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  1. Summer 2017 Discussion

    A dry start with sunny spells but clouded over early afternoon with rain later on in the afternoon and through the evening. Current temp: 15.8°c Humidity: 97% Dewpoint: 15.4°C Max temp: 18.8°C Min temp: 9.4°C Rainfall: 6.2mm Pressure: 1012.3mb falling
  2. Bright with sunny spells so far today but looks like that's about to change with thicker cloud approaching. 18.3°C.
  3. Well that came to nothing at all. Looks like it broke up as it got here so hardly rained let alone any thunder. Next door just came back from near Ringwood and said they had fairly large hail and frequent lightning for a few minutes as it passed through.
  4. Looks very dark to the west now and just heart a faint rumble.
  5. Looks like that lines just coming into view.
  6. Dry start but looks like the first shower is approaching. 18.2°C.
  7. Overnight rain cleared to leave a cloudy morning followed by a sunny afternoon before the cloud returned later. Current temp: 17.4°C Humidity: 92% Dewpoint: 16.1°C Max temp: 20.5°C Min temp: 16.4°C Rainfall: 4.0mm Pressure: 1012.2mb steady
  8. Blue sky appearing now and the sun just coming through. 19.6°C.
  9. I'm doing the same tomorrow evening so hopefully it'll be dry. Cloudy start after 4.0mm of rain last night. 18.8°C.
  10. So the storm starved northwest's finally seeing some action. Nothing here although some bright colours showing on the radar heading this way.
  11. Mostly sunny and warm, although the breeze picked up this afternoon making it feel a bit cooler at times. Current temp: 17.3°C Humidity: 83% Dewpoint: 14.4°C Max temp: 19.2°C Min temp: 10.9°C Rainfall: 0.0mm Pressure: 1015.4mb falling
  12. Not bad here so far today, mostly sunny and warm although the breeze is stronger now than earlier. 18.9°C.
  13. Sunny and warm again today. Decent weather over the last few days and its felt a bit more summery compared to what it has lately. 19.2°C