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  1. In serious pain at the moment,i think i have a trapped nerve in the bottom of my back,i can hardly walk,going to doc's in the morning :(

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    2. katemart


      Definitely straight to a chirpractor. Ask around for a recommendation. In the meantime a bag of frozen peas, painkillers and gentle movements.

    3. Northernlights


      As above go straight to a chiropractor I see one every 6 weeks to keep going after doing lots of heavy lifting on the farm over the years.

    4. Gray-Wolf


      If you have prolapsed a disc then it is some thing that you now have for life ( not the pain , that will pass) think of a baloon before you blow it up .Once its been inflated it will never return to the old shape so you need to learn not to put pressures on it. Over 20yrs with mine and I've still been able to keep busy even with a number of 'events' each year. Keep moving and invest in a S.C.E.N.A.R device!!!

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