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  1. Threatening skies in the north midlands.Gone from blue skies to dark and stormy skies.Breeze picking up too.
  2. It would be nice Supacell but if they do reach this far north I think they will have drifted to far east for us.But you never know.....
  3. Overcast here now with moderate rain!!.
  4. Same here Supacell,stuck in traffic in Derby so was able watch the storm.A nice bolt of Forked Lightning and some decent pea sized hail too.Got back to Denby and we've no power.A good start to the season!.
  5. A good covering of snow when I woke up at 6.30 this morning but it soon turned to rain.Raining heavily now with a rapid thaw.
  6. Same here Matt.Nothing more than 2 inches here all winter.Yesterday was our best fall of the winter but mostly thawed today.Once again this evenings snow has fizzled out just to the south of us..Getting bored now,roll on summer!.
  7. A few flakes here now.Where did you use to work?!.
  8. Nothing in Denby yet just north of Derby.so don't get your hopes up too much!!.
  9. Snow pepping up here again.Flakes getting slightly bigger.Probably around 4" of level snow,main road starting to get covered too.How much longer will it last?.
  10. Needs to be 4 miles further north for me.So close!.
  11. After a disappointing few days here it's snowingsteadily now and totals are starting to add up.The radar looks very good for the Derby area.Could be an interesting hour or two here.Heres hoping.
  12. Sleet here in Derby.
  13. Morning all,a beautiful day here with clear skies a hard frost and a surprise dusting of snow from overnight showers.All eyes are on tomorrow now.As usual it's very boarder line to if we will get any snow.But here's hoping.Have a great day folks.
  14. Big shower just east of Sheffield is heading straight for me near Derby.Had one beefy snow shower around 7pm but little snow settled.Could be a few more showers to come looking at the radar,who knows!?.
  15. A few flakes in the wind here just north of Derby.But I feel I'm just a bit to far south of the main action.Also the ground is very wet,so I doubt any snow would settle should it fall.