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  1. Shower of rain with small hail mixed in here at Horley near Gatwick.
  2. Taken from Gatwick area this is the cell producing the returns in Kent
  3. Still raining at Horley near Gatwick but pleased (and very jealous of ) for those of you that have snow !
  4. No-one has ever spoken about 'bombing the hell out of Syria' carpet bombing style so let's keep it factual. Targeted strikes has always been what's has been proposed and is what I support. The fact that we know locations to hit was discussed on BBC News this morning. As for creating more instability, given the current mess I don't think that's possible and yes I agree the west is not innocent in the creation of the mess however we have to deal with where we are now. Again I ask, if you don't agree with bombing, and I respect your right to hold that view, give me a workable alternative to er
  5. No-one can guarantee no civilian deaths especially as ISIS use them as shields. However as I said we are at war. Our civilians are being killed - we are all under threat. This is war people get killed, have been killed and are being killed You don't want to kill civilians in Syria - I understand that but you have no other way of destroying ISIS to stop other innocents being killed by them. To me that is saying the Syrian civilians are more important than the innocent victims of terrorism such as those in Paris. I can't accept that. No one who has come out against bombing ISIS has come u
  6. If I may interject - for those who disagree with bombing and eradicating ISIS I ask, will you take responsibility for the innocent deaths by terrorism that will continue around the world by ISiS if we don't take action? There may be civilian deaths in Syria, however there have been hundreds of civilians killed in Paris and all the other ISIS terrorist targets in the past There is no simple solution however appeasement and not taking action against those attaching our way of life is not an option. I have had enough of the liberalist approach to this issue. The world has sat back and tolera
  7. There is no comparison between Isis and the government and ISIS and bankers. I was refraining from this but the issues with the economy stem purely from the poor financial controls, appalling economic strategy and overspending by the Labour government which misled this country for years. Now I don't agree with all the cuts we are seeing but we have no choice given the deficit which was built up. Turning to bankers, yes banking got things wrong that is undeniable but there should have been greater regulation which the labour government failed to do. However most bankers in the UK are hig
  8. I'm sorry but I can't accept a comparison between ISIS and government cutbacks. If we want to start talking left wing/right wing I could argue that the cutbacks are a result of poor economic management by a left wing government in earlier years. With respect its this attitude which takes us away from focussing on the threat of terrorism - saying the government is as bad as ISIS again normalises them in society. We need to stop this feline footing around. ISIS or any other terrorist organisation sympathising should be punished by jail. Those who go abroad to support terrorist organisati
  9. If the law needs changing then so be it. We need to stand up for our country and its values. I don't want terrorist organisations walking the streets of our country waving their flags. There is a gradual subtle undercurrent of acceptance of these things and if we are not careful we will have lost the opportunity to do anything about it. ISIS is gaining popularity with certain factions in the UK. We see this every day with more stories of radicalised teenagers, families fleeing to join ISIS abroad. All of these people are potential enemies of the UK. Allowing flag waving only gives crede
  10. This is the issue with this country. He was waving the flag of a terrorist organisation, which in my opinion is an incitement to violence, and yet there is nothing that can be done. This is ridiculous and totally without any justification. We need to get a grip on matters like this - until we do I fear for the UK.
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