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  1. sorry i have not been on for a few days,i have been busy at work doing overtime for extra money for crimbo,getting the deco's out,tree up and crimbo shopping,a busy time of year as allways a long haul through the pages on here took some time too but worth the read,i am not a quick reader and also suffer from dry eye syndrome(gritty/tyred eyes) too which doesn't help a lot going on then pre Christmas and into the new year and from what i have read it could get interesting ------------------------- just quoted to the above,the gefs control takes the split at the end of the run not much to add really at this time as we are in a lull and looking for the next HUNT FOR COLD but it is baltic out there with everything shimmering in frost,will we get snow tomorrow of freezing rain? one final note to @legritter,i am touched by you and again sorry for your loss to your dear wife,we are a big family on here and you will never be alone,keep posting mate.
  2. What i mean is look at the control for instance 18z first at 228 then the 12z 240,that Scandi high is making some dent to the inroads of the atlantic.
  3. Is low pressure ever going to get past the Meridian? i will highlight this post in a few days.
  4. The Scandi high is a lot stronger on the FV3 and Control at 126 small upgrades make a huge difference.
  5. You are right Feb,it's just displacing it over the atlantic sector of which it is no good there and will fire the jet up even more,we need it to punch into the core to split it than displace it but still early days yet!
  6. Yes i like the way it is being tossed about latest 10hpa from jma an uptick there now.
  7. Yes quiet true,but if the Scandi high wins we will forgive some flooding!
  8. Why! as long as that high stays there it's disrupting/weakening the atlantic lows/troughs deflecting them SE,i still see no zonal W>E movement,more of a polar NW'ly infuence.
  9. Anythings better than wetter had enough of that today meanwhile.... the NAO/AO showing to tank to neg values mid December the cpc anomoly charts similar to yesterday's there is not much more to add today,the consistancy is still the same as yesterday.
  10. What are you banging on about,the run is still in it's infancy that scandi high gets pushed out of the way in FL,i don't beiieve in fairies. chill...
  11. Wow trough undercut part daux at 264? this is getting rediculous now lol. Edit:-trough seperaton at 312,it just gets better,a stonking FL COMING UP. OH YES!
  12. The 18z going for the FV3 big style,no regrets from me good night.