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  1. Getting really lively down here now. Quite a few sferics in SE Cornwall.
  2. Correct. This is one drawback of using a system that tries to determine strike distance from signal strength. Distance usually becomes accurate over time, but with this type of activity can be quite difficult as the cells tend to be short lived. Similar effect can be seen from other detectors such as http://www.isleofwightweather.co.uk/StormVueNG.htm
  3. Rain is approaching the SW, not too heavy, but there are some brighter echoes developing. No sferic activity yet.
  4. There is a small cell just to the right of St Austell Looks to be tracking NE towards Liskeard area.
  5. Very distant rumbles of thunder hear in Plymouth.... But the sferic activity has died down for a bit. Hopefully he is just resting lol
  6. There has been quite a lot of lightning activity already off the SW coast. Its making slow progress N / NE. Had some lively bursts on the detector. Plymouth is currently 16.5 Degrees and 98% humidity. Had a hefty shower around 8am.
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