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  1. God knows but some of the posts in here(just like winter) make my blood boil sometimes we all cannot be an happy medium can we,too hot,too cold,too cloudy,too windy and can you do anything about it.....no all i can say is that enjoy this fine warm weather that we will be seing starting from sunday and into next week,from then on who knows as i won't be reading too much into that timeline as it's like picking the right lottery numbers,anyway..... lets have a look at some stuff the latest from the cpc 6-10 and 8-14 day 500mb anomoly charts show the the hp cell is over or to our north of the BI prob pulling in some cloud for eastern districts but i woudn't rule out a more SE'ly flow there pulling in some more dryer air from the continent and warmer uppers,i would like to say that there is no atlantic driven dribble on these charts so it is looking dry for the foreseeable future. a look at the de-built ens shows an uptick in temps and with an easterly or SE'ly based source of wind coming in off the continent could be quiet warm or very warm temps and wind direction(there is a cluster there for E/SE winds)from the 27th so there we have it,the warm/hot spell looks nailed on now,how long it will last who knows but whatever the weather don't let it get into your personal lives,enjoy
  2. This year is going quick,it will some be Christmas.


    1. lassie23


      happy new year

    2. Mokidugway


      Soon be 2050 and we'll all be Magot nosh 😳

  3. Allseasons-si

    Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    There is a huge fire to the East of me,these are the pics i took over an hour ago and is still going.
  4. Allseasons-si

    European Storm & Convective Discussion

  5. Allseasons-si

    Net Weather Gardening Thread

    My first strawberry of this year and quite a few more to come
  6. I can see the Worksop cell from here.
  7. @Supacell,you got thunder,sferic SW of you.
  8. Well that was short lived but at least i had some thunder,lightning wasn't visible just flashes,the wind was really gusty just before the storm arrived but is all calm now i have some footage but just audable thunder @reef,looks like it's heading for you
  9. Allseasons-si

    European Storm & Convective Discussion

    I am not sure which way that eastern Greece storm is heading,it looks stationary to me https://en.sat24.com/en/gr/infraPolair https://en.sat24.com/en/ba/rainTMC i would love to be on that eastern Greek coast right now though,what a show that would be.
  10. Allseasons-si

    European Storm & Convective Discussion

    It has been constant Cg's,just like the other night in Nea roda NE greece i will look back at tonights clips when i have the time.
  11. Allseasons-si

    European Storm & Convective Discussion

    Thanks i record the webcams then play them back and take a snapshot(i use VLC) looking at that cam,it look as though the storm is backbuilding SW,so some more lightning on the cam now,it's been a fantastic show on there the last hour.
  12. Allseasons-si

    European Storm & Convective Discussion

    That's just the flash from it,it was a Cg after that i have so much to trawl through over the last few days video clips wise,i just need the time to look through them all.
  13. Allseasons-si

    European Storm & Convective Discussion

    My goodness,there is some good lightning on this cam.
  14. Allseasons-si

    European Storm & Convective Discussion

    Some nice lightning from this cam over Votsi bay,Alonnisos,Greece. cam facing south-ish https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/ellada/thessalia/sporades/alonnisos.html