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  1. Looks like February is our last chance saloon for us in the South. Beginning to understand the pessimism now
  2. As everyone else is saying, it seems the turning point is around 16th/17th of January. I may well be eating my words but we could be looking at a decent shot of cold/snow . Even if it only lasts 5 days it's much better than last year
  3. Very tasty warming on the Navgem. Shame it's unlikely to verify
  4. I don't know about anyone here (if this has already been mentioned i apologize) but if this high ridges up on the west coast of western canada causing a polar blast in the eastern canada/states i feel we could be in major trouble with the jet firing up and locking us in to roaring zonality. I worry the pacific high might become a stubborn block, I know the vortex is much weaker than last year but still a worry. Anyone's thoughts on this?
  5. Hmmm... Is it me or do we need this low in the mid atlantic shifted?
  6. It seems the GFS is having a hard time modeling this drop in energy around 20/21st Dec. I noticed a huge difference at t+174 between the 06z and 12z runs. I realise it could easily swing back but it goes to show that post xmas it's all up for grabs.
  7. Guys, i somehow CANNOT see a repeat of last winter. We have a lot more going for us this year QBO - Negative Wave 2 Activity is increasing in the strat possibly inciting a SSW within the next month Polar vortex is significantly weaker this time around as can be seen in the NH charts. I realise these are all ifs and buts but they're the same ifs and buts that base around another 2013/2014 winter. Still 4 months to go folks!
  8. I understand we all need to keep a balance on the models but these are the best November charts we've seen since 2010. I'm not saying we'll see anything like that but it could lead to something exciting as we head into December