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  1. Down to 3.2°C so far tonight so it's not far off the coldest night of the month so far, not that it's got much competition.
  2. Not a bad day in the end, even though it clouded over for a large part of the afternoon there were still a few decent sunny spells and it was dry for the second day in a row. Reached 10.0°C.
  3. Sunny start and a bit cooler than of late but still pleasant in the sun. 9.4°C
  4. Got down to 7.2°C a couple of hours ago but it's risen to 8.6°C now.
  5. MOGREPS is, not sure if Tim meant UKV but if he did then yes both of them are.
  6. I know snow fell inland not that far from here but here it was just very cold rain. The perks of living by the coast.
  7. Not here it didn't. Still what came later in the winter made up for it.
  8. There were a few reports in the south west thread last night suggesting there was something there last night.
  9. Finally a dry day to help put the Christmas lights up outside. Still feels quite mild although not as mild as it was a few days ago. 10.3°C
  10. Finally sunny with blue skies after several days without any sun at all. 11.5°C
  11. Still dodging most of the showers here but it sounds like the winds got up again.
  12. Strong gusts in the showers here so I guess more so there given how exposed it is.
  13. Some lively looking showers around at the moment looking at the radar, just started raining here. Seems it won't miss me this time.
  14. Me if the rest of the days anything to go by. It'll find a way of missing here.