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  1. Fantastic hour of pure enjoyment for me and many more folk of Shropshire. It's still rumbling on as it leaves Shrewsbury. Best show in years and the deep constant rumbling was great. Must have been good as all the kids rang me and partner sat up to watch it too.
  2. Sat on a campsite in Lymington. Opposite iow..great lightening show but now a new storm heading straight for us and can just about hear thunder..glad I'm in a motorhome and not a tent.
  3. Lovely day of quite placid storms..nice and close and intense rain..I say placid because they were the calm and stillness storms not gusty winds..still very nice and colourful lightening
  4. That was a big fat fail for shrewsbury..it slid south of the town and looks to have collapsed
  5. Snowing nicely here now..Excited lol...let's see how long it takes for arriva buses to stop running.
  6. Cup of tea and scone for me..I will be watching the lamppost tonight waiting and hoping. Oh well at least if it freezes it's good for picking the dog poo up..
  7. Rain moved away but the wind has suddenly picked up. Nice big shelf cloud approaching but can't see anything on radar that's interesting. Are we expecting storms to break out in the west?? Winds really picking up now
  8. Good evening all. Popped into garden earlier and thought we had thunder but forgot shrewsbury flower show and fireworks. Anyways it's a real calm evening here, apparently that's set to change in the coming hours enjoy the weather but also respect it
  9. Looks like something brewing south of me towards south shropshire. Fingers and toes crossed. Saw some lightning last night at seaton Devon but now home in shrewsbury so want a big one please. Enjoy but stay safe x
  10. Hey will. I passed through your village this week as I'm holidaying in seaton. Hopefully catch a storm tonight
  11. Haha I know it was a shock lol 7.15 wake up call and now a nice little one. It will be headline news for shropshire star on monday
  12. Nice little Brucey bonus. Little storm but heaviest rainfall all day.
  13. OMG you must be a heavy sleeper..It woke me up 7.15 and came very close for about 15 mins. I'm on sundorne Grove. Sorry you missed it
  14. Woke up at 7.15 to thunder. Slowly creeped into the town. Had a couple of close ones and then moved north. Exciting for 10 mins. Why don't they hang around anymore. While I was growing up they would be here for hours and hours rumbling around. I take it that's it for my area for today.
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