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  1. finaly managed to creep out of bed since saturday,with a fever or flu,body aching all over and a bad fiery cough now,anyone esle had these symptoms,not nice:(

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    2. Dami


      I would just say, all it took was a sudden cough from my little one and I had it 12 hours later it is very contagious, and i'm now in my 3rd week of it, as it appears to come back a bit. 

    3. weather09


      Crewe, the influenza virus does not necessarily have to be severe.  It can be mild.  But it can still be influenza.  The 'common cold' can be bad, and can mimic flu symptoms. Virus severity and one's immune system are factors.  However, generally, sudden (note: not gradual) onset of a high temperature (fever)/chills, bad aches and pains all over body (both hallmark symptoms of the flu), chesty cough, and deep exhaustion and fatigue lasting a few to several days, meets the criteria for a flu diagnosis, short of actually being actually tested for it.


    4. CreweCold


      Oh yes, that's one thing I remember w09...it does come on suddenly. Hits you like a train!