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  1. I'm surprised! I'm looking south and could see a number of distant CG's, but they may have been more over the Wigan/Skem areas. Was probably 40/60 CG to CC
  2. Been a great show in Chorley, Lancashire but not nearly what some are reporting but some nice gunshot CG's very close by. Looks like a second area heading north just crossing the Mersey. Is anyone on this? Worth waiting for or is just just a rain event? Not much showing up on the lightning maps from what I can see!
  3. Right over me in Leyland. Came outta absolute nowhere. Heavy rain, 3-4mm hail and some really loud rumbles from a number of CG strikes. That moved off with very impressive looking skies in between, strikes from both sides of me, west and east as the 2nd line approached. Mostly IC but some cracking rumbles, no hail and only moderate rain considering what it looked like on radar. Properly took me by surprise as I had no idea there was anything even remotely forecast for this evening. When I looked at BBC at lunch it was rain this morning, sunny intervals this afternoon and then just clouds overn
  4. No problem, I thought it would be something out of your control. Cheers for the update
  5. Hey guys, not one for posting stuff like these but i was following a storm approaching on my PC and was planning on going out chasing as it was local, but the radar hasn't updated since and that was 40 minutes or so ago and subsequently the storm passed not far away but I couldn't track its position. Is there an issue with the radar currently? Cheers, Jordan
  6. I went chasing the second small cell after missing the first due to my tea being cooked ( :-( ) but I made a good guess and followed the core of the second cell from the M6 over to Bolton, about 10+ miles or so. Torrential rain and lightning right overhead, both CC and CG with some very nice thunder rumbles. Gutted I missed the first cell, seemed like the best one around all day, but after missing every single storm thats passed over the North West/Lancashire in the past few days, I wasn't going to miss the opportunity; So glad I got an intercept into the last cell of development for what'
  7. Evening chaps, Ive been interested in weather for a long time, but I'm quite new to the storm tracking on the weather radars etc. The best storm I can remember (being only 20) was about 3 or 4 years ago when we had a long-lived storm for 2 or 3 hours but I wasn't aware of weather radars etc at the time. I'd love to be able to look back and understand what the setup and how the system developed from the south. Im not sure on the dates as I type this, but I will be able to find out as we had relatives over for a special occasion on the same evening, so i'd be able to look back. But I thought
  8. Couple of small cells moving north east near liverpool, Can't see them gaining much strength as the 3PM storm to our west dropped the temp by 7 or 8 degrees thus not giving these new cells much power. Heard a distant rumble but looks like its dying off again before passing to the west of me again. Dammit!
  9. Big lively storm passing over Preston, just missed me in Euxton to the west by about 5 miles. Only light rain and distant rumbles, but frequent lightning and very agressive looking wall cloud. Pretty looking thing! Just waiting for one more to pop up to the east of where that developed so we get a direct hit!!
  10. Anyone know where to get a tally of how many strikes over northern mainland Europe? Like netweather can get 24 hours, shows you the path and how many strikes. I saw a post somewhere earlier that had a tally over 100,000 strikes for the german cell earlier today, wonder what the total would be if you add all the other storms into the mix!?
  11. It is a great shame to see so much devastation R.I.P to those who lost their lives and those who have encountered property damage etc. I amm amazed this storm caused so much damage! One of my friends showed me this the other day, Its probably not to everyones tastes as it can seem quite harsh but it is pretty funny. THIS IS NOT MY PAGE I accept no responsibilty for what is said and if anyone finds offensive, I am just trying to lighten up the mood slightly. https://twitter.com/realsandycane I'v heard that it is unlikely to affect much of the weather in the UK whch I am both glad and gutted a
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