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  1. Clear, hot & sunny with a high of 31c in a moderate and sometimes gusty NNE wind.
  2. Just walked home from the local pub quiz wearing fleece & woolly hat. Watched the cloud melt away as the sun set. Going to be a cold one tonight.
  3. Another cold grey day here as well with temps no higher than 13c. A shock to the system for those deplaning after their hol to the med.
  4. I'm back to my winter coat and hat today as it's yet another cold damp day. I hope this hot spell comes off!
  5. Another disappointing rainy and dull June day with a max of 13.8c.
  6. Clear & sunny in Fuerte with a light n'easterly. Current temp of 29c.
  7. Clear & sunny with a current temp of 28c in a moderate northerly. Typical canarian weather I guess!
  8. A cloudy day after early patchy rain. 15.6c in a light westerly.
  9. A cloudy day with only limited brightness late afternoon. A max of 16.2c in a light north easterly.
  10. Clear sunny and feeling warm despite a rather keen easterly wind. 20.9c.
  11. Mostly cloudy with the odd heavy shower passing through however it looks to improve this afternoon.17.4c in a moderate north easterly.
  12. Cold and clear with just a touch of frost again.
  13. Another lovely day here just a bit of high cloud mid afternoon onwards. 24.8c was my max in a light southerly.
  14. Clear & sunny with a current temp of 21.c. Another excellent day for spotting high flying aircraft via flightradar 24.
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