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  1. That front from here in Cuxton.
  2. Sat right underneath that currently and it's like driving through a car wash! Gusty as hell and properly tipping it down.
  3. Eltham.. on a motorbike...heading to Wanstead. Think I drew the short straw today.
  4. Up she goes! Looking towards Ranscombe nature reserve from the top of Cuxton. And a few minutes later. (cat for scale)
  5. #+>¢™{™¥>¥>{™™!!! F me, that was one loud shotgun thunderclap!
  6. Constant... and I mean constant flashes, rain overhead and I just seen noah go down my street!
  7. Camera on standby! It's like something from close encounters out there!
  8. Back end of that cell Maidstone way.
  9. Had a few rumbles of thunder here in Cuxton from that cell passing by just now.
  10. Another pic from my son in Ebbw Vale,now that's a drift!
  11. About another inch here so far, my motorbike is feeling unloved being stuck in the garage this week and thinks i'm going to divorce it and buy a car!
  12. Just got a update from my son in Ebbw Vale... I think it snowed there,. VID-20180302-WA0002.mp4
  13. My eldest son is under the red warning in South Wales, just gave him the heads up.
  14. Blue bell hill to the left and my cats footprints on next doors garage roof to the right.