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  1. My lamp post is coming out of hibernation next week. 🤣

  2. Yes i think they are overdone a bit but.... the 850's would be conjunctive to snowfall i would of thought. this is my local.
  3. It's better than the non slush that we have had so far,i would settle for some white stuff falling out of the sky,in fact I think almost anywhere in the UK might see something white falling out of the sky next week Feb blimey! i am blinded by all that pink snow could be a good PM shot this and could be the starter to the main course as we go into February.
  4. And the last one from me to dream on... P6 JFF. no pressure
  5. The control has a happy ending too but will we be happy come the time! the ens are a mess so lots to be resolved if we want a cold spell in Feb. lets just focus on this week ahead as i am sure something will pop up and surprises us all.
  6. A good run from the gfs this and at the end of the run another reload from north of Iceland,that's two runs on the trot now with the gfs showing a more amplified pattern towards the end the pv looks to have had it's final say this winter too and on this run the warming was much bigger over the states hands up pv!!!,you are surrounded.
  7. Sorry,too late to the party but there is some interest in the latter stages of the 18z gefs ens,all JFF as we know but firstly the control run has a nice northerly P 9 and 16 the ens still look underwhelming though but at least there is some eye candy starting to show what have we done to deserve this mild dross of a winter,surely it cannot get any worse,i think i will take up painting and watching it dry,jeeeeeeeeze!!!! the IOD (Indian Ocean Disease) has done the damage so far lol.
  8. Thanks for clarifying the Nick i was prob getting a bit hasty with regards to amplitude in that sector and getting carried away as do most folk on here when they see even a sniff of cold scenario's in the NWP'S lets hope we see this amplitude gain momentum over the coming days.
  9. Evening nice to see that the gfs is churning out yet another stonker of a run as did last nights when it was trying to sniff out a Scandi block but it's all for good viewing purposes only until we count it down,and the pv looks to be weakening with double barrels of warmings happening in fl nice chart at 336 a good -NAO sig there just waiting for the latest 18z strat charts to come out but look at the 12z,two warmings putting stress on the spv there. 18z out now. over to the gefs ens to see where it fits,hopefully a good set this time as the 12z was a bit shocking.
  10. And a final one from me regarding the MJO,it seems that the orbits go into the COD(cirlce of death) after nearly getting into phase 8 but they look to pull out of the COD and spiral into phase 6 again,this could possibly head back into phase 7 and on wards again gefs/cfs and ecm.
  11. The gfs 18z was a mild outlier,in fact this set looks colder than the 12z after the initial cold snap around the 28th/29th also i have noticed that there is a secondary warming towards the end of the gfs op/control,the pv is getting knocked around a bit esp the control.
  12. I certainly wouldn't worry about the uppers at that range or an easterly,we need to see if the models repeat this scenario in future runs.
  13. It could very well be but i would take it after the crap winter that we have had so far march can deliver ie:- 2013,2018 and i would have probably missed a few,my memory isn't that clever but i remember those two. still,we have Feb to go so lets see what happens.
  14. Finally some interest in the 18z,of course JFF now can we get a Scandi high... @nick sussex,the UKMO best of the bunch at day Severn.
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