South. Beginning to understand the pessimism now
  3. I guess in the winter of straw-clutching. Seems next weekend is the one to watch. Hopefully that low will drop as it did Boxing Day
  4. As everyone else is saying, it seems the turning point is around 16th/17th of January. I may well be eating my words but we could be looking at a decent shot of cold/snow . Even if it only lasts 5 days it's much better than last year
  5. Very tasty warming on the Navgem. Shame it's unlikely to verify
  6. Model Output Discussion; into 2015

    Yeah, i was thinking we could be looking for a nice little surprise into early next week but It looks like the Atlantic is just too strong this time round Hope i'm wrong though
  7. Model Output Discussion; into 2015

    I may well be slightly over pretentious in saying this but considering the models didn't pick up this drop low until Tuesday, it shows me that this Atlantic onslaught may be over done. I realize the deep cold going into the states is concerning but I've already noticed this pacific high responsible is starting to wane and shift further north with each run (precursor to a greeny/scandi link up, who knows?) . I'm only amateur at chart reading so if my analysis is wrong please let me know
  8. Guys, let's wait until tomorrow morning until we lose hope. Can already see sleet/snow heading into norfolk. Only a matter of time before it goes south
  9. I think we're looking at a pivot later on ushering in further snow around 11pm onwards
  10. I think we're looking at a rain-snow event so might not be until later this evening we see the snow
  11. Nothing here yet. Local station (Stewe is this yours?) has 3.2 degrees and falling slowly. band of ppn is only 20 miles away according to weather underground but from what i'm hearing people under it aren't actually seeing anything?
  12. As you said, Looks like us lot in sunny saffers could be on a knife edge tonight. the difference of 20 miles could make all the difference. fingers crossed!
  13. looks like sunny saffron walden is a little bit too south. Dear Mr Low, in the spirit of christmas, can you track a little bit further south please? Thanks
  14. and what's this i see? lol FI fun
  15. so IF.. big IF this pulls off... looks like we could be looking at the question of undercut or not this time next week. Quite the turn around. Looks too good to be true