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  1. Currently too cold to go anywhere+fog! https://www.wunderground.com/personal-weather-station/dashboard?ID=ICUXTON2#history
  2. Never overnight, love home comforts too much! Worked it out recently and i've done over 1.2 million miles on the road since i started.
  3. Considering I'm a motorcycle courier, staying home today seems a wise call seeing as my day is spent around Surrey, south and east London. Do not want to be caught out if the weather turns wintery!
  4. Looks like it might be over me v soon, I'll stick my head out and check.
  5. Bloody hell, 2x massive shotgun thunder....
  6. Well, i WAS going to bed...but looking at the radar it seems i might score a direct hit out of that cell.
  7. Absolutely tipping it down here in that cell by Rochester!
  8. Few shots my son captured in Thamesmead south London this morning....mainly sheet lightning here (though LOTS of it).
  9. Bluebell Hill just to my left (not far off the same height too) with a due south view.... I dunno where to look, it's going off all over the shop!
  10. Sky above me in Cuxton just now. Would quite appreciate a good old storm right now. *tho doubt the wish will be fulfilled *
  11. Local weather station.....yea, it's warm out. https://goo.gl/s4qwh9
  12. In Cuxton here with a great view to the south, getting a good light show.