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  1. Morning all,a beautiful day here with clear skies a hard frost and a surprise dusting of snow from overnight showers.All eyes are on tomorrow now.As usual it's very boarder line to if we will get any snow.But here's hoping.Have a great day folks.
  2. Big shower just east of Sheffield is heading straight for me near Derby.Had one beefy snow shower around 7pm but little snow settled.Could be a few more showers to come looking at the radar,who knows!?.
  3. A few flakes in the wind here just north of Derby.But I feel I'm just a bit to far south of the main action.Also the ground is very wet,so I doubt any snow would settle should it fall.
  4. Snowing just north of Derby,nothing much but giving a dusting on car roof and wheelie bin.No wind at all so floating down really slowly.
  5. A cold and cloudy start with a mixtuture of mostly light sleet and wet snow.Not settling though.Winds are light.
  6. Snow turning to rain here now but a decent covering.This photo was at 11am.Best Covering of the winter so far.
  7. Proper snow in Denby,settling too.
  8. Light sleet/snow here but failing to settle as yet.
  9. Evening all,not all of the East Midlands have had lots of snow we've had very little snow here just north of Derby.Whilst relatives in Cannock Chase are sick to death of it all already!!.We had around 3cm on Dec 10th but nothing of note since.Its been a very fine line to who got it and who didn't.Its been very localised.Hoping for some tomorrow before it turns to rain.Good luck everyone.😬❄️
  10. A calm and dull cloudy morning here after a hard frost.Light rain now falling and the frost is quickly melting.
  11. Just had an hour of steady wet snow here.It hasn't settled but was nice to watch anyhow!.
  12. Started off as sleet here but now just boring rain.Winds are steadily increasing.
  13. Members Photos - Show Yourself !

    Me and my lad Henry off to Filey for the day.
  14. A very poor season again here in Derby.Only 1 storm and even that was a good few miles away in mid summer.Nothing overhead at all.Seems a reoccurring trend here over the last 10 years or so.We just don't seem to get storms like we did in the 90's anymore.