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  2. speyweather

    2014 / 2015 Premier League Discussion

    Rather than Liverpool, it looked like City were the team that were getting off a plane from Turkey at 6 o'clock Friday morning. Terrific performance from The Reds, with so many individual performances that could have merited "man of the match", but the little fella Coutinho - a joy to watch!
  3. 24 hrs. to 0900: 2.4c Min temp 6.8c Max temp Rain: nil Sun: 1.61 hrs. Currently 6.6c 994 Mb. falling Wind 5 mph SSW (Gust 22) Cloudy
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  7. 24 hrs. to 0900: -5.1c Min.temp. 2.2c Max.temp 1.8 mm rainfall(as snow) 5.84 hrs. sun Currently 0.4c 975 Mb. steady Wind 10 mph SSW Level snow depth: 5.5 cm Mostly cloudy
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    2014 / 2015 Premier League Discussion

    ... don't be too hard on yourself!
  9. speyweather

    2014 / 2015 Premier League Discussion

    I see ex-referee Mark Halsey is calling on today's officials to deal with Costa's tendency to stamp on players. Halsey himself was always one to "bottle" a decision, so he must know what it's like as a top-flight official, but let's hope the FA do take note. Costa, who I would describe simply as "nasty" is supposed to be a professional, and that carries with it certain responsibilities. Enough of a fuss was made over Luis Suarez and his fondness of human flesh, but his conduct, as reprehensible as it was, is never going to finish a player's career. Stamping on a player in my opinion is far more serious than anything Suarez did, which earned him a lengthy ban. Though extremely unlikely, that is what the FA should be dishing out to Costa before he ends up crippling a player for life! (And Mourinho too should be taking on some of the responsibility too - perhaps he is behind the scenes? If so, he needs to show it to the rest of us)
  10. speyweather

    Scotland - Weather Chat

    -3.8c overnight low, with further snow overnight: Now a (level) 6.5 cm. Lovely sunny morning now. Fresh snow and sun - very picturesque.
  11. 24 hrs. to 0900: -3.8c Min.temp. 2.3c Max.temp. 4.6 mm rainfall (as snow) Currently -1.4c 973 Mb. falling slowly Wind 5 mph SW Level snow depth: 6.5 cm Partly cloudy
  12. speyweather

    2014 / 2015 Premier League Discussion

    Costa has been charged with violent conduct and now faces a 3-match ban. The case is certain to be fast-tracked before Chelsea's game with Man City this weekend. Also, Mourinho has been hit with a £25,000 fine arising out of comments he made with regard to match officials following their recent Southampton fixture, and a 'campaign' against Chelsea by pundits, officials, coaches, BBC, ITV, Sky and Tesco delivery men!! But really, what is the point of a fine that will mean little to him? Why not fit the punishment to suit the crime? If he has trouble with referees on the touchline, rather than a fine, banish him to the stands for a couple of games. If he gets into trouble with post-match comments (and that's nothing new) then hit him with a media ban. Such punishments would be an effective punishment and a deterrent. (This was certainly the case with with Alex Ferguson - another manager who had a bit of history with officials. He would declare a self-induced ban if he felt likely to blow his top and sent Mike Phelan out to face the press.) Mourinho gets away with far too much - the same old charges time after time. Time for the FA to stop faffing around and starve him of the limelight he loves so much.
  13. speyweather

    2014 / 2015 Premier League Discussion

    ... agreed.. and wouldn't it be refreshing to have Mourinho NOT seeking to defend the indefensible?
  14. 24 hrs. to 0900 1.0c Min.temp. 7.9c Max.temp 3.5 mm rainfall Currently 1.1c 984 Mb. falling slowly Wind 10 mph SSW (Gust 39) Mostly cloudy
  15. 24 hrs. to 0900: 0.7c Min.temp 6.2c Max.temp 0.3 mm rainfall 4.60 hrs. sun Currently 5.7c 1019 Mb. steady Wind 5 mph SSW Overcast