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  1. Working again now.
  2. More heavy rain now after several more hours of drizzle. Up to 14.0mm for today,
  3. Is there any reason why I can't view profiles? The rest of the site's fine.
  4. Why does the rain always wait until the most inconvenient time to be at it's heaviest. Yet another badly timed walk this afternoon. :wallbash:

  5. Wet all day alternating between heavy rain and drizzle. Current temp: 13.7°C Humidity: 97% Dewpoint: 13.3°C Max temp: 16.6°C Min temp: 13.7°C Rainfall: 13.6mm Pressure: 996.1mb steady
  6. It's been a miserable afternoon with drizzle all afternoon except for about half an hour when it rained heavily, typically when I was outside . Up to 11.2mm for today.
  7. 2.8mm yesterday and 9.0mm so far today making it the wettest spell for some time. Not so warm today, only 15.7°C.
  8. Just been looking at the radar and there's a few areas on there with intense rainfall showing that's not moving but gradually increasing in size.
  9. Dry morning and early afternoon before turning wet for the rest of the day. Current temp: 16.2°C Humidity: 96% Dewpoint: 15.5°C Max temp: 20.2°C Min temp: 14.1°C Rainfall: 2.8mm Pressure: 1002.0mb steady
  10. Very. In fact so much so it's raining again.
  11. After I said the temperature was rising it's stopped raining and the temperatures dropped again. 2.0mm so far today. 16.5°C.
  12. Interestingly the temperatures started rising in the last few minutes despite the rain continuing as it was earlier. Up to 16.8°C.
  13. Probably way too far west here but it's certainly noticeable how humid it is, which is making it feel warm despite it only being 16°C.
  14. Been raining here for about half an hour now and gradually getting heavier. Still feels fairly warm and humid. 17.4°, 0.4mm
  15. A decent day in the end which was mostly sunny and fairly warm Current temp: 18.0°C Humidity: 75% Dewpoint: 13.5°C Max temp: 20.4°C Min temp: 12.3°C Rainfall: 0.0mm Pressure: 1011.4mb falling