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  1. Reached 30.4°C earlier but the sea breeze has picked up so now it’s 26.6°C
  2. Not to complete rule it out of course but it does look like most of the showers/storms during the day will be inland rather than on the coast.
  3. Already warmer than yesterday reaching 29.°C although it's dropping at the moment. Currently 29.3°C
  4. After removing the storms reaching the south coast from France after the 15z run yesterday, the UKV is now showing them again on the 06Z.
  5. Meanwhile away from the main areas of storms further north this has just appeared near Exeter
  6. Saw this posted on Facebook of the Oxford cell from Andover.
  7. Likely one of many false strikes that have appeared on there today. It's a regular occurrence on lightningmaps.
  8. Might be better to post in this thread rather than in here
  9. Yes I haven’t got a great view in that direction but I can see it.
  10. The showers in the radar image I posted above are to my SW are a bit too far from me to see at the moment. However I can see this to the east.
  11. Been watching this area grow on the radar over the last hour
  12. Hasn't been as hot as inland areas here but it's still 26.8°C now so it's still much warmer than this time yesterday.
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