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  1. Jack frost has certainly been out the past couple of days !
  2. I can't track until at least three weeks. It's because of not having the text I don't know if they have it or not.
  3. Hey guys. I sent my first passport application nearly 2 weeks ago using the post office check and send service. I put down my mobile number so that I could get a text to say they have got it. However, I don't have a text yet to say they have received it. Anyone else had this and still got their passport?
  4. I have the Iphone 4S, the battery life isn't very good, but I do like the phone. The only problem is when I updated foursquare, I lost all my contacts. I wasn't the only one. So I don't update any apps now !
  5. I find sky strange news ca be funny at times.. http://news.sky.com/story/1136941/man-wears-idiot-sign-after-threats-to-police
  6. Hot dessert: Has to be jam roly poly and custard or Chocolate fudge cake and chocolate sauce Cold dessert: Chocolate sundae (especially the pub ones!)
  7. Been quite a few in the backgarden. Not as many now with the season coming to an end for them.
  8. Wasp came into kitchen yesterday, tried to flatten it and then was having a go at me. Opened a door to let it out and it decided to go into the coat cupboard instead. So i locked it in there ha ha! Haven't seen it since.
  9. Lots of white cabbage butterflies, having to put them neighbours garden though, so they don't lay eggs onto the vegetable patch. Some lovely peacock butterflies about.
  10. I've not seen many sparrows this year at all. We get a regular to neighbours feeding cage. The odd starling. Seems to be more Seagulls and pigeons. Not seen many blackbirds either.
  11. Here are a few from Saturday walking up to Mam Tor in the Peak District..
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