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    Weather - severe and extreme events such as Atlantic depressions, thunderstorms, and heavy snowfalls. I also am interested in Football, (Ipswich Town FC!) and enjoy many other sports too.

    I also have a keen interest in photography which means that I'm often out photographing the weather, much to everyone else's amusement(!)

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  1. Here are the maxima I recorded from the 6th- 11th August 2003; my station at the time tended to underestimate the max by around 0.5C - 1C due to a very slow lag-time but in general the maxima were close to that of nearby Wattisham in Suffolk. 6th: 33.0C 7th: 29.7C 8th: 29.3C 9th: 33.2C 10th: 34.6C 11th: 31.8C The 6th, 9th and 10th are the 3 hottest days I've ever recorded (with records only going back to July 2000)- and on the 10th it passed 30C at around 10.30am!
  2. It has been a very cold winter across parts of Central and Eastern Europe: Moscow for instance recorded a negative 2.45C anomaly over the past 90 days. Berlin also recorded a negative 1.8C anomaly for the last 90 days: Even parts of the UK have recorded below average temperatures over the winter: Manston (southeast) -0.26C : http://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/glob.../tn03797_90.gif Bournemouth -0.99C : http://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/glob.../tn03862_90.gif
  3. Is it possible to add a table into a post?
  4. Welcome back John. Hope you had a good time, it's been as dull as ditchwater here the past week so you haven't missed much.
  5. This is from my weather records: September 2001 Mean temperature : 12.9C October 2001 Mean temperature : 13.0C
  6. The reason for the downgrade in temps on Sunday/Monday is not because of colder air advecting across the U.K. but that fog is expected to develop tonight and may be slow to clear during the day limiting temperatures where it persists all or much of the day.
  7. I hope Daniel Corbett doesn't do the Countryfile forecast this week.. Should be a classic, although I think even by Sunday they will be hesitant to go into much detail for the end of next week.
  8. The temperature at Tarko-Sale (cent. Siberia at 64.5N, 77.5W) dropped to -54.2C early on the 13th Jan, in the center of what is currently an intensely frigid airmass across the region. AAXX 13061 23552 31996 00901 11515 21551 30351 40394 57004 70400 333 21542= This airmass is expected to moderate slightly and advect slowly southwestward towards western Russia during next week.
  9. Below is the anomaly map for E Europe and W Russia. And, the 30-day max/min temperatures and departures from the mean at Moscow
  10. Cheers Tim, Cooling down in Iceland. The maps I posted have updated, but still show relatively mild weather across E Europe and W Russia. Fingers crossed this will change over the next week or so!
  11. Something wrong with the max at Reykjavik, it was +5C according to Weatheronline and none of the METARS show it higher than this... Anyway, watch out for some negative max's there over the next few days as some -10C 850hPa air works its way across Iceland. http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/ohmy.gif
  12. Here is the anomaly map for East Europe + W Russia. It should automatically update:
  13. Comparing summer 2004 with 2005 in Suffolk, 2004 June 16.3C / 41.6mm July 17.0C / 67.0mm August 18.1C / 133.2mm Warmest Day: 8th June (30.2C) 2005 June 16.8C / 28.8mm July 17.1C / 57.6mm August 16.2C / 73.6mm Warmest Day: 19th June (30.8C) - Warmest day since August 11th 2003. So summer 2004 had an average of 17.1C and 241.8mm! (thanks to a very wet August) whereas summer 2005 started well with a very warm and dry June, but then went rapidly downhill to end up with an average of 16.7C and 160mm. So here Summer 2004 was slightly warmer but wetter. What's interesting is the lack of >+30C maxima recorded recently especially in July and August. The last time that occured was in 2003.
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