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  1. https://www.wunderground.com/personal-weather-station/dashboard?ID=ICUXTON2#history -2.7 and falling.
  2. That front from here in Cuxton.
  3. Sat right underneath that currently and it's like driving through a car wash! Gusty as hell and properly tipping it down.
  4. Eltham.. on a motorbike...heading to Wanstead. Think I drew the short straw today.
  5. Up she goes! Looking towards Ranscombe nature reserve from the top of Cuxton. And a few minutes later. (cat for scale)
  6. #+>¢™{™¥>¥>{™™!!! F me, that was one loud shotgun thunderclap!
  7. Constant... and I mean constant flashes, rain overhead and I just seen noah go down my street!
  8. Camera on standby! It's like something from close encounters out there!
  9. Back end of that cell Maidstone way.
  10. Had a few rumbles of thunder here in Cuxton from that cell passing by just now.
  11. Another pic from my son in Ebbw Vale,now that's a drift!
  12. About another inch here so far, my motorbike is feeling unloved being stuck in the garage this week and thinks i'm going to divorce it and buy a car!
  13. Just got a update from my son in Ebbw Vale... I think it snowed there,. VID-20180302-WA0002.mp4
  14. My eldest son is under the red warning in South Wales, just gave him the heads up.