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  1. I've quite enjoyed the last few days of blue skies and warmth (well today was cloudy but still warm) but I don't really want it to last too much longer as I wouldn't mind a bit more action now. As long as any change doesn't end up being cool and cloudy with little happening.
  2. Cloudy all day apart from a few minutes this afternoon when the sun briefly came out. Reached 20.9°C, currently 17.6°C
  3. Blue skies all day again although a bit more cloud appeared around sunset, breezy again during the afternoon which made it feel a bit cooler than the temperature suggested. Reached 21.6°C, currently 16.7°C
  4. Third day on a row of blue skies. Feeling warm although the breeze has picked up a bit this afternoon. 19.3°C
  5. Almost a repeat of yesterday, sunny and warm with blue skies all day but a bit more of a breeze kept the temperature slightly lower. Reached 19.4°C. Dropping quickly again now, currently 13.7°C
  6. Can't imagine how it felt being in that room they were in before they moved.
  7. Sunny and warm all day with blue skies, cooling down quickly now. reached 21.3°C, currently 12.7°C
  8. Cloudy all day here but feeling a bit warmer than it has done lately with it being more humid. Still quite warm and humid now. Reached 19.6°C, currently 17.3°C
  9. Stayed cloudy all day with occasional drizzle and it’s become more humid now than it was earlier. Reached 18.6°C, currently 17.6°C
  10. Mostly light rain on and off but with a few heavier showers later on this afternoon and evening including a very heavy shower just now. Reached 15.4°C, currently 13.8°C
  11. Not much rain since that heavy shower last night but probably will be soon looking s the radar. Cloudy with a bit of light rain so far today. 15.0°C
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