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  1. Lightning not so frequent now. Really strong wind gusts though and heavy rain with hail mixed in. Occasional thunder now very high-based it seems.
  2. Thundering here in Dronfield, South Yorkshire. Some lovely flashes and CG's. Quite frequent as well, a few strikes per min currently, and heavy rain. Second storm in 3 days
  3. I'm in glamourous Sutton Coldfield from Tues-Thurs this week. Storm potential looking ok? Thoughts?

    1. Coast


      Later in the week rather than earlier maybe?

  4. nice morning here! risk of a few sharp showers this afternoon

  5. incredible performance from Rosol to knock out Rafa at Wimbledon, one of the best tennis performances I've seen :O

    1. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      ruined wimbledon, that rosol wont get to semis

    2. Radiating Dendrite

      Radiating Dendrite

      What? So you want the same four players in the later stages of every tournament? Yes I suppose one of the biggest tennis upsets ever has put a downer on the tournament!

    3. Deluxe


      lol "ruined Wimbledon" opened up the draw more like. brilliant stuff :D

  6. low cloud cleared very quickly this morning to leave us another fine, sunny day. long may it continue :)

  7. what a stunning day! finally some proper spring warmth. Careful of the high UV index today folks :)

    1. Milhouse


      And it was actually tomorrow that the warm spell was supposed to begin but it got brought forward a day.

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