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  1. 24 hrs. to 0900: -5.1c Min.temp. 2.2c Max.temp 1.8 mm rainfall(as snow) 5.84 hrs. sun Currently 0.4c 975 Mb. steady Wind 10 mph SSW Level snow depth: 5.5 cm Mostly cloudy
  2. 24 hrs. to 0900: -3.8c Min.temp. 2.3c Max.temp. 4.6 mm rainfall (as snow) Currently -1.4c 973 Mb. falling slowly Wind 5 mph SW Level snow depth: 6.5 cm Partly cloudy
  3. 24 hrs. to 0900 1.0c Min.temp. 7.9c Max.temp 3.5 mm rainfall Currently 1.1c 984 Mb. falling slowly Wind 10 mph SSW (Gust 39) Mostly cloudy
  4. 24 hrs. to 0900: 0.7c Min.temp 6.2c Max.temp 0.3 mm rainfall 4.60 hrs. sun Currently 5.7c 1019 Mb. steady Wind 5 mph SSW Overcast
  5. 24 hrs. to 0900: 0.7c Min. temp 9.3c Max. temp. 0.4 mm rainfall 0.64 hrs. sun Currently 0.7c 1015 Mb. rising rapidly Wind 7 mph WSW Partly cloudy, recent wintry showers.
  6. 24 hrs. to 0900: 0.7c Min temp 6.1c Max temp 0.9 mm rainfall 3.44 hrs. sun 5.1c Current temp 1016 Mb. steady Wind 12 mph SSW Cloudy
  7. 24 hrs. to 0900: -0.9c Min.temp 6.2c Max temp 3.4 mm rainfall (as snow) 3.10 hrs. sun 0.5c Current temp 1016 Mb. rising rapidly Wind 8 mph SW Snow showers. Level snow depth: 3.5 cm
  8. 24 hrs to 0900: -10.6c Min temp 5.8c Max temp 2.71 hrs sun 4.5c Current temp 1006 Mb falling rapidly Wind 10 mph S Snow thawing fast
  9. 24 hrs. to 0900: -10.8c Min.temp. 2.7c Max.temp 2.59 hrs. sun -10.6c Current temp 1021 Mb rising slowly Wind light, partly cloudy Rainfall: nil Level snow depth 4.0 cm
  10. 24 hrs. to 0900: -7.2c Min.temp 1.2c Max temp. 1.07 hrs. sun Rain/snow: nil -3.8c Current temp 1008 Mb rising slowly Calm. Partly cloudy, bright Level snow depth 5 cm
  11. George Galloway has delivered, it has to be said, a powerful address at a "Freedom of speech" demonstration in his Bradford constituency. I don't agree with everything that Mr. Galloway says, much of what he said at the weekend is absolutely spot on.... http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2015/01/20/george-galloway-charlie-hebdo-racist-islamophobic-hypocritical-rag-freedom-speech-rally_n_6506008.html?icid=maing-grid7|ukt2|dl1|sec3_lnk5%26pLid%3D323618
  12. 24 hrs to 0900: -11.1c Min temp. -4.4c Max temp 5.84 hrs. sun -7.2c Currently 1009 Mb. steady Calm, partly cloudy. Level snow depth 5.0 cm
  13. After the coldest night of the winter so far, Ben Nevis, viewed from Corpach (19th Jan 2015)
  14. Absolutely right! Freedom of speech (in this country at least) is conditional: stay within the law, and you can happily say whatever you want.
  15. Following last night's low of -10.5c, it's now -11.0c. Today's high -4.4c
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