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  1. Cheers @Zak M,i might have to do a chase Fri when i finish work at 2pm👍,before that i will be in snoozy land as i am up at 5am every morning this week.
  2. Geldingadalir has now overflowed at the southern end into Nàtthagi valley.
  3. Look at my post above^^ @38.7°C,the 18z doesn't fit in with the anomalies upto day ten so this one could be a cool outlier👍
  4. Evening warm campers(if i may say so)😄 as has been mentioned that there looks to be a hot spell of weather towards the end of the week and into the weekend and possibly beyond into next week also,this is still quite a way out yet and i would bet that this hot spell could be upgraded nearer the time as these tend to be under forecast with regards to temps this far out lets have a look at the day ten anomalies:- CPC has an upper flow from the SW(green lines) with a hp cell situated to the E/SE drawing a S/SW'ly fetch of warm possibly hot air from the Azores EPS day ten
  5. @Paul Sherman,i do hope you get the storms this summer-Autumn mate as i do understand your frustration,the 11th of May up here that evening this year was a beauty of a storm that was totally unexpected and was one that goes in the memory books chin up mate and expect the unexpected and i hope one lands for you big time😏
  6. Day 1 Convective Outlook VALID 06:00 UTC Mon 07 Jun 2021 - 05:59 UTC Tue 08 Jun 2021 ISSUED 06:25 UTC Mon 07 Jun 2021 ISSUED BY: Dan Subtle troughing aloft will slide gradually northeastwards across the UK/Ireland on Monday. Diurnal heating will yield 300-500 J/kg CAPE, primarily across central/eastern England where higher surface temperature and dewpoints are expected. Scattered showers are likely to develop, particularly aided by low-level convergence (sea breeze) and orographic forcing (Pennines, North York Moors etc). Convection may be a little restricted in overall dep
  7. Nice new storm developing over the north Adriatic sea,a view SW from Trieste. View Webcam Alternative WWW.WEBCAMTAXI.COM
  8. I created a 10x timelapse of the second east dam breach from this morning😏
  9. The west dam has been breached and what is that man in blue doing there😲
  10. Yes you can see that the saddle has been breached(circled black),here is a screen grab from a break in the weather not long ago. next stop,...will that western berm(wall)hold?
  11. That is some development in your local,...keep us informed if you hear/see anything👍
  12. Only crumb of comfort i can give you all is that there appears to be showers developing behind the band in the S midlands,whether these will produce any lightning or not is another question,lets see what happens.
  13. That N Caen storm in France is a "H",...not going to say the word as it's a bad omen😜
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