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  1. Cloudy start but brighter now with sunny spells. Feeling quite warm even with the breeze. 21.6°C.
  2. Mostly cloudy here with limited sunshine but still feeling warmer than yesterday. 19.2°C.
  3. Just stopped raining after a wet day so far. 12.4mm from this mornings rain. Currently a cool 13.9°C.
  4. Warmer today than it was over the weekend with a high of 22.6°C. Came over quite dark earlier but only a had few spots of rain.
  5. Sun back out now after very little rain from that shower, most of it passed to the north as it looked like it would.
  6. Incoming... well maybe just missing actually.
  7. Stopped raining here and the suns coming out. Already had 8.2mm from the heavy rain over the last hour or so. 17.4°C.
  8. Very heavy rain here at the moment. 5.8mm so far today.
  9. Just heard thunder. Looks very dark to the north of here so presumably it came from there.
  10. Saw the edge of that when I was out for a walk not long ago. A few convective rain drops falling here again.
  11. A few spots of convective rain not long ago from that mass that moved in off the channel but nothing much.
  12. Mostly cloudy now after a sunny start with a few spots of rain not long ago. Quite breezy but feeling warm. 23.2°C.
  13. Reached 23.1°C today with the usual sea breeze keeping the temperature down, yesterday there wasn't a sea breeze and it reached 28.9°C, not far off the highest here this year.
  14. Warmest it's felt here at this time of the evening for a while considering usually the sea breeze has kept it cooler. Still 23.3°C.
  15. Sunny and warm with blue skies. Less of a breeze today so it reached 26.9°C earlier, a slightly more of a breeze now so it’s dropped a bit to 24.8°C.