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  1. Dry,clear blue skies with light winds.
  2. Dry, cloudy and mild with light winds.
  3. Dry and misty with light winds.
  4. Earlier patchy rain,now dry partly cloudy with a light breeze.
  5. Same as yesterday,partly cloudy,sunny spells dry with light winds.Quite pleasant really.
  6. Dry,partly cloudy with light winds.
  7. Cool feel.Cloudy with patchy rain,light winds.
  8. Cool,cloudy spells of rain,breezy.
  9. Very icy start,passing hail showers earlier,now dry with sunny spells and cool feel.
  10. Cold wind,partly cloudy and dry.
  11. Raining,quite breezy cool feel.
  12. Passing snow shower,cold,windy...yuk!
  13. Dry,cloudy slight breeze which feels cool.
  14. Cold and sunny with light winds.