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  1. Another nice day with blue skies all day. Very nice for a walk in Lymington earlier. Reached 18.9°C here.
  2. Another nice day here with blue skies all day and pleasantly warm reaching 15.9°C
  3. Blue skies all day and feeling quite warm. 16.5°C
  4. Much nicer today, sunny and pleasant out of the breeze. 15.8°C
  5. Wasn’t expecting it to be as wet as this today. Mostly drizzle but with heavier rain on and off all day so far giving a total of 2.8mm. 13.7°C
  6. Cloudy and slightly warmer than yesterday at the moment. 16.5°C
  7. Mostly dull and dry all day apart from a bit of drizzle around lunchtime. Eventually reached 15.7°C later on this afternoon.
  8. Wettest day for a long time here with 27.0mm falling. Dry and cloudy now and feeling cold. 11.8°C
  9. Not that windy here today and in the sun this afternoon it felt warm. Reached 20.3°C
  10. Feels strange how warm it is and even more so with the wind. 18.8°C
  11. Wet and windy first thing this morning although nothing compared to further west. Cloudy, mostly dry and less windy this afternoon with the odd shower. 19.0°C
  12. Reached 20.8°C and felt very nice this afternoon. Still feels fairly warm now, currently 17.3°C. Looks like some showers approaching from the south.
  13. matt111

    Hurricane Michael

    “Warning: May cause immediate desire to visit the beach” I think I’ll give that a miss.
  14. Much nicer than yesterday with blue skies and feeling pleasant. 17.4°C