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  1. Keraunic

    Can anyone remember the time when.....

    When a bag of chips cost a 'tanner' (sixpence) and fish and chips 1/6.
  2. Mornin each. After a couple of very wet and gloomy days, it's cheered up a bit in Ippy. Tuesday in Naaaaarich was horrendous. And apparently, there were flooded roads in Ippy. Have a good day everyone.
  3. Keraunic

    Second Language

  4. Lots of towers going up around Ipswich. After all the rain this morning and now some warm sun, we will 'probably' 'maybe' 'hopefully' see some T&L later.
  5. Well, it absolutely hammered it down in Ipswich, and there was one rumble of thunder. Brilliant!!!!! Hope for better things today.
  6. I'm trying very hard not to get my hopes up....but really, I can't help it. I hope we get some cracking storms next week. Fingers, toes, eyes and everything it's possible to cross is crossed for us all.
  7. Keraunic

    Things that tick you off?

    Litter. I could scream when I see discarded takeaway cartons, beer cans, fag packets etc strewnall over the place. I took my niece to the park today and I was so annoyed to see litter lying about near some 'big kids' climbing frames when there is a litter bin barely ten yards away. Lazy, inconsiderate little Bs. Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!
  8. Er......why should the presence of gay people be a contributing factor to how abysmal it was/is? Do explain that blatantly homophobic remark.
  9. Keraunic

    Things that tick you off?

    Attention seekers, self centred people and back stabbers really, really annoy me.
  10. Oh, that's typical. Some storm activity in Norwich today. They'll all come South to Ippy when I go back home to Norwich on Sunday. :(

  11. This was the stormy looking skies in Ipswich earlier...but no T&L unfortunately.
  12. They missed Ipswich. Curses! Aww, so sorry, Jax . Sad indeed. Poor little thing.
  13. Mornin each. Hope we get some rumbles today. It's raining in Ippy ATM but going to Naaaaaarich later. Have a good day.
  14. So sorry, PP. I do know how you must feel right now. Hope he's happy now at The Bridge. It's two years nearly since my beloved Oscar died. It's so horrible when we lose our pets. They are family as well. X