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  1. Thanks for the heads up guys,alway an interesting read in here although i don't get most of it lol interestingly... the jma has had to upgrade there graph from -30hpa to -20hpa because of the second warming that exceeds the -30hpa chart and would be interesting to see how the -10hpa will look like tomorrow i know these are outdated 18th feb but you can see the signifcance of the zonal mean temps rise and zonal mean winds drop off at 10hpa(bottom right)
  2. What a great set of model outputs again today,truely epic across the board and you don't see charts like this every winter so take note i am going to drift over to the strat thread shortly to post this,the JMA has had to upgrade the chart from -30hpa to -20hpa because of the significant second warming,now that hasn't happened before or i haven't noticed it before but it is truely remarkable it will be interesting to see the 10hpa in the morning
  3. Oh get lost! this is taking the mick now,means at 180,240 we could be looking at a memorable winter 2018 here matching the historical events of 1947,63,81,87 and 91 and i am getting quiet worried. sorry i am late to the party,just finished work,it's just took me a good 2 hours reading the posts from 2pm lol.
  4. The CPC NAO/AO worthy of a BOOM,not one straggler in there full retrograde of height's pushing into Greenland with a re-load from the N/NE possible,what do you call that train from the Atlantic,Oh!!!,zonal,what is that!!! De-built temps,dewpoints and wind direction all prelonging the cold and those easterly trades have gained since yesterday too i am still on the fence though,has anyone got a time machine
  5. Last on from me tonight and may this cold spell continue goodnight and don't let the frost bite.
  6. Are you havin a laugh there could be several days of sub zero temps with snow almost anywhere,do you live in the Bahama's.
  7. Projected easterlies then a retrograde of height's into Greenland alowing a renewed push of cold air incoming from the NE,this is incredible stuff,this could turn out to be a memorable event if this comes off we will be discussing this every winter in the winter thread and would be one for the archives that's for sure
  8. The control run bullish about getting the beef on the table at just 144 carve-ry anyone
  9. He is Dr who anyway back to the here and now,the 18z again showing the pv lifting out of Canada to siberia and in our part of the world it is just another variation of the theme but the broadscale/macroscale is the same.
  10. I am going to have to say it... W.T.F THAT'S A 2010 STYLE SYNOPTIC well not quiet but we are getting there.
  11. The cold pool advancing a lot further west on this run at 120 WOW look at the difference between gfs and ecm
  12. Yes,sorry my bad,getting square eyes looking in to too much detail lol.