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  1. Very, very long time lurker who loves reading the posts from posters, clearly some who are very experienced and others who are just keen to learn.

    I have lived in West Yorkshire, high above Holmfirth and we always seemed to get the worst of the rain and snow. Recently I moved to Shaftesbury which at 200 to 250m asl is pretty good for Dorset and does at least get snow.

    This winter we have had several dustings of snow and several hard frosts which has already made this one  much more like winters of old.

    I will post in the South West region thread and am not qualified to venture into other threads but to everyone stay safe and keep happy!1

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    2. Dami


      That is sacred ground. Those who are not worthy do not pass those hallowed forum walls.

    3. Eagle Eye

      Eagle Eye

      Lol, it turned out that only the chosen ones can go into the mad thread.

    4. lassie23


      like steve murr🤣

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