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  1. It began last month looking at the means from ecm v gefs,the ecm mean shows some sort of pressure rise at day ten in the western Atlantic,can we build on that.
  2. I assume you are from Sheffield judging by your user name but there is no location in your profile! the only bit of good news is that the gefs ens have a tight cool/cold clustering from the 11th pretty much to the end,these are much better than yesterdays 12z set our local,London area not so much though i am looking forward to this mobile windy weather actually with everything inc the kitchen sink thrown in. Edit:just in and the ecm op is a massive mild outlier.
  3. Give it chance Feb,the cold air doesn't come in until 168> on the gfs.
  4. The gfs 18z has two northerly shots from 192>300,i am quiet happy with that,i would bite someones arm off for this synoptic than waiting for Feb/March for a cold snap/spell of recent winters it would have to come off of course
  5. One thing of note is the mild-er 850's get squeezed out further south 18z at 144 v 12z 150
  6. This wasn't the point that i was trying to get to you,yes all three:-UKMO,gfs and ecm all look broadly similar at 144,it's after this time frame that the models are showing the cold spell but i also pointed out in my previous post that this is still several days away and will not be nailed on yet.
  7. Icon 120 sure doesn't blow up that low in the Atlantic,what ramifications would this have later on?
  8. The UKMO is not in range of the cold synoptic and besides,it's not happened yet.
  9. Oops!!! yes,sorry the latest ^i still stand on what i said above though.
  10. Right!!! think of this as a roller coaster yes,the models have there upgrades and downgrades it happens all the time,at the moment the roller coaster car/s are at the bottom of a dip on that roller coaster,these cars will steadily ascend up the roller coaster through tonight and then we get that thrill and buzz again tomorrow as i said yesterday and prob the day before and i will repeat it again that the Azures hp cell is still forecast to be displaced to our west allowing further troughs to get into the mid lats the theme is still the same and the models will not resolve this yet at several days out so chill and lets see what happens lastly the ecm ens still look cold to me and have not changed that much since yesterday so sit tight peeps it only 4th Dec not 4th March laters.
  11. Destination Scandi! the cfs was showing this. night guys,will view the 00z in the morning,great charts and post's as always. C U for now.
  12. In fact,i will take it further,a nice little robin sat on a perch told me that winter is coming
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