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  1. 36.5 Romford ? I can see some very big clouds building out there . Just had a cold shower (indoors) , feel better now. ?
  2. Romford, we have been having this storm for about 2-3 hours now, think they are sneaking eastwards very slowly... more pics later.
  3. Been watching that radar, scary looking over RM7 (Romford) if you get a chance to see, no thunder, just torrential rain...
  4. Benfleet is doing well too WhatsApp_Video_2017-01-12_at_18_12_58.mp4
  5. Too warm/hot, lets hope it brings thunderstorms again
  6. The storms in south essex Basildon and Benfleet were from about 5pm til about 9pm , 3 of them too, they were pretty correct, very little rain , lots of lightning and thunder though
  7. This storms great, not much rain , but a lot of CG and building, also very slow moving, Internal storm cloud lightning too.
  8. A lot of CG lightning and now bit of hail and heavy rain... (Benfleet, Essex)
  9. V active storm over here, moving across benfleet, slow moving, which is great as i think its developing a lot, cloud to ground and lightning across sky , big bloopy rain, very nice, drink ing pint in it at the moment lol.
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