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  1. So has no one from other ages groups died over there? If so Its very telling that this virus is definetly affecting older age group worse and its to be expected sadly. 2 people so far over 70 in uk died too.
  2. Im the same its the media that changes your perspective. But to be honest theres a clear pattern on who it affects and yes its sad. But a very high percent of the deaths have been elderly . I might add its affected weakened immune systems as well,but even with them cases how many people that are not elderly group have died. Still low. But of course we will no more in coming weeks i would think..
  3. This is it though isnt it. Out of a world population of 7.7 billion, there will be people undiagnosied and recovering and just my own opinion currently, but i think there will be more mild cases.
  4. I would imagine any cases reported would immediatly go to hospital at this stage to find out more.
  5. How can they know people will not be going to doctors if they have it and just staying at home to recover?
  6. But just how many have overcome it and recovered or got a mild case of it and not reporting because its not too bad to go to doctors. I know its not good as they can still spread to people with weaker immune system. But we cant hide the fact that unreported cases will not be accounted for and will likely weigh up the most cases, meaning the statistics for reported cases will be likely revised once they get a handle on it and no more about it. So example if this was the case, you would see mortality rate fall and mild cases more common. Just a thought
  7. Wow! All that very cold air ready to in bed us from the north certainly not dry!!
  8. Gfs shows another cold run up to xmas and the cfs has been consisten with this idea too as well as the parallel. Same for EC lrf forecasts what GP posted other week in regards to it showing a blocked xmas. I know its miles off but maybe its the only inerest atm? It has been mentioned by many of the pros and experienced members its the 2nd half of month with more potential. Doesnt have to be dead on mid month either. But 18th to 21st period there has been a few runs now picking something up at that period
  9. Ive never known a winter month to be so dry but be cold for a week, then rather mild for a week, then back to cold! But theres no real unsettled weather taking hold as you would expect in between the dry periods pressure over and theres a lack of snow, particularly with recent blocking and potential.Not that the ecm is set in stone.
  10. Your mild bias. This is still a while off considering the unreliable models atm. But when its cold showing we are told to take caution. Fair enough point, but its same for your charts you have posted, as it seems like your more confident for that to materialise.
  11. Are we starting to see the HLB been picked up from the gfs that has been predicted by lrfs for mid month onwards. Expect some juicy runs and upgrades in more reliable time frame im thinking. The ensembles for gefs will be interesting now judging how they have been trending call for second week of dec
  12. It would be interesting to know GP and Steve murrs take on the current models. I feel something is a foot this month, but cant help feel a bit cautious with the models all producing different synoptics. It did seem there was a lot of positive thoughts and ranping fron our significant and more professional members yesterday when we saw a better amplification on some of the models. But now the knife twists again in modelling, theres not half as many comments from a few of the professional members. Would be nice to hear your thoughts and views
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