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  1. Clear & sunny in Fuerte with a light n'easterly. Current temp of 29c.
  2. Clear & sunny with a current temp of 28c in a moderate northerly. Typical canarian weather I guess!
  3. A cloudy day after early patchy rain. 15.6c in a light westerly.
  4. A cloudy day with only limited brightness late afternoon. A max of 16.2c in a light north easterly.
  5. Clear sunny and feeling warm despite a rather keen easterly wind. 20.9c.
  6. Mostly cloudy with the odd heavy shower passing through however it looks to improve this afternoon.17.4c in a moderate north easterly.
  7. A misty but calm start.
  8. Cold and clear with just a touch of frost again.
  9. Another lovely day here just a bit of high cloud mid afternoon onwards. 24.8c was my max in a light southerly.
  10. Clear & sunny with a current temp of 21.c. Another excellent day for spotting high flying aircraft via flightradar 24.
  11. Dry and sunny all day with just a few clouds this afternoon. A max of 21.1c in a light southerly.
  12. Sunny spells and the odd shower passing through on a chilly north easterly. Current temp is 8.1c so another very cool day.
  13. Dry and cloudy but mild at 8.5c.
  14. Overcast in the morning with ever increasing sunny spells so by early afternoon it was mostly sunny with a max of 14.6c.
  15. Still grey, wet and cold with a temp of 4.1c.