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  1. Grim all day with non stop rain and a max of 12.3c.
  2. Rain on & off for most of the day then heavy hail & thunder/lightning for a couple of hours around teatime. A max of just 10.7c in light winds.
  3. Overcast with sporadic light rain/drizzle (nothing like what was forecast) 12.2c in a light N/Easterly.
  4. Overcast with occasional drizzle in a gusty N/NE wind. At 14.2c its 10c down on yesterday.
  5. Heavy rain and a gusty NW wind (none of which was forecast) with a temp of 8.9c.
  6. As the sun begins to set the sky begins to clear. What causes this please?
  7. Early clear skies have now given way to the inevitable cloud fest despite a promising forecast of morning sun. 9.4c in a still brisk northerly. Looks like another woolly hat day.
  8. Sunny early on soon giving way to cloud & a few spots of rain. 12.3c & feeling distinctly cold in the brisk northerly.
  9. Wow, had a couple of July days here that failed to reach the teens.
  10. Heavy rain & 14.9c so a joke of an August day.
  11. Murk & drizzle since dawn with a current temp of 14.3c in a light N/E wind.
  12. A rather poor day here with no sun at all & a max of 16.6c. There was also some heavy rain around teatime which was not forecast.
  13. Heatwave over here in Leeds, overcast & 17/18c all day with a rather chilly breeze.
  14. An overcast day with no cloud breaking & no sun with a high of just 17.4c. Well below the forecast 22c.
  15. I stand corrected, now gone up to 15.5c plus the wind has increased.
  16. Looks like today has maxed out at 14.6c and its so dull outdoors that I need the lights on indoors.
  17. Yay, just broke into the teens here with 13.1c plus its stopped raining. Happy days! 🙄
  18. Been raining all morning here and the temp is not even in the teens at 12.6c
  19. Rain, much more than was forecast and a temp of 12.2c.
  20. The rain didn't fizzle out completely until lunchtime and it remained overcast for the rest of the day until 7pm or so when it finally cleared.
  21. A bit of a fail for the forecast here today. Rain until lunchtime and no sun at all this afternoon.
  22. A dry afternoon after this mornings rain however it remained cloudy with no sun at all and a high of 21.6c.
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