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  1. ? did anyone post or comment on the ec46 last night,no.
  2. The latest ICON is more amplified at 120 compared to it's 12z 123 the trough into Scandi is more aligned south than SE, these little steps can have big effects later on,watch for further cutbacks SW on later runs. whilst we see temps pumping up(of which i will enjoy,don't get me wrong)in the next week of so,this should give the trop pv a kick in the goolashes and with the Alaskan ridge showing it's hand too i wouldn't discount a trop split sometime in March,watch this space. Edit:well the 18z gfs doesn't read the script at 120,who is right! the icon or the gfs?
  3. B&q have just announced that they are reducing there BBQ'S to half price due to the BFTE later next week,i am opening an early BBQ day if anyone is interested,
  4. One straw to clutch at is that we know how quick the models can switch! we are relying on the mjo here now to give us one last hurrah,feb 22nd> then i will throw my t'shirt in
  5. Not much change there and there won't be i am looking at day 10+ for interest🤣
  6. We just need to get more amplitude north ahead of the trough in the atlantic,if we get the height's high enough(past N/uk)then we will get the undercut closing the height's off to our north,some ens have been showing this i have a bail of straw to clutch onto as we still have time,i just want to see some good ol charts popping up now instead of watching the soaps our lass keeps on watching😱
  7. How long is this sausage going to take processing... i am hungry... for snow😁
  8. When!!! next year lol it has been showing these northern blockings for weeks and weeks on end and my trust for these is waining thin,i am not moaning but i am stating the fact shirley they must get them right one day.... ...in summer😜
  9. Evening all just observing all the models over the last few days inc anom's ens etc,there is no sugarcoating this at the moment,the models look vile BUT what i have noticed recently is that the trough is extending further south into central atlantic creating more of an amplified pattern of WAA ahead of it to our N//NE,quiet a few ens show this,this at(yes i know)+10 days away,we have to take into account the lag effect of the mjo Phase 8 but we have to get through Phase 6-7(uk/Scandi high) the means show this trough dig into the Atlantic with amp ridge ahead but take these as a broadbrush ecn/gefs at day ten eps/gefs+ext gefs cpc days8-14 and NAO it will be interesting to see how amplified this pattern evolves,remember,...a block can be hard to shift and with a favourable amplified Phase 8 mjo signal,this could be the one,Greenland last stop!!!? meanwhile,enjoy the pleasant springlike weather this week i will get my coat ,t'shirt😁
  10. Evening all,i have not posted in a while as there was nothing showing in the NWP of note and thought that we was going to be slaughtered by zonality,a seed is beeing planted AKA as the hp cell forming in eastern Europe/western Asia,it is this forcing the trough into western Europe/Balkans south then to join forces with the Azores ridge in tandem re-enforcing the block to deflect/disrupt troughs in the Atlantic and pos disrupt enough energy for undercuts,a retrogression to Greenland of this hp cell could be plausable between phase 7/8 the 18z gfs shows this and it would be nice to count it down to the more reliable timescale it was nice to take a break from the models as i have got some housework/D.I.Y's done lol but looking at the models with interest now,some D.I.Y's can be put on hold for now😜 when looking for easterlies,i tend to look at the De-built ecm ens here https://www.weerplaza.nl/15daagse/?type=eps_pluim ok these are across the pond in Holland but we are looking for a direction of travel in the winds temp/dewpoint's look to be trending colder,if the dewpoints are lower than -0 then it's cold enough for snow the wind direction is markedly different to this mornings with more members going for an easterly(black circle) the cold hunt is on AGAIN!!!😁 P.S where is all the members names at the bottom!!! is it that quiet?
  11. It's nice to hear reports of snow all day in this thread(ok not all),i am so chuffed for you,this will be a memorable spell for you to talk about in future i am sure yes i am jealous but we are on the same island and we have seen some good snowfall thanks for sharing all the pics enjoyed browsing this thread,cheers. meanwhile back here,i have seen snow falling today and yesterday and settled straight away as the ground has been frozen thanks to an ice day of -2 all day yesterday there looks to be a slight waning from the cold as we head into next week so make the most of your snow darn sarf thanks.
  12. Later in the night/tomorrow morning poss into lunchtime/early afternoon but best look at the radar as showers will be hit and miss https://www.netweather.tv/live-weather/radar it's certainly the latter here goes and crawls under the duvet.