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  1. This disgusting July weather rolls on with another day of constant drizzle and only 12.9c. I'm looking forward to the weekend with sunny spells and 16 - 19c highs which are still below average but don't care!
  2. Dull & dank with heavy drizzle & a temp of just 10.9c.
  3. Same here only its 13/14c. At least the foul wind has done one.
  4. Just seen a Ryanair take off climbing like a rocket with the 40 knot headwind. Disappeared into the cloud about 1000ft. Wouldn't like to be on it I bet its a rough ride!
  5. Lashing it down here again. A lovely summers evening!
  6. Similiar here east of the pennines however we did have sunny spells this morning but its now tipping it down. All in a 40 knot wind as well.
  7. An appalling day (again) here east of the pennines as well. I thought the clag would retreat west as the day wore on but its been persistant drizzle all day and the max has only been 12/13 which is diabolical for early July. A gusty wind too.
  8. Heavy wind, heavy rain and a temp of 11.6c.
  9. Another grim day here, the 6th in a row with non stop drizzle & only 12c although to be fair it wasn't too bad yesterday. 1 in 6 ain't bad!
  10. Another foul day here with constant drizzle/rain and a gusty wind blowing it all around like a jetspray. Only 12.6c so feeling cold as well. At least tomorrow looks better (hopefully!)
  11. Its just reached the teens here at 13.1c but the rain keeps on coming down and the wind keeps blowing. Feels like we've gone from June to Oct in 48hrs.
  12. Overcast with outbreaks of rain in a gusty south westerly. Feeling cool at only 12.9c.
  13. Update... we now have thunder & the odd flash.
  14. A day of blustery heavy downpours with the odd break inbetween and a max of 18.5c
  15. Decent thunder and heavy rain has just passed through the Leeds area.
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