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  1. Was driving to Blanchardstown on the M3 through this and it was certainly a shower from hell. Hail was very intense and managed to see a nice wee bolt of lightning. Despite the dreadful road conditions, there were still many a simpleton recklessly speeding along.
  2. Aye, similar scenario here around 5pm. Rain was torrential and wind was howling, and likewise it settled after about 5mins or so. Was installing huge 4sqm triple glaze glass units weighing roughly 200kg at the time. Only 3 of us doing the lift so was a struggle at times with the wind. Thankfully quite sheltered where we were. Rain was more of an issue with the suction cups slipping quite a bit.
  3. Maybe we’re been mislead with this warm signal....it’s been the case so far with the cold signal... .....yes,.. I know..
  4. You’re all welcome to join me if ya chip in a few bob for the hire
  5. That’s it!! I’m away out to rent a wood chipper and dance round the garden in the nip as the missus feeds aero-board into it.
  6. Tbh I’m starting to loose faith with the ongoing potential this winter. So far it seems to be one of eternal optimism with little to show. Thankfully we’ve the full month of February to go and we all know how quickly things can escalate once a signal establishes itself. Perhaps after Sunday’s slidergate I’ll have the patience to venture back into the Southern English...ah-em sorry the MOD thread for a more broad brush balanced outlook. For now, thanks for the update Mountain Shadow
  7. Seems to be weakening and fragmenting over the midlands. Is there possibility of reinvigoration as it begins to retreat south? Clutching at straws here hah!
  8. Raining here in NW Meath despite the radar showing all snow. My greatest concern was whether the front would come far enough north and now that it has it’s bloody rain!
  9. Like how you look up at the lamppost at 00:49.....just to be sure it’s really happening
  10. I’m very sorry to say Rochey, but this is one occasion where I hope the Dublin snow shield stays intact. Given that I’m working in Dublin today and Bray tomorrow, last thing I want to see is anything remotely resembling a snowflake next or near that god forsaken M50!! Hope you understand
  11. All very promising atm. It’s nice to finally be in on the action of potential sliders and frontal snow. All too often were just that bit too far west and the dumpings occur across the pond. Let’s just hope the potential doesn’t dwindle or even better, we may see upgrades with more of us seeing the white stuff.
  12. Curious as to how others feel about the mod thread recently? Since last weekend and especially since it’s gone full on banter, it seems to be a scatter bomb of jibber jabber. The content seems to have much less of an informative flow and I’m now finding myself getting irritated after a page or two and baling out. Not to mention the S Engand bias. Anyway, not sure whether it’s fatigue or perhaps disappointment at the failed easterly from last week, but just thought I’d ask if anyone else feels the same.
  13. Thanks Stormy, delighted to hear that as they’ll rarely throw out such statements without a reasonable level of certainty. Think now it’s fair to say game on! Just a matter of ironing out the detail now but hopefully we’ll all see a bit of the white stuff this week.
  14. Lots of the S word mentioned on Met Eireann website with moderate accumulations in Ulster on Tuesday. Hopefully you guys will get a good old dumping. Personally...I’d be happy with a dusting 🥺 Still nice to see Snow getting a good mention as Met E tend to be rather conservative in that regard.
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