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  1. Can confirm, live in Cuxton 2 miles north of Ham Hill and boy did it rain here yesterday. Pics taken off twitter from late afternoon/early evening I believe.
  2. Grandaughter has been enjoying the snow in Wooton basset, even if grandad here got freezing cold and soaked in surrey/se London today!
  3. Well, the gritters are out in force today, on my journey home from Wanstead in east London to home, i think i counted 5 gritters...and the A2 was like a dust bowl where so much salt was being layed down,
  4. Well, riding the motorbike today will be interesting at least...
  5. Typical, the chap with the wunderground station in Cuxton is offline, but the one in Snodland shows -3 currently.
  6. https://www.wunderground.com/personal-weather-station/dashboard?ID=ICUXTON2#history -2.7 and falling.
  7. Sat right underneath that currently and it's like driving through a car wash! Gusty as hell and properly tipping it down.
  8. Eltham.. on a motorbike...heading to Wanstead. Think I drew the short straw today.
  9. Up she goes! Looking towards Ranscombe nature reserve from the top of Cuxton. And a few minutes later. (cat for scale)
  10. #+>¢™{™¥>¥>{™™!!! F me, that was one loud shotgun thunderclap!
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