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  1. Afternoon All. Happy Easter wx forecast - Increasing clouds with little temperature change. ===================================================================== Temperature : 8.4°C (Feels like 7.9°C) Dewpoint : 5.2°C Humidity : 80% Pressure : 1009.8mb and Falling Slowly over 3 hours Now rain here yet, despite the radar suggesting we are now under the rain shadow. I don't think it will be long.
  2. The radar is looking like the streamer that has been feeding Torbay all day is getting nudged Westwards by the approaching band?
  3. Hi @tomjwlx, Is this showing a trough out to the EDIT *WEST* of Land's End and a ridge running from Truro towards Exeter? If so, has the ridge probably been responsible for killing the PPB in that area?
  4. The grass is sloooowly starting to turn white again and the temp is falling from +1.0 to +0.2 in the last hour. For those willing to click on a link, here is the Blizzard Part 2: PL9 Edition, in 16 seconds. https://webcam.io/clips/ZN5oA0
  5. Well I was resisting posting as I didn't want to let the SW team down, and it seems it might not be over just yet! So, as you have asked for updates @Man With Beard, I'd say at the moment, it is sadly another "close, but no cigar" IMBY, Most of the South Hams has been hammered, but the extreme South West of the South Hams has its shields up again. We had an hour of snow from 11:30 that turned everything white apart from the roads. It has all but gone now. The kids in the local park have resorted to using their sledges on the slide! I'm eagerly watching the next batch heading
  6. Only kidding with it being covered in snow Perfectly happy with it keeping a tiny 19AH bike battery topped up. I'm a fair weather biker - shan't be going out on it today
  7. I'm off for a walk along the costal path. Right after I've left a lousy review for the Oxford solar battery charger I bought a few days ago. Absolute junk
  8. Yep - definitely premature. . . . Looks like I got the arrow direction badly wrong. It must have been a slight change in intensity making it look like it was starting to drift North (and the future radar prediction shows that?) But it still seems to be marching in. Here it comes Cornwall!
  9. EDIT - OK, maybe a little premature. Heavy is snow flurry as I type. But I think it will be on and off instead of On for 6 hours! It looks like it's going to miss PL9 again It's ben heading right towards us for the last 6 hours, but has just started to drift North by the looks of things. I think I will have to move.
  10. Wow - and that was on very wet roads. Super fine stuff starting to fall here. I think this is going to be much more dramatic than the Beast Mk1 for this corner of our region.
  11. What's the predictions for the stuff that is still coming out of Cherbourg? Is it likely to continue to dogleg into South Devon & Cornwall or is it more likely to "whip lash" out and flick northwards?
  12. Yep - and temp starting to fall again By the way, looking at your signature, did you not catch that massive thunder storm in May last year? It was awesome.
  13. It's up to 1.5c here now. Starting to cloud over to the East, so hopefully that will cap the rise. I'm going insane looking at that meteociel radar. It's looking more promising than Round 1 and it just has to traverse the South Hams peninsula now. I'm nervous about snow/rain boundary.
  14. Morning all, There's going to be a few surprised Devonian and Cornish Folk if this kicks off! Current conditions! . . . .
  15. Nowt here at the moment. A few 0.5cm flakes early afternoon, but dust other than that.
  16. What are your thoughts on IMBY Coastal PPN ? I've seen posts with a caveat of "away from the coast", but I've not been able to find out if the concern is rain or lack of PPN in general.
  17. Ah yes, I see it on the radar . . . sadly slipping out to sea at the moment. Early days yet and hopefully the rotation will bring it back in before the mild air swamps it. Early days, but we just missed the full force of the beast last time in PL9.
  18. Same here, 1 mile from the Devon coast. Even though "dust" has been falling most of the day, there is nothing blowing around and the ground is bone dry. Car has frozen droplets on it, where the larger flakes from earlier had melted. Temperature : -0.6°C (Feels like -4.4°C) Dewpoint : -3.1°C Humidity : 83% www.caiels.com
  19. Still here . . . still lurking We had proper snow for an hour or so early afternoon, now just the odd fleck is floating around, as it has been most of the day. I don't have a lamppost, but the IR lamps on the webcam pick up EVERYTHING. Tiny amounts of snizzle look like a blizzard. It's just reached 0.0c, down from 4.0c at noon. DP -2.5c
  20. Yes - I think you are right. I thought Fieldfare was the nickname for a Mistle Thrush, but I stand corrected! They were both solitary. I hope they weren't separated from their flock in the high winds.
  21. Thanks everyone for a great forum and especially to the regulars for putting up with us lurkers. I missed the worst (best!) of the blizzard here in Wembury, SW Devon, but I had a great first course of powder snow on Wednesday and a little dessert course of freezing rain last night. Nothing to cause a problem, but enough to say I’ve seen freezing rain! Here are a few pictures to give a view of the condition across our region. Wembury, 85m ASL and 1 mile inland. 3 day and 7 day air temp profile. Powder snow on Wednesday. Driving winds and fine snow on Thur
  22. BUST! Good luck to all those chasing an ice day - especially it's your first this winter. And good luck to everyone with the potential developments over night. Stay safe.
  23. -0.3c here, but the rise has levelled out a tiny bit. That's what I'm staying up for, but I think it's a lost cause I also had an ice day yesterday, but it would have been nice to get one in March!
  24. No sign of freezing rain in Wembury, SW Devon. I've been waiting for two hours to say what was happening as an intense radar shadow went over, but they keep evaporating just before they get here. I think it is mainly old snow blowing around in the wind now. Air temp -1.3c, DP -1.7c. With the way these showers are disappearing, it looks to be about it for a while. There is one more shower maybe about an hour away, but I'm not expecting it to do anything different to the others. More snow would have been great, but at least it looks like we won't get the freezing rain. Conditions for We
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