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  1. Can confirm, live in Cuxton 2 miles north of Ham Hill and boy did it rain here yesterday. Pics taken off twitter from late afternoon/early evening I believe.
  2. Grandaughter has been enjoying the snow in Wooton basset, even if grandad here got freezing cold and soaked in surrey/se London today!
  3. Well, the gritters are out in force today, on my journey home from Wanstead in east London to home, i think i counted 5 gritters...and the A2 was like a dust bowl where so much salt was being layed down,
  4. Typical, the chap with the wunderground station in Cuxton is offline, but the one in Snodland shows -3 currently. ?
  5. https://www.wunderground.com/personal-weather-station/dashboard?ID=ICUXTON2#history -2.7 and falling.
  6. Sat right underneath that currently and it's like driving through a car wash! Gusty as hell and properly tipping it down.
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