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  1. If the 850 temps were to reach almost 20oC what temperature should we expect on ground level at this time of year? 26/27oC?
  2. Thanks for the advice guys! Will dego have a look at eccowits website!
  3. What I meant was that I wanted a station for around that price and one that was the best station in that price range. I've seen a few on Amazon and they have amazing reviews but not sure whether to trust it or not ?‍♂️ I would love a £600 one but I just do not have the funds atm ?
  4. I've had many weather stations before and have never found the temperature sensor to be too accurate as most require it to be in direct sunlight with a 'mini' screen around it. I'm thinking of getting a new one, don't want to pay anymore than £150 but also want a UV sensor and for it to connect to the wifi. Anyone have any idea on what is the best one to get and if possible the cheapest place to get it from! I will be grateful for any advice! Thanks!
  5. I love a cold bedroom, don't get me wrong. I have an aircon that is set to 18oC all summer long but 11/12oC. Nope. That's way too cold! Although I would still take 11/12oC over a 30oC bedroom any day! Cosy under a thick duvet should be the only way to sleep ?
  6. Was hot and mostly sunny all day with just a few wispy high clouds here and there. Top temp I measured here in Hertfordshire was 31.2oC. The "low" last night ( if you can call it that) was 19.8oC! Possibly the highest night temp I have recorded going back about 10 years! Currently still very warm and clear at 22.1oC. Will be interesting to see what I record tomorrow ???
  7. I'm late to the party and know it's too late to enter now but been saying since monday I think the high will be 39.2oC at Northolt. What am I hoping for? Well 40oC or above would really be exciting albeit also extremely scary, uncomfortable and worrying.
  8. 33.1oC was my highest recording 6.8oC was my lowest recording In St Albans
  9. Was exactly 23.0oC her today! Felt okay in the sun but due to much lower humidity than recently it wasnt exactly warm Although kids were in and out of our pool (with added hot water)
  10. Unimpressed really, what looked like a record breaking spell of extreme heat and humidity now seems to be moving further away with each day and I'm now beginning to become convinced that we may not even see any exceptionally high temperatures? The GFS AND ECM runs this morning haven't given me much to be excited about. Do we think they will ramp up again? Would love it to atleast break the June record one of the days, most likely next Saturday judging by recent forecasts.
  11. I wouldn't know where to find the statistics but it's been a long time since we've had even a few hours of rain consecutively. We've had the odd day where weve had a few showers and just now weve had an absolute deluge but will do very little for the grass that's already turning yellow as it would have all ran off. I'm not complaining. It is what it is and the weather will do what it wants. I doubt we are anywhere near a water ban and even if it is getting that way it wont be long till the Atlantic gets going again. Making the most of the drier periods while weve still go
  12. I am surprised that considering it is still so early in the season and a month away from the equinox, that we have hit a UV of 9 Just! I really think weather organisations should research into giving a better UV index forecast. Met office today said a UV of 6 and in a couple of places 7, Accuweather only gave a UV of 6 in these areas and the BBC was by far the worst with just their moderate UV forecast. I'm sure many people have been caught out in the sun today as it wasn't too hot and the UV levels seen were on par with Cyprus!
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