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  1. There has been some good post's in here this evening,i wonder why everyone would be mistaken that it's November with charts churning out like they have been this evening but they are good to look at at this early juncture,i am on board because as soon as we can cool Europe down the better and what is showing in the models,that could happen lets have a look at some charts- the latest from cpc 6-10 and 8-14 day outlooks shows a trough/low over the BI heading SE later with pressure building NW into Greenland and into the arctic with PV(polar vortex) mostly over the Siberian/Russian area ecm/gfs at day ten have there differences but.... the means at day ten look similar to the cpc anomaly charts posted above with PV mostly over the Siberian sector i am looking forward to a fine old day on Saturday and then some storms potentially on Sunday before things go downhill through the week,typical that i am on mornings. @Catacol and @Steve Murr,nice to see you posting again,cheers.
  2. Some proper CG's firing off in the distance now on the Asissi cam,i think it might be heading towards the cam,we shall see.
  3. Nice cg just now behind the building on the Asissi cam,the lightning really ramping up now. need the wind to do one though.
  4. Some nice CG's out to sea on this Rimini cam. https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/italia/emilia-romagna/rimini/rimini.html
  5. Yes PM,what a lovely photo that is,thanks Andy,that should be in a photo competition.
  6. I know this isn't a European storm but i just wanted to post this to match what Spain had earlier i have watched this quiet a few times a never get bored of it,the sound from 3:20 is unreal,watch.
  7. I have just watched some footage of drones flying at night and it to me looks like a drone on that clip i posted,the two lights are the rear lights of a drone,so that settles it then i guess.
  8. I think it would be heading one way if it was gusty,i don't know,I am going to watch it again.
  9. You might of hit the nail on the head there but does a drone sweep side to side like that?
  10. Two of them!,i thought ball lightning is singular to me it looks like a reflection in the window of sorts,if you play it back again you will see some other white dot to the left of it a couple of times. but saying that,it looks like it is filmed outside,mmm!!!
  11. WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!, That first video you posted,there was a strange object,here is a clip of it that i found on youtude.
  12. I am getting a network error,anyone else getting this? cleared cache etc,it's fine now.
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