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  1. Hurricane Maria

    Our ex William Grimsley is posting in the chat on this live feed
  2. Yes,a line of heavy showers developing from W midlands up to S Cumbria s,so you could be in with a chance this evening as for here,i have been watching this cell to my NE for ages now but i think the most of the action will drift SE of here(Lincolnshire) still some nice pics though and in the latest photo's there is another Cb shooting up south of the cell and the north one is dying now.love the last pic with the new Cb starting to spread out.
  3. Watching this to my NE that has produced sferics a short while ago.
  4. I think all us storm fans should move to Lincolnshire lol
  5. I would like that Scandi high to stay there for a few month's until spring but......
  6. Filey brigg

    ,i would loved to of seen that i was once on the south beach right down at the bottom where you go under the viaduct then turn right onto the promenade when a big wave come over onto my daughter,should of seen her bless her.
  7. Filey brigg

    Somehow the third one didn't upload showing that i was on the rocks,will try again later but here is the first and second one,enjoy if you like waves,i do
  8. As Nick F says in his forecast this morning,a good day for rainbows
  9. Summer 2017: Your thoughts.

    As above,a good june but it was downhill from there,same for storms i hope winter can deliver this time cos they have been poor in recent years.
  10. Some convective sky's i took on Wednesday evening on Filey brigg looking north,then produced a few flashes of lightning when it went way out into the north sea at around 1am.
  11. Filey brigg

    Me and my mate went to Filey brigg on Wednesday to Thusday camping so i could capture some good stormy seas on a brisk NW wind,we arrived about 2pm to check in then set up camp,after that was sorted we then went into Filey town for a look about and then went to a pub for lunch and a couple of pints then headed back to camp to get geared up for Filey brigg,we stayed out on the brigg until 2am chilling out with a few beers whilst we was watching the waves,we then set off back to the camp to get our heads down then the heavens opened up,i didn't get much sleep. we got up next morning about 8:30 and got some breakfast before we geared back up for our second day on the brigg,it was a lot windier than the first day and the seas was a lot rougher looking and we could see the waves pounding the rocks from a distance on Filey beach and i was getting exited here are some of my selective snaps i took of the wave smashing onto the rocks,to put into scale of how big these waves was the size of a man for example would be the same size as the number 1 on the date below right i am uploading three clips now and will post them soon
  12. Took me a while to figure it out but found it on fig 7,the same as what Michael ventrice has posted
  13. It's nice to have a cool northerly so early on,hope it's a trend as we enter the winter month's:)

    1. lassie23


      think the SW winds we get going come november:bad:

    2. Mokidugway


      Lol, I'd much prefer 30 c and 90 % humidity :closedeyes: