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  1. Sunny all day with blue skies and a cold breeze. Reached 10.5°C, currently 4.2°C
  2. Already happened here with the showers earlier this afternoon yet to the north they stayed intact.
  3. Didn’t get a great deal from the showers this afternoon here as the heaviest ones missed here. Quite a notable temperature drop when the first shower went through. 8.4°C
  4. Which is fine . I think @Mapantz was just pointing it out. For what it's worth, I would've thought if there was any chance of 60mph gusts inland more would've been made of it than what's been said.
  5. Cloudy start to the day but the cloud cleared for a while before more cloud arrived leaving sunny spells for the afternoon. Can hear the wind picking up now. Reached 11.3°C, currently 11.2°C
  6. Back to mild weather which also means back to dull and damp weather. Started off cloudy and damp but had a few sunny spells early this afternoon before more rain now. 11.4°C
  7. Stayed cloudy all afternoon and increasingly windy later on. Much milder tonight after the frost last night. Reached 10.7°C, currently 10.6°C
  8. Low of -1.8°C last night making it the coldest night so far. Started off sunny this morning but clouded over later on leaving a cloudy afternoon. 10.1°C
  9. Sunny morning followed by a cloudier afternoon but still a few sunny spells before it cleared again around sunset. Reached 8.3°C. Earliest it's dropped below freezing so far this evening, currently -0.4°C
  10. Low of 0.4°C here last night. Sunny all day again but slight milder than the last few days. Reached 9.7°C, currently 4.2°C
  11. Sunny all day with blue skies overhead although more cloud appeared to the west later on. Reached 7.8°C, currently 1.6°C
  12. Took a long time to drop below freezing last night but it did eventually with a low of -0.7°C. Sunny all day with blue skies so far. 7.5°C
  13. Stopped just above 2°C for a while earlier but dropping quicker now. 1.2°C
  14. Sunny for most of the day although it clouded over a bit more later on in the afternoon. Reached 7.7°C, currently 2.3°C
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