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  1. It's been raining steadily for 3 hours just north of Derby.The way things are going I might have to cancel the bbq!!.
  2. A few rumbles heard just north of Derby.Nothing spectacular by any means but better than nothing at all.Just cool and grey now with a strong breeze picking up.
  3. Nice little storm NW of Derby.Very chilly now but pretty frequent flashes to the west of me with long booming thunder.Probably Ashbourne way.Looking very dark to the south over Derby too.
  4. Just been to Matlock Bath with the family where there was lying snow on the rooftops after a heavy shower passed through.It was pleasant in the sun but when the sun went in I couldn't feel my fingers!.
  5. Had snow in Denby around 7.30.I could hear it rattling on the window.Lasted around 25 mins but didn't settle.None the less it was nice to see.
  6. Proper snow in Denby Derbys.Hail at first gusty winds then snow.Didnt last long but nice to see.
  7. Light snow here big flakes falling.Doubt it will come to much but a fifth convective day with falling snow and another night of lampost watching!!.
  8. Snow becoming more organised here now here in Denby,Car roofs and pavements are turning white.Still not all that heavy but nice to watch from the window.
  9. The wind easterly wind has really picked up here now and for the first time today any snow that falls is beginning to settle.Its not much at all but it's a start at least.
  10. Yep snowing in Denby too.Tiny flakes but nice too see.👍
  11. Moderate snow just passed through here moving quickly.Failing to settle on anything but car roofs.Looks like that's it for a while now.
  12. Snowing now in Denby but not settling as yet.Easterly wind has really picked up in the last hour or two.
  13. Sleet in Denby as I left for work,but just rain in Derby city centre.Feels raw in the strong wind.
  14. I'm 7 miles north of Derby and currently have 3.5 inches.Still coming down hard too.
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