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  1. So we've been doing this road before haven't we.. But it's interesting to see how thicknesses are lifting near the UK around 17/18. Both on ECM and GFS. I don't know if others have been following the CFS 9 Months but theres been a consistent pattern of settled and colder conditions around Christmas and beyond (Those that watch GavWeatherVids xmas updates will know what I mean). Could GFS be picking up on something past 300h? It's unlikely given how things are but interesting nevertheless. Never a dull moment CFS for Christmas Day ECM 240 - Note the lighter blues and less purples near Greenland: GFS 348 - Height rises N+E Interested to hear peoples thoughts...
  2. I agree. I'm waiting until Sun/Mon to see how this evolves. Sure it could be that the cold snap gets snuffed out but we shall see...
  3. From a personal perspective I'm curious to see how next week comes off. I'm landing in London on Saturday (14th) and it could be messy if there ends up being widespread snow on Friday. Watching closely. Far from a "typical" December pattern coming off.
  4. Yes what a terribly ironic twist of fate. The only day we really don't want to see widespread snow. I was hoping for a cool, clear and frosty election with minimal disruption so everyone can get out and vote safely. Perils of having a December election I guess...
  5. Yeah i'd semi agree with that too. Difference was December 2012 started off a lot more promising. I was thinking Dec 2014/Dec 2017 as being more similar personally
  6. My biggest concern is that it's not really interacting with the PV as it does in some other runs. Ideally we want it nudged away from the pole and even better if we can see a split.
  7. -8 Uppers over a good swathe of the country by 11 Dec. Of course it's just for fun but it makes for interesting viewing nevertheless
  8. I agree. If we can get enough negative tilt on that low SW of Greenland it could be game on for some WAA going up Eastern Greenland. One can hope I guess lol!
  9. Honestly, seeing this backtrack in the models again and I'm not surprised. Unfortunately there's so much down to luck even when you've got SSWs, Wave activity, low sunspots and all that. This year it seems it's Eastern North America and Eastern Europe's turn. Unfortunately there's just too much energy coming out of the US to allow significant heights to the NW/N/NE. Until that lobe shifts further west over the Hudson Bay, it's curtains on any long term potential. Hoping i'm proved wrong, still a couple months left.
  10. I was about to say the same thing. I feel for the newbies being thrown from pillar to post
  11. Encouraging to see slight improvements. Nice to see lows ejected S.E now becoming a form horse. Got to see those heights improve around Svalbard if we want any sort of long lasting Scandi High. Progress though
  12. ECM still keeping things interesting from 11 onwards. Is this a trend? tune in next time.
  13. I'm doing the same, following every so often. The impression I'm getting is that the 10th is the pivotal date for colder weather
  14. Happy new year everyone. Cheeky little new years treat from the ECM:
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