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  1. This has me very excited as I’m currently living and working in the northern Netherlands. I peed a little when I awoke this morning to see this....16hrs of...
  2. Well this is the most surreal Paddy’s Day I’ve ever witnessed. I live in a small town in the Midlands (Ireland). I just drove into town and it was deserted, almost everything closed, no cars or people. Went to a service station and they had oil drums stacked in front of the counter so as to maintain distance. Very very strange and eerie indeed as usually there’s loads of hustle and bustle around and on this day in particular you’d have everyone in town for the parade and pubs would be overflowing.
  3. Apologies if this has being highlighted already but second wave of the Spanish Flu is believed to have been caused by a much deadlier mutation of the first strain, spread widely by soldiers returning home from war, so, seems rather pointless to build herd immunity if a second wave scenario similar to Spanish Flu is expected. Surely trying to stop this thing in its tracks is the best solution. No doubt after it’s all under control there will still be localised outbreaks but these can be managed as they emerge. I’m sure at that stage there’ll be majority immunity anyway or perhaps even a vaccine.
  4. There’s no doubt whatsoever that the article is an attempt to peddle the doomsday prophecy. One doesn’t have to scroll very far to even find the word doomsday. In addition to this you get a nice pic of terrified penguins running around wondering where all the ice has gone.? That’s just my opinion on it and to each their own. ? .....and thanks to @Midlands Ice Age for your regular updates, your posts are incredibly informative and well put together.
  5. Fantastic post as always Matt ? although it’s worth pointing out that high intensity weight and cardio training is incredibly taxing on our bodies and immune systems and for those not used to such training it can cause a weakening of the immune system. Sorry if off topic but just thought it’s worth pointing this out in case some rush to the gym and start slamming metal in the hope of strengthening their defences. ?? Key point is to not go too hard when starting off. Generally hitting the gym hard wouldn’t be an issue but right now it’s in our interests to maintain our immune system.
  6. Count yourselves lucky in the UK that government is disclosing outbreak locations. Here in Ireland we’re being totally kept in the dark with “east of the country” and “west of the country” Personally I’d like to know at least roughly, what towns/areas are affected. It might help somewhat with avoidance/containment but also adopting the mindset that it’s potentially all around and taking appropriate action with regards to hygiene is probably wisest.
  7. Saturday certainly not without interest going by Met Eireann report on Storm Jorge....orange warning already in place for many western parts and a mention of winds possibly exceeding 130km...that would merit a red warning. Mention of the S word too. Mmmm 130km winds and heavy snow....
  8. A wee town called Straubenhardt on the edge of the Black Forest....an hour from Stuttgart. Seeing a grand German lass from here so travel over and back quite often. It’s a beautiful area. Looking forward to a nice winter wonderland walk in the woods in the morning ? Snow is shown to continue until 4am so hopefully will see some accumulation.
  9. Finally getting my snow fix....just had to travel to Germany for it ?
  10. Took a spin up the local hill earlier and it was near whiteout conditions and starting to settle. Still sleet imby unfortunately. I’ll likely be up and down the hill like a yo-yo trying to get my fix ? FullSizeRender.mov
  11. Temperature dropped from 5* down to 1* during that shower. Hopefully we can keep the sun tucked away and maintain the low temps.
  12. Heavy shower of rain, sleet and wet snow with fierce gusty winds in Navan. Showers seem to be packing a punch so will be very interesting if they maintain intensity later today when I hope they’ll be more of the fluffy variety ?
  13. Looks to be a very intense squall line headed this way. Interesting to see how intense this is as there’s already been a heavy downpour of hail battering on the window and it’s barely showing up on radar. Let’s hope we see plenty of intense squalls developing in the cold westerly flow Monday/Tuesday giving us all a good ole dumping. ? Best of luck to all in the coming days. We finally have a bit of excitement upon us so hopefully it’s a matter of sit back and enjoy the ride! Oh and @Sperrin please don’t be greedy and keep all your snow drifts to yourself. If you’re not gonna invite us all over for sledging and snowball fights at least share plenty of pics ??
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