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  1. Quite high low-level moisture in tropical air mass being pulled in from far W/SW with low over the Atlantic, surging eastward over southern UK tomorrow ahead of attendant frontal system. Unfortunately, very little instability modeled- normally the case with Tm sourced air masses, though feeling warm and humid. Thursday looks a good chance of seeing better convective activity with showers and perhaps some storms, when we see shortwave aloft transferring east over the country introducing cooler air at mid-levels, steepening lapse rates, with a more northerly-sourced air mass post-front meaning clearing skies to allow for increased insolation, which, combined with cold air aloft, looks to generate substantial instability across much of the UK.
  2. Hoping for more clear nights like last night for viewing the Perseids meteor shower. Beautifully clear and starry last night, spotting a nice meteor not long after sitting outside to stargaze, with the ISS shining brightly on its flyover. Cloud cover has proved a nuisance this summer, even on days when little has been expected. If we can't get the hot southerlies, then I don't mind a more cool, and clearer, northwesterly air stream to bring some clear skies during nighttime hours.
  3. Yep, can't get the proper big storms without the real heat and moisture (there are some who mistake that for getting storms at all, but obviously not saying that). Indeed, week ago Weds we saw the right kind of convective setup, which brought big storms over northern UK morning hours, followed by strong surface-based storms during afternoon period across eastern England. Not to say you can't get potent storms under cooler setups, but they don't compare to those that develop from hot 'plumes'. Have to say though, despite some decent years (2013/14 spring to mind) recently, things still don't feel the same after 2006. It's not even so much the lack of storm occurrence as it is the lack of punch the storms that do affect here have. Storms just feel watered down. '90s and early 00s had plenty of big storms here, so much so that I would really look forward to summer almost knowing that there was guaranteed to be a least one day in the year when I'd see a proper storm. After the last several years, though, I don't expect to see much at all now. Granted, got a good storm on May 7th and, as you say, there was that early June period, but this summer, so far, has been a disappointment. Let's hope Aug and Sep come up with the goods..
  4. Certainly, since 2007, summers from a convective storm perspective have been noticeably poor. Those hot, moist 'plume' setups have become more of a rarity over the last several years. Can only speak for this region, but I'd imagine folks in southern and south-eastern UK would agree. Also recall official Met Office statistics backing this up with their record of days with thunder. But even in the more active years, such as the early part of this summer, the storm setups have generally not been from hot air coming off the continent, instead they've arisen in cool, post-front environments, with surface heating and cool air advection in the mid-levels producing instability. These setups bring weaker storms than those the develop in environments of very warm and moist low-levels. So far, aside from the active period in the first part of June, this summer has been noticeably quiet.
  5. Pretty poor outlook in all if it's a proper storm setup you're looking for. Strong upper jet looks to blow over UK for the foreseeable with no amplified ridge to the east holding for any length of time. Cool air advection aloft with upper troughing, however, will likely bring some maritime storm risk days, so not entirely quiet on the convective front.
  6. Looking forward to the Perseids meteor shower - well the peak anyway as we're already within the period where we can see them. Have already spotted a few meteors when the night skies have been clear recently.
  7. Ah, here they are.. Right on cue..
  8. Looks like the silence has been broken... They are well and truly here now. Blood hasn't dried yet either...
  9. A deathly silence from the usual suspects... Just watched a video of the shooting - absolutely terrifying.
  10. Agree with BF on well scattered storms tomorrow, despite unfavourable profile aloft. Relatively poor mid-level lapse rates with weak 500mb heights, however good heating of reasonably moist surface air mass (temps low 20s; dewpoints low-mid teens) will build possibly several 100J/kg CAPE inland, with slack converging winds in advance of the occlusion together with sfc heating likely to develop a few storms during afternoon. Light winds throughout the profile, so shear will be non-existent. As mentioned, possibility of funnels with stronger updrafts given low cloud ceiling, steep low-level lapse rates, converging sfc winds and slack winds aloft.
  11. Where's the triple point, Roger? How would that overcome the strong cap at low-levels?
  12. Not one to follow a global model at this range, but ever so slight eastward revision upper/sfc pattern tomorrow morning on latest GFS, which in turn causes it to break out storms well into the W Mids during early hours/early morning. Please, make it so..
  13. Cold front(s) couple hundred or so miles W of ROI on 12z analysis. Will be pushing east across the country during tomorrow, perhaps not clearing until early hours Thurs.
  14. 5km WRF-NMM has storms developing over West Mids during early hours... But makes it that much more sweet when you're not really expecting storms but then get them, rather than having good confidence that'll your area will be affected. Sets you up for a letdown, if anything.
  15. 06z Euro4 really confining storm activity to N Wales, N England (emphasis on NW England), and then going on to dominate Scotland. Further development of sfc based storms over far N/NE during afternoon before cold front pushes east. Shame the heat is likely to go out quietly for much of the country. But I'll certainly be looking forward to reports and observations from those areas which are hit.
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