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  1. Mostly blue skies here although a bit of cloud turning the sun hazy at times. 11.1°C
  2. Not even a hint of brightness here today and because of that it only reached 8.0°C, cold in comparison to areas further north.
  3. Seems I’m in one of the coldest parts of the UK at the moment with the cloud cover. Still only 7.9°C here.
  4. Yes I’m inland at the moment and it’s cloudy here too.
  5. Looks like the new website they’ve been trialling for a while now. Never seen a daily text forecast that far ahead before. Sunny all day although it’s clouded over a bit now. Reached 10.1°C
  6. Light rain for a lot of this morning but otherwise it’s been a cloudy and dry day. Missed the heavy showers that went through not long ago. A bit cooler than recent days, reached 8.9°C.
  7. Sunny for most of the morning but turned hazy late morning and it’s much cloudier now. 9.8°C
  8. Not as nice as the last couple of days with cloudy skies and feeling a bit cooler. 9.2°C
  9. Low of 0.3°C last night. Same as yesterday now with blue skies and feeling pleasant. 10.8°C
  10. Much as I’d rather it was cold in February, it’s not bad out there now with blue skies and feeling pleasant. 10.2°C
  11. Hazy sunshine all day and pleasant when out of the breeze. Reached 10.1°C, currently 8.9°C