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  1. There’s been some strange posts in the MAD thread today.
  2. The default iOS weather app. Highly reliable...
  3. Sunny with clear sky so far today. 5.3°C after an overnight low of -2.1°C. DP -2°C.
  4. I wish we could take more notice of the BBC app. It shows lots of snow here for the next 2 weeks.
  5. Took its time but finally dropped below freezing about 45 minutes ago. Since then it’s dropped quickly to -1.0°C.
  6. Been sat at 0.8°C here for a similar amount of time.
  7. Wasn't it an outlier earlier when it tried to remove the cold?
  8. Just as long as those things you mentioned along with my name just now don't appear.
  9. You didn't think I said Poole deliberately did you?