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  1. Heard a rumble of thunder just now ahead of a downpour that arrived soon after
  2. Dry this morning but that quickly changed with the arrival of the rain just over half an hour ago. Currently heavy rain and increasingly windy. 10.7°C
  3. Squall just gone through here with about a minute of hail and very gusty winds. Gone quiet now since it passed
  4. After a calmer couple of days the winds back again now and the heavy rains arrived. 7.6°C
  5. Same thing happens nearly every time. Unless it's a name that's easy to spell and only has one way of spelling it.
  6. A sunny morning but clouded over early this afternoon and now it’s raining. 7.2°C
  7. Using it in safari it seems good apart from some overlapping text in overlays menu.
  8. Mostly sunny so far this morning but a shower went through not long ago that briefly had a bit of sleet mixed in.
  9. Most of the showers missed here so it's been mostly dry here apart from a couple of brief showers this afternoon. Feels cold now. Reached 9.9°C, currently 5.3°C
  10. Just heard thunder from the shower that passed just to the south of here.
  11. Suddenly got very windy again here with heavy rain. The temperature is dropping more quickly this time unlike when the squall went through earlier. 9.3°C to 8.4°C in 5 minutes
  12. Still quite windy now although nowhere near as windy as it was earlier. The temperature dropped a tiny bit when the rain went through earlier this evening but not the dramatic temperature drop some experienced. Currently 10.3°C
  13. Just started raining again after being dry for the last hour or so. Not sure how much of the squall I’ll get here as it seems to be doing everything to avoid me at the moment.
  14. A brief bit of heavy rain and stronger gusts went though a few minutes ago. Now back to light rain and not quite as windy but probably more than it was before the heavy rain went through.
  15. Increasingly windy here after the wind dropped a bit for a while. Also started raining now.
  16. Lightning showing along that new squall that’s formed ahead of the other one
  17. Was really still a couple of hours ago which was a real calm before the storm moment. Now the winds picked up a bit again but obviously nothing compared with what's to come. 9.2°C
  18. Estofex Level 2 mainly for the wind but mentions the convective potential as well Current ESTOFEX Convective Forecasts - ESTOFEX WWW.ESTOFEX.ORG
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