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  1. Dewpoint dropped to -6.8°C not long ago. Slowly rising again now along with the humidity.
  2. Dewpoint of -6.8°C not long ago, lower than all of winter. No chance of snow now of course. :wallbash:

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    2. matt111
    3. lassie23


      lol that would be welcome

    4. matt111


      Would look more wintery than winter looked 

  3. Sunny all day but didn't feel warm with a cold breeze. Also a low humidity of 27%. Current temp: 9.5°C Humidity: 36% Dewpoint: -4.9°C Max temp: 16.4°C Min temp: 4.6°C Rainfall: 0.0mm Pressure: 1023.2mb steady
  4. Made it to 16.6°C but with a cold wind didn't feel that warm. Was at Swanage earlier and it felt even colder there with the wind coming off the sea. Currently 14.6°C. Only 30% humidity with a dewpoint of -3°C at the moment.
  5. Everyone saying how warm it is yet here there's still a cold breeze. :angry:

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      the weather has gone tis up

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      To much tissy talk :shok:

    4. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      as I believe in mild and wet, it feels colder than a wet Atlantic day would in Dec to Feb! especially first thing, soon hopefully though about May, the sunny/bright days should feel warmer than the wet/windy days

  6. Cloudy earlier in the day before turning sunnier into the afternoon. Felt fairly warm in the sun but with a cold breeze. Current temp: 9.7°C Humidity: 74% Dewpoint: 5.3ºC Max temp: 13.1°C Min temp: 7.4°C Rainfall: 0.4mm Pressure: 1029.6mb rising
  7. Turned into quite a nice afternoon now with hazy sunshine and feeling warm when sheltered from the fairly cold breeze. 12.7°C.
  8. Lowest temperature here was -3.8°C on the first day of winter.
  9. Wet first thing then mostly cloudy with a few showers. Current temp: 9.3°C Humidity: 75% Dewpoint: 5.1°C Max temp: 11.3°C Min temp: 3.6°C Rainfall: 1.2mm Pressure: 1016.4mb rising rapidly
  10. Feels like mid winter again inside my house. :cold:

  11. Another dull day and a cold wind making it feel cold despite being 11.2°C.
  12. Still dropping here. Currently 2.7°C which is the joint lowest temperature so far this month.
  13. Didn't think the temperature was going to drop this low tonight. Currently 3.4°C although I expect it'll rise later on before the rain arrives.
  14. The symbol of spring. Daffodils and blue sky. Or maybe not the blue sky most of the time.
  15. Sunny most of the day once the early rain cleared. Current temp: 4.9°C Humidity: 86% Dewpoint: 2.7°C Max temp: 9.7°C Min temp: 4.9°C Rainfall: 3.6mm Pressure: 1000.4mb rising