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  1. Another pic from my son in Ebbw Vale,now that's a drift!
  2. About another inch here so far, my motorbike is feeling unloved being stuck in the garage this week and thinks i'm going to divorce it and buy a car!
  3. Just got a update from my son in Ebbw Vale... I think it snowed there,. VID-20180302-WA0002.mp4
  4. My eldest son is under the red warning in South Wales, just gave him the heads up.
  5. Blue bell hill to the left and my cats footprints on next doors garage roof to the right.
  6. Just under 9" total this morning. Took a selfie from the garden too.
  7. Just woke up, not checked outside yet but **** me that's cold!
  8. Temp -5 and dp -10 heading south. Bring forth the blob.
  9. Went for a walk to Ranscombe Farm nature reserve (just 2 mins from my front door). Doesn't look like i'll be going anywhere on my motorbike for a couple of days.
  10. Shade under 8" at the last measure, will be lethal tomorrow around here once the overnight temps drop.
  11. Looking for a tape measure to check depth. Start of video is looking towards blue bell hill.
  12. Wise decision not to go to work on the motorbike today i think. Untitled.mp4