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  1. The gfs having another bite in FL,that would be a third bite.
  2. The latest gfs at 168 shows the high punching through into southern Greenland and north Canada,it's uncanny this to see part of the pv over Scandi/west Russia instead of over N America the latest sets of gefs/ecm ens shows a marked drop off in temps for later next week,the mean was flatlining at the 0 degree isotherm line a day a go,now that has changed today by getting below that the NAO/AO still tanking negative too,the cpc 6-10 and 8-14 day 500 mb anomoly charts are pretty similar to what has been forecasted from the last couple of days with the hp cell still in the atlantic and finally the latest news from Michael Ventrice
  3. And the jma just keeps on giving! and giving! and giving! just look at this NH view,bonkers!!!
  4. Yes the 18z is on full throttle at 180 compared with the 12z 186 -8 knocking on the door in Scotland @192> there has been some cracking output in here today and for once i fealt cold this evening/night
  5. The jma from last night and sticking to it guns,no pv over N America/Greenland on that chart,this would be truly remarkable if it comes off
  6. For as long as we have the hp cell to the west of the uk or even over the uk,then europe will cool down with troughs invading from the north,cannot be a bad thing,we don't want it further east,yuk. theres that saying every time we get into winter,get the cold in and the rest will follow the latest gfs is doing that and there is WAA just off Newfoundland heading up into Greenland @240
  7. It is an anomoly though Feb and it shows a slight retrogression west,maybe in a few days it might show that,let's see but it is a strong anomoly.
  8. Further to my post last thusday evening about the hp cell developing in the Atlantic,the latest from the cpc 6-10 and 8-14 day 500mb anomoly charts shows even stronger ridging in that area,it will be interesting to see how amplified this ridge gets nearer the time and for the first time this season we see a forecasted neg NAO/AO>-2/-3 and the gefs/ecm ens(although the ecm doesn't go as far as the gefs),the gfs op clearly a mild outlier and the control clearly mild outlier so in summery we will have a few fine days to come with the Azures high nudging in from the SW then migrate west a little to allow a cooler west to northwestly but a NNW/N direction cannot be ruled out,it all depends on how far the hp cell retrogresses west,the gfs has been toying around for the last few days if not a bit longer with a possible northerly at or just before the end of October,interesting times are starting early this year.
  9. Another batch coming out of Northern France producing some sferics.
  10. Allseasons-si

    M6 Toll motorway

    I'll throw a hammer on the way past robbing bar stools.
  11. Allseasons-si

    Spring 2013

    I am glad that this thread was brought up as i never knew about it so thanks yes it was a memorable winter and will always stick in my mind because it was snowier than this March just gone(well in this neck of the woods anyway)and spring never got going until summer i think here are some pics of that winter(march) the road was completely cut off on woodhead road(not pass) just off the A629/A616 south of Wortley with some of the drift's several feet high especially the last pic which was about seven feet high this last pic was took up on Kinderscout,the highest peak in the peak district and what a great day out that was,yes that is me i am looking forward to this winter now as i do every time at this time of the year,summer has been great though and a memorable one at that.
  12. Allseasons-si

    Hurricane Michael

  13. It's October yes,but it's happened before.
  14. Allseasons-si

    Hurricane Michael

    Absolutely the rapid intencification of Michael cought the unawares.
  15. We have to endure the endurance of the atlantic to be paid off with the beast from the east.it's Autumn