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  1. Took a spin up the local hill earlier and it was near whiteout conditions and starting to settle. Still sleet imby unfortunately. I’ll likely be up and down the hill like a yo-yo trying to get my fix FullSizeRender.mov
  2. Temperature dropped from 5* down to 1* during that shower. Hopefully we can keep the sun tucked away and maintain the low temps.
  3. Heavy shower of rain, sleet and wet snow with fierce gusty winds in Navan. Showers seem to be packing a punch so will be very interesting if they maintain intensity later today when I hope they’ll be more of the fluffy variety
  4. Looks to be a very intense squall line headed this way. Interesting to see how intense this is as there’s already been a heavy downpour of hail battering on the window and it’s barely showing up on radar. Let’s hope we see plenty of intense squalls developing in the cold westerly flow Monday/Tuesday giving us all a good ole dumping. Best of luck to all in the coming days. We finally have a bit of excitement upon us so hopefully it’s a matter of sit back and enjoy the ride! Oh and @Sperrin please don’t be greedy and keep all your snow drifts to yourself. If you’re not gonna invite us all over for sledging and snowball fights at least share plenty of pics
  5. Ah yeah, nothing like it! When the conditions are right it can just amplify incoming swells. Perhaps we’ll all go there and then have the joy of navigating home through a blizzard
  6. I’m considering a trip to the coast myself. Sheltered spots like Mullaghmore likely to be heaving! Nothing like watching enormous waves erupting like bombs as they crash onto the rocks! Love it
  7. Really fascinating stuff this. Even though such extremes are unlikely to verify, just seeing such charts has me blown away....(pun intended)
  8. 920 Is that even possible in these parts? Never seen a chart like it!
  9. Interesting that precip seems to be falling as snow further west, closer to the coast and turning to rain further inland. I’d have expected the opposite given the moderating effect of warm sea surface temperatures. Perhaps it’s partly due to evaporative cooling with heavier precipitation in those parts, or....perhaps I’m just p#ssed that I’m not getting any snow!
  10. Heavy cold wet rain here. Not even a spit of sleet. Worst kind of weather really! Uppers simply on the wrong side of marginal for lower levels.
  11. Pretty decent outlook from Met Eireann for Saturday through Sunday. North midlands looking good for me if it doesn’t change.
  12. Thanks Raindrops, it’s been an exciting afternoon/evening. Certainly beats paperwork hah. Making my way back home now with the hope of meeting the Meath cell en route. Any recommendations from any of the good folk on here as to where would be a good place to go next? What’s the chances of something supercellular appearing on the radars? Rarely get out for a chase as there’s rarely anything to chase so want to make the most of this.
  13. Was doing vat returns so soon as the storms started popping up I jumped in the car. Managed to stay under the Louth/Meath cell and got ahead of it as it moved offshore. The rainfall was intense with frequent flashes and some shotgun thunder. Managed to see one CG strike which was quite impressive. Currently sat at Blackrock, just south of Dundalk watching the storm as it rolls into the Irish Sea. Thunder was almost constant a while ago but currently very little now. Unfortunately didn’t see any lightning bolts as I’m on the periphery and can’t see through the rain/hail core. Might head back to Meath now and try intercept this next storm. Firs picture was taken in north west Meath, second here in Blackrock. Not the most photogenic structures. Happy hunting guys, hope you get your share too.
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