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  1. Hey Rochey, glad you’re enjoying your trip to Kerry. Any thoughts on how we’ll fair out with regards to thunderstorms? Will missing the extreme heat leave us under damp cloudy fronts or would our proximity to the low have us under the battleground sector with lots of beefy storms to enjoy? Thanks in advance
  2. Like the last easterly I wonder if we’ll see further upgrades as we get nearer to T0? Kinda over cold now and would like to see some pleasant spring warmth but then again, extraordinary weather events are the reason for my interest in weather so won’t be complaining if we see an extraordinarily cold event for the time of year. Interesting times to say the least
  3. Aye, it’s getting to that time of year where the Convective Discussion thread will be in full swing. Hopefully after a winter reminiscent of old we’ll see summer follow suit with long hot sunny periods and earth trembling thunderstorms a plenty!
  4. Made it for a stroll up the local hill today (Louchcrew Cairns) The snow depths made it very tough going, walking on top of the snow one second then ending up waist deep. Brought a surfboard too which was great craic! My friend had a make shift sleigh which we repeatedly went over an 8ft ledge of a snow drift on. Fun afternoon but totally wrecked now. The views were absolutely stunning, like a beautiful painting.
  5. According to Met Eireann, temperatures remain close to zero over Ulster with a band of rain moving northward across the country. Hopefully that will lead to further snowfall up north. I’m hoping to get some snow out of it here. Fingers crossed
  6. Delighted to see you guys are finally getting a good pasting. Hopefully it keeps for a while
  7. It’s utterly awful what went on in Dublin tonight! Can’t help but feel ashamed of the scum that are painting such a disgusting picture of our country, given that it will undoubtably be on international news. One would imagine that during such an historic weather event, a banding together of people and a sense of community would prevail, not the complete opposite!! Can’t imagine that sort of thing happening back in 1947/82
  8. What’s the chances of the heavy stuff in the Irish Sea moving west? I haven’t followed models or forecasts at all today, think I’m burnt out after being glued to it for the past couple of weeks. Would be great to see a further top up as I plan a climb up Sliabh na Cailleagh tomorrow. Highest point in Meath so should be pretty spectacular up there. I’ll take plenty of pics to share with all in here.
  9. Friend sent me these from outside Oldcastle
  10. Sister sent me these from Carlanstown Meath
  11. My brother just sent me these...
  12. Ventured out for a quick spin around Oldcastle and took these pics. The roads are mostly single lane and just about passable in places. Can only imagine what it’s like in other parts of the country.
  13. Of course I had to go for a dip too5BD555B9-63A9-4220-A247-1A8299CA6DB3.MOV
  14. Remarkable weather at the moment, certainly a historic event in the making. Took a stroll to the pub earlier and took the following pics. Never seen anything like it before and hoping for more to come
  15. Afternoon all, Long time lurker who’s been thoroughly enjoying the buzz of this thread over the past few months. Next week is currently looking like it will be quite exceptional. Snow showers aplenty for many of us with a good risk of more organized potential later in the week. Met Eireann have just issued a yellow warning, expecting severe cold and disruptive snowfall, extending to the 2nd March. This event has gained serious traction across the all model suites over the past number of days and I for one am taking note. Come Sunday when some of the finer details are being ironed out I think I’ll be racing around stocking up on food, fuel and beer. Something truly memorable may be afoot and I hope all of you guys get to enjoy.