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  1. Felt really cool this afternoon once the rain arrived with the temperature hovering just above 11°C for most of the afternoon.
  2. Dry and cloudy morning and early afternoon before rain arrived later on. Felt much cooler, especially once the rain arrived. Current temp: 10.3°C Humidity: 95% Dewpoint: 9.6°C Max temp: 14.7°C Min temp: 10.2°C Rainfall: 1.8mm Pressure: 1014.9mb falling
  3. Wouldn’t say it was dark here but it came over very dull for a while. Brighter now but just started to rain and feeling cooler. 13.3°C.
  4. A dry and breezy day with the wind increasing for a time this evening. Of course the most notable thing was the yellow skies and red sun around lunchtime before blue skies eventually appeared later in the afternoon. Current temp: 14.8°C Humidity: 79% Dewpoint: 11.2°C Max temp: 18.7°C Min temp: 14.8°C Rainfall: 0.2mm Pressure: 1019.0mb rising
  5. Back to normal coloured sky and sun now and much brighter.
  6. Much brighter now and the red suns reappeared. Quite gusty now since the darkness has cleared.
  7. Brightening up now after an hour or so of half light. Wind increasing.
  8. Doesn’t do it justice how dark it actually is.
  9. If it gets much darker the street lights will come on.
  10. Hurricane Ophelia

    Very eerie looking here now with yellow skies and becoming increasingly dark.
  11. Just about got a picture of the sun. Cloudier now which is making it seem dark.
  12. Hurricane Ophelia

    Can always count on them.
  13. Hurricane Ophelia

    Not even the Express?
  14. Temperature still rising although slower than my last post. 16.7°C. DP 16.0°C.
  15. Hurricane Ophelia

    More coverage than that on the local radio station here earlier and it's not expected to affect us.