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  1. That is one raging PV! even the persistant feature of the last few years, the aleutian/NE Pacific ridge is nowhere to be seen.
  2. I wouldn't get too downtrodden. There will likely be a string of cold winters again in the next years just as they were in 2009-2012. I mean just look back at 1895-1928. It probably seemed cold winters wouldn't return but they did. Global warming will change things but not as dramatically over the next few years.
  3. Well tickle me silly.. what do we have here It's not over yet folks
  4. It's a wonder the GFS ever bothers going out to 384 anyways...Entertainment value at least
  5. I've noticed a garden path emerging from the 11 onwards. Even a scandi high a couple runs back
  6. Firstly, Merry Christmas to all perusing the forums this evening... Secondly, It is disappointing seeing those height rises further south from a cold seekers perspective but it is so desperately needed. Ideally a high sat over the UK would be even better. Eyes down for the 18z...
  7. Amazing to see this ridge building only a few days out now where we didn't before. beyond 25/26 is anyone's guess.
  8. Definitely been a while since this type of huge disagreement. ECM not looking to back down so let's hope GFS falls into line. Would be a very nice frosty christmas.
  9. Leaving from the UK tonight. Leaving behind a good 10cm snow here in Calgary. On the plus side I guess it'll be much warmer in the UK. Shorts, maybe?! ?
  10. I'm taking anything past Dec 15 with an enormous barrel of salt at this point. It makes for entertaining viewing at least
  11. Yes, It's also sending that low SE instead of E on friday (96H) which could bring some brief cooler air and maybe snow even to lower levels on it's back edge.
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