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  1. Visible Cg's coming into view now right of the cam.
  2. Nice cell lit up by the lightning on the Trieste cam now,will it light up? https://www.webcamtaxi.com/en/italy/friuli-venezia-giulia/trieste-city-view.html
  3. Live Cam Caorle - Porto Peschereccio WWW.SKYLINEWEBCAMS.COM Caorle, view on Porto Peschereccio
  4. Trieste with some nice Cb's in the distance and some lightning. Live Webcam from Trieste City, Italy WWW.WEBCAMTAXI.COM Watch live streaming the panorama view of the city of Trieste in Italy, this webcam is situated on University of Trieste-Department of Physics
  5. Lake Balaton,Hungary. Alsóörs strand webkamera | InfoCAM INFOCAM.HU Webkamerás élő közvetítés az alsóörsi strandról.
  6. Evening all.just catching up and what a stunning ECM run that was... and i had to view it in the NH gif mode,that lobe of low pressure splits off the parent one over southern Greenland where as the gfs doesn't and sends the trough through the UK instead and i think this is one of the keys to prolonging the heat in our locale also the gfs doesn't weigh up to what the latest cpc 500mb height anomaly's show for 6-10/8-14 days either with the heights sinking into central Europe where as the cpc doesn't and keeps the heights up to our NE near Scandinavia EPS/GEFS anomaly's show a similar outcome with regards to heights although the gefs slightly flatter and also the temps are lower on the gefs yes the gfs op is a slightly cool outlier within the pack but the ECM was a warm outlier too still lots to be resolved next week as regards in prolonging the heat but end of this week looks about nailed on now with just slight fluctuations in temps i would of thought a final note,if we do get a continental flow,look at these temps for Holland,it is plausible enjoy the rest of your evening
  7. Back on again now,the storm is not far off now although most of the strom has split further east south of the cam.
  8. The gfs is miles better than the 12z as we know it was a cooler outlier from days 5/6 trough lift's out futher north at day 6 then a Scandi/Azores link up from then,days 7/8 and still looking good beyond that,day 10 please don't be a warm outlier this time
  9. This cam on Lake Garda,Italy facing NW should be interesting soon if the storm from the SW holds it's intensity. Live Cam Lake Garda, Cisano - Bardolino WWW.SKYLINEWEBCAMS.COM View of lake front, Rocca di Garda and Punta St. Vigilio in the background
  10. New storm just got going near Genoa. Live Cam Boccadasse - Genoa WWW.SKYLINEWEBCAMS.COM Beautiful view of the beach and the old fishing village from Piazza Nettuno in live streaming
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