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  1. This is a very important feature that is not on the subscription radar on iPad. It is on the mobile app but not on ipad Do the developers of the radar know when this is going to be added on ? A lot of other features are missing on this radar as well such as thunderstorm tracking with the coloured dots or crosses Also this radar is a beta version which is being developed - I don’t know how I can view the earlier version of the radar on ipad that has all the features that are missing on the beta version I have attached a screenshot of the netweather radar menu Thanks
  2. Thanks - would be a good idea to label this scale so that we know what it is
  3. What’s the vertical colour scale in the right hand side of the map - and which feature do I need to use for this - thanks
  4. Out of date information on Clickable map current observations are temperature of around 6 c and pressure of 1026 mb which is very different to what is shown
  5. I have sent a query under the help, support and feedback thread regarding the new v8 radar - thanks
  6. What is the colour scale on the botttom right hand corner that goes from 0 to 250 and when I click on the temp profile map I cannot see the colour scale for temps in C Thanks
  7. Would it be possible to include radar opacity on the app ? The website version of netweather radar has this feature but not the app. It would be easier to see the temperature profile map for example on the app without precipitation from the radar obscuring detail etc. Thanks
  8. Need to put temperature profile map as overlay on beta version - currently on beta version temperature overlay just has numbers in coloured circles to denote the temperature
  9. I have noticed that you cannot fade the radar intensity or switch it off on the app if you want to look at say the temperature profile map or wind gusts map etc on the overlays as the information is obscured by the precipitation On the website you can fade the radar intensity - so you can view these other overlay parameters easily on the map. it will be useful if you can add this feature to the app - this feature on the website radar is radar opacity - so radar opacity on the app will be really useful Thanks
  10. my subscription runs out tomorrow. I am trying to change my subscription option to one that auto renews - but cannot find an option when I log into my account to do this any ideas how I can change this thanks
  11. Hello - can you tell me how the precip type colours - red green and blue are generated on the radar. Early on today it was snowing quite heavily in Wolverhampton and the ground was getting covered with snow but the netweathe radar was showing precip type as rain snow mix green colour rather than red for snow Thanks
  12. Just changed to 4G on the phone had to press the precipitation type button but after this the radar updated on WiFi it was stuck with the old data for the radar My WiFi connection is good at home with no interruptions The radar on 4G just updated on its own on 4G at home without pressing any buttons, reloading or refreshing Has updated when switching to WiFi - may need to get it to work on 4G before WiFi possibly - seems a bit hit and miss on WiFi though
  13. Hello - I have noticed that the net weather radar works well on 4G outside but when I try it at home on WiFi I have noticed that the radar doesn’t update automatically - I find I have to toggle the prec type button or close the application and restart again to get the updated radar info on wifi I have tried rebooting the phone; clearing the cache on the phone and reinstalling the application but get the same observations Phones in question are Samsung Galaxy J5 and A3 Thanks
  14. Hello Paul - hope you have seen my earlier post about postcode zoom and maps - thanks
  15. Can't edit the post above - just to add if you rotate the map you can't set the orientation back to normal easily by pressing a reset button. and there is no lock button to prevent map orientation if you accidentally do it which is easy to do if you zoom in and out of the radar thanks
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