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  1. Not a bad day today although it was a bit cool through a lot of the afternoon but at least it was sunny all day. Reached 20.0°C, currently 13.2°C
  2. Mostly cloudy but with a few sunny spells at times and when the occurred it felt quite warm. Reached 18.8°C, currently 16.7°C
  3. 28.2mm here today along with 7.0mm yesterday. Also it's been around 13°C all day which was a real shock after the last few days
  4. Cloudy all day with light rain at times but still warm and humid. Just had a slightly heavier shower. 20.5°C
  5. Sunny so far but turning increasingly hazy, feels very warm in the sun even thought the temperature isn't that high. 20.9°C
  6. Most of the afternoon was around 21°C with a fairly strong sea breeze but since it dropped less than an hour ago the temperatures shot up to 26.6°C
  7. As usual it’s much lower here with more of a breeze but still not feeling bad at all. 21.9°C
  8. Similar max temp to yesterday but it didn't drop quite as low when the breeze picked up this afternoon. Reached 22.4°C, currently 13.8°C
  9. Only reached 22.3°C here and that was this morning, the sea breeze caused most if the afternoon to be around 18°C before it went back up to around 20°C earlier this evening. Currently 18.3°C
  10. Sunny either blue skies all day. AFelt very warm this morning but not quite a swarm in the afternoon when the breeze picked up. Reached 22.3°C, currently 17.1°C
  11. Mostly sunny and slightly warmer here with less of a breeze than the last few days. Reached 17.4°C, currently 12.4°C
  12. Not a great day here with mostly cloudy skies for a lot of the day and fog later on this afternoon with a cool breeze. Reached 16.3°C, currently 14.4°C
  13. cloudy for most of the day with the odd sunny spell at times. Much cooler than the last few days. 14.8°C
  14. Started off warm and sunny but clouded over late morning with the odd spot of rain. Reached 23.3°C, currently 15.7°C
  15. Another sunny and warm day although a bit windier than recent days. Reached 23.9°C, currently 11.8°C.
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