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  1. A cloudy cool but dry start here with a low of 2.7c.A strengthening breeze with a current temperature of 10.c
  2. A lovely day here after a frosty start.Clear skies currently with a temperature of 11.3c.No breeze at all.
  3. A cool cloudy start with a low of 6.1c.Dry for now but rain not far away.Current temperature of 12c,calm with no wind at all.
  4. Eye to the sky

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    A few spots of rain here but nothing else.Think that’s it done for here now as nothing showing to the south on the radar.I’m not convinced we’ll see much rain tomorrow either.
  5. Eye to the sky

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Yes two flashes here in Denby with two good cracks of thunder and around 1 minutes worth of heavy rain.The sky is clear again now.Still very humid.
  6. Well it was very brief,2 flashes of lightning and 2 decent claps of thunder.Along with around one minutes worth of heavy rain.All calm again now hoping for more later.
  7. Thunder,lightning and heavy rain just north of Derby.Seems to have stopped as soon as it starts though!!.
  8. Currently on holiday in Filey and the skies to the west look very threatening.Quite windy here so looks like any storm will move through quite quickly.
  9. Eye to the sky

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Very wet here last night with much needed rain.First decent amount for best part of a month as we missed every storm over the last few weeks.Weekend weather looking very good too.
  10. Impressive lightning over Derby now.Could be in for a treat here!.
  11. I'm just north of Derby and the sky to the south looks incredible.People are standing outside just staring at it.I've never seen darkness like it.Just heard the first distant rumbles of thunder too.3 miles further north please!!.
  12. Threatening skies in the north midlands.Gone from blue skies to dark and stormy skies.Breeze picking up too.
  13. It would be nice Supacell but if they do reach this far north I think they will have drifted to far east for us.But you never know.....
  14. Overcast here now with moderate rain!!.
  15. Same here Supacell,stuck in traffic in Derby so was able watch the storm.A nice bolt of Forked Lightning and some decent pea sized hail too.Got back to Denby and we've no power.A good start to the season!.