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  1. Flashes starting to appear on the cam now.
  2. Don't be sorry mate,we all learn from these things,i do a lot of observations on weather cams and it's these things that can judge just where to look should see visual on Budapest cam soon,get ready cos this is a good viewing cam
  3. Yes they are,that is the reason you can sea the flags blowing from right to left,if the flags was blowing strait at the cam or slightly to the right then you will be viewing the cam to the south/south west.
  4. The storm west of Budapest is approaching now so am going to check it out,the strike rate has dropped of quiet some but still heading in that direction.
  5. You would see lightning by now Just noticed something else,the flags on that stream are blowing from the right of that cam,defo viewing east-ish or NE.
  6. what i meant was the Gotingen cam looks to facing east-ish so you wouldn't sea the storm approaching as for the west south west you would.
  7. I reckon that that cam is viewing away from the storm,you would see flickering now if it was facing it.
  8. This storm west of Budapest is packing a right punch,just now it has preduced 139 strikes per minute,thats over two strikes per second
  9. Next stop,Budapest and you know how good that cam is,will be a while though.
  10. This is a better cam,thanks recording it now
  12. Zurich
  13. A nice tower going up to my SE
  14. Yes that is an anvil type cloud,i have done editing to show the black lines show that is where the anvil is and the red arrow shows where the inflow is,hope the helps.
  15. Propper booming on this cam now