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  1. Wouldn't bet against it dying. Now looks dark to the east of here but blue sky to where everything's coming from at the moment.
  2. Must've gone between me and you as I saw it to the west of here.
  3. Still nothing much happening here although at least it looks more threathening now.
  4. Just been outside and his is the view to the north.
  5. Just had a few spots of rain here with blue skies overhead at the time. Clouded over a bit more now although still not looking that threatening.
  6. Feels cold outside with the wind despite it being 11.3°C. Dry and mostly cloudy with the sun coming out a bit more in the last hour.
  7. Cooler with sunny spells and a light shower early evening which didn't give any measurable rainfall. Current temp: 3.5°C Humidity: 85% Dewpoint: 1.2°C Max temp: 11.2°C Min temp: 0.6°C Rainfall: 0.0mm Pressure: 1015.9mb rising.
  8. Just had a short shower a few minutes ago. Nothing measurable although a sudden wind gust made it look like it was snowing as a load of blossom blew off the trees outside.
  9. It's snowing.....blossom.  :rofl:

    1. Dami


      I've had some snow :p and hail that exploded on the ground.


    2. lassie23


      i've run out of houmous:closedeyes:

  10. Feels colder in the wind but when sheltered in the sun it feels pleasant. No showers yet. 10.4°C.
  11. Was quite dark near here not long ago. Guess it was only light rain though looking at the radar.
  12. Mostly cloudy although the sun did come out for a while late morning. Current temp: 9.1°C Humidity: 79% Dewpoint: 5.6°C Max temp: 16.3°C Min temp: 5.9°C Rainfall: 0.0mm Pressure: 1013.8mb steady.