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  1. Are we still on track Andy - you been quiet in here today and that concerns me!
  2. I'm a pessimist - this is not looking good on the radar unless the pivot increases soon. The precipitation doesn't look to have a lot of depth though?
  3. Radar not looking as intense and worrying it might actually be of less intensity? I go to order 4x4s for night staff but wondering if it be a waste of money!
  4. So it's gone the way of the pear Steve? John
  5. Steve I hope so mate. I think we might be on a par though I'm not a massive amount higher. I'm in tomorrow, I've moved training from Cardiff to Neath as most staff live there. Fingers crossed for travellers back to Cardiff but they should make it back. I'm on 3pm train outta there!!( Cardiff)
  6. You reckon we still game on then Steve? John
  7. Do I detect a few 'going the way of the pear' evolutions this morning? Not had chance to delve into the mad thread to pick up any pieces, just from what I see on here. Someone alleviate the concerns!
  8. I know it's not set in stone Steve, are there any timings when this might kick off?
  9. Does anyone have a rough guess when this should start happening tomorrow? I'm ok to get back up valleys from Cardiff with work as I finish when I want. My daughter works until 3pm so planning problems! Is it midday start or earlier?
  10. Same here, 1.5 degrees and rain and temperatures will lift. If nothing happens today I hope Thursday comes to fruition as predicted for my neck of the woods.
  11. Derek getting concerned but some of latest charts show highest percentage for it to be a northern event. South have limited on current data although still 48+ hrs. Changes possible.
  12. Yes a gorgeous sky on way in - let's hope it's our ever reliable snow warning from Mother nature JK
  13. Don't start going like the Mad thread across the way - last couple conflicting each other in here! My sanity won;t take it - only refuge I get is in here *IF* there will be any updates from MetO it will be later this morning and I hope it puts Wales in the warnings. Busy in work so going to rely on this thread when I get chance to pop on later. JK
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